Thursday, May 19, 2016

Week 81..But whose counting?

Last Week on The Mission

So The Post many have been waiting, over a month for. 
If you've read many of my adventures over the course of these 18 months you'd know by now its been really hard and filled with many tears, smiles, and so much more that I could never have the time to tell you everything. And you'd only want to hear the positive anyways. But truth is I would never have become who I am currently without EVERYTHING. I couldn't be more grateful for ALL those tears. The tears taught me to love those happy moments. If you thought my first transfer was hard or me leaving in the first place imagine when I left to come home...

 My last full never felt real. Like I had these moments where I would be in the car telling myself that I needed to prepare myself for saying good bye -lets face it I suck at it still. And its like my heart would all of a sudden just not feel. Luckily this time I can be in control of when I see everyone again. 

Jody, Sis Guy, and I 
Smith's & Missionaries

Monday started out as a normal pday. We did spend some of our pday making my favorite treat- homemade cinnamon rolls! They were so great! I couldn't have been happier and Jody is such an amazing lady. Shes not a member but she has a light that's shines and her desire to serve, and her love for others is so evident. 
We had dinner with the Smiths. It was so nice. I really love them. We spoke with them about enduring to the end. It was nice to speak with the RM who had served here before and get to hear some of his advice about going home. It was helpful. It wasn't anything new. But think of the Book Of Mormon, did it ever hurt anyone to read all those times where the prophet asked and told them to "Remember."  I don't think it hurt.  


So the Gaylen's are another amazing family here in Alliance. While here we have developed a strong relationship with them, we give a lesson and play Yahtzee. A goal I have in life is to beat Brother Gaylen at Yahtzee - I'm always so close!! They have such great faith in Christ. 
Hermana Areno, Ben & I

Tuesday was a normal day full of missionary
 work. We gave service and taught some lessons. 
In our lesson with Ben  we set a return appointment for Thursday. 
Tuesday was not planned to be a goodbye day.
But at the end of our lesson with Ben I felt we should get a picture. 
Our lesson with Ben was amazing! It was on The Gospel Of Jesus Christ. I know Ben has been a miracle for me while I've been here in Alliance. He's been so prepared. His heart is so soft and he just sponges up everything we share. 

    Our lesson with Gabby and Bryce was so so good! Those kids have such an amazing understanding of the gospel and they desire to learn. I've met a lot of kids on the mission,
Bryce, Gabby & I
very few have I seen so well behaved and willing to do the reading without mommy and daddy making them or doing it with them. These two kids inspire me to be better. 

Wednesday was a rough day filled with many tears. During studies we got a call asking us to pack our bags! Talk about a freak out  moment, I mean I wasn't aware I was leaving Alliance before Monday...
Our whole day was thrown in the air and it felt like nothing was going to work out we tried to stay claim...(not my middle name that's for sure! )We were able to get the word out that we were leaving, BOTH of us. And Elders were coming in. ( That part Didn't bother me ) It was hard saying goodbye to the people in Alliance and not having much a clue as to what was to come. We had lunch with some of the people who helped me over come so much while in Alliance. (I wish I had taken a photo.) 
The most tender moment was when the O'Learys asked us to come over and say goodbye. We had just barely met them the week before but it felt as though we had known them for ever. That's how I felt anyways. The spirit is so strong in there home. I am grateful I was there for the beginning of this journey. They helped me to see that my testimony of the Savior and his Atonement has grown. I felt the Saviors love for them so strong that night. I know things happened the way they did for a reason that day. 
My comp, Sister Weaver & I

Somehow we made it through the day and were packed and ready to leave Thursday morning. Our last goodbye -well they are always the hardest! This one was incredibly hard. It finally felt real! -At least that I was leaving Alliance- I grew to love this town.  I made it through leaving Alliance. 
I went to Johnstown,Co and spent my last 5 days there. 

Elianna, Sis T, Sis M & I

I was companions with Sister T and Sister Malekamu -(Again!) Good thing we are friends. 
I had my departing interview with President Brown. It was an amazing experience. At the beginning of my mission I was nearly terrified to breath being in the same room as him, now 
I'm sitting in a rocking chair feeling relaxed and laughing with President Brown. Crazy what 18 months can do to you! I've come to love President Brown and truly see just how inspired He is.
Departing Missionaries 

He is an amazing man. I wouldn't be who I am now without My Mission President & His wife, you aren't assigned to an area but to them. I know they helped me so much the last year and a half. I'm so grateful for President & Sister Brown, they never gave up on me and they kept having faith that somehow through all my struggles I'd become something better. They taught me to love
Denver Temple 
everyone and stay focused on the Savior. In my departing interview I had things I wanted to say and ask but didn't. And somehow the things I didn't say, He said, and the questions I didn't ask were answered and I can't explain it. But I know Heavenly Father guided that interview. I was asked to do some things when I had gotten home. And since this post is long over due I can say I've done those things...(I'll write another post about that.) 

My last Friday in the mission, we went to the temple. It was such a lovely experience. Especially since each of us was searching for peace and answers and council from above. 
Temple Pic

My last Monday we had a normal pday I guess you could say. Trying to get everything together and ready and then helping Sister T get done what she needed to for her pday since she wasn't coming home. She was very good at keeping us on schedule. I was grateful in the end I'd already left Alliance, and was done with goodbyes.  

I want everyone to know I know Christ lives. I know Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers. I know He loves us so so much. I know the Book Of  Mormon is such a powerful book. I know that through that very book we can grow closer to our Savior and Father in Heaven. I know that the Gospel Of Jesus Christ is a cycle to continually be in, its not a matter of gaining faith and repenting once and moving on. Its a daily and even moment by moment cycle to be in. I know that Christ is our perfect example to look to. I know we have a Father in Heaven who loves us and truly sees our divine potential and will do anything to help us reach it. We are truly his children, friends. Even though we make mistakes we can change, we can over come the past. 
"Keep trying, keep believing..." 
We can do this, we truly can return back to live with our Father in Heaven. So lets help each other to keep progressing. WE are all in this to together. I love you each. I'm grateful for your love, encouragement and support. 

Yours truly, 
Sister Burden