Monday, February 22, 2016

Look Outward

I've been thinking a lot about everything that's gone on this transfer and how I ever got to this point in my mission. I remember thinking at times I wouldn't even make it a day let alone six months, a year and so forth. And to now be where I am (8 weeks left), sometimes I can only think of my fears of what's to come. Living in the moment is a blessing. Thinking about the future is a mission President told me in interviews to focus on what I can control and everything else would fall into place and to start making plans for when I'm home. -ugh....

Monday I lost my debit about living a nightmare...but yet all I could think was to pray. I knew Heavenly Father would help, for only he knew where it was. Tuesday, I found it, right before bed. It was in my bag, between a bunch of pass along cards...don't ask how it got there. I searched my bag 3-4 times, until I found it.

This week they announced the open house for the Fort Collins temple in August!!! Whatever it take, I'm going to come back for it (rode trip with Sister Helsing and some others) And what better way to celebrate my birth month!

Tuesday our phone stopped working, basically the mission office reassigned our number to someone else and we had a phone that had no service. And since we are roaming here in Nebraska we had to meet the AP's in Sidney on Saturday and get our phone. Which was a blessing. Talk about a crazy day. My companion isn't used to not seeing other missionaries daily. Saturday, we met the AP's, had lunch with the Sidney sisters, and our district leader let us into their church building to do area calls. So we saw 8 missionaries total. 4 companionships. It was nice to see my companion happy. I also got a package from the Henries and look, it's a blow up Elephant 🐘

Sunday we had branch council, we didn't have a lot of things to report on, our branch council members keep good tabs on us through out the week which is nice. At the very end of the meeting I felt I should check the phone, one of the less actives we just met Wednesday night, sent us a text telling us her son and daughter would be at church. I then invited everyone still in the room to welcome them back. It was a very tender moment seeing them walk in the church building.

District meeting was so good this week!! Funny part was Sister Helsing popping my back. The spirit was so strong! It's not been an easy 5 weeks, but if it was easy it wouldn't be worth it...but I have felt and seen myself grow so much! Being an hour drive to the closet next set of missionaries and not being able to talk to family or friends has truly left me with only Heavenly Father to turn to. Yes, I have a companion, but there are some things that you just can't talk to others about. I've seen so many answers to prayers. I've seen myself look more outward to help others than ever before (last two weeks ...I could have been better but overall). I've seen little catch phrases get stuck in my head to help me keep going. Here are some below

"Its not where you live but how..." - Forgotten Carols

"Feel so hopeless I want to who understands" -Nashville tribute band

"Hold on thy way" -Nashville tribute band

"Christ is aware of his girls!" -Sister Bair

Sometimes life just feels so crazy, other times everything seems to be so right. This transfer I've felt I have to be the "strong one" many of you know I'm not very strong, others have seen me cry more this transfer than ever before....but let me tell you even with everything going on in the mission field I've never felt Heavenly Fathers love for me so strong. I know He is there. I know He knows us. He loves us! I realized this week that I don't have to be "the strong one" Christ is that for each of us. It's okay to cry, it's okay to feel weak, but in those moments we need to turn to Christ.

This week I saw the need for me to look outward. I saw my need to look to my fellow man and love and serve them. Which sometimes I struggle with. Let me say it's good to be wanted, but it feels better to be needed. I don't know why I'm here in Alliance, Nebraska but I know I have a purpose in being here. Even if I wasn't at Brooke's baptism Saturday (which I wanted so badly to be at) I know God has a purpose in where he has placed me. It's been really neat even if I've spent just 5 weeks planting seeds, or nourishing them. It's the Lords work and either way it's moving forward.

Today (Monday) Sister Bair, one of the most amazing people I know here did our make up. It was nice to not have to do it myself.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Keep Pushing Forward!

This week was....well things are getting better, I think.

We had a Relief Society activity this week. During this activity we got our nails done. Sister Bair did mine! She's amazing! But they had quotes out on each table, and one of my favorite people had a quote they used, Lucille Ball, which reads " love yourself first and everything else falls in line. You really have to yourself to get anything done in this world"

We had zone meeting this week, and interviews with our mission president. That was good. It really got me thinking about a lot of things. President helped me see that I have so many things I have control over, and that I truly can keep pushing forward, even when things are tough. There has been moments when I don't want to keep going, but I know why I'm here, and it's because I love the Lord. It's interesting because I've dealt with stress by keeping busy - like my whole life- well this area...we currently still don't have a lot to keep as busy as I'd like. Which has also made me think when I go home I'll be stressed (more than likely lets be honest) and probably won't be to busy at first, So I'm finding other ways to deal with how I feel and etc.

Thank Goodness, we had exchanges this week. I stayed in Alliance, but I was with Sister Helsing, my sister, so it was good. I love her so much! She has helped me more than anyone will ever know! She sang to me, listened to me and hugged me so much- she gives the best hugs!! She is one of the many people I'm grateful Heavenly Father gave me her here in Nebraska! She's serving in Sidney...and I got to be with her on her last exchange! Crazy!

On exchanges we got a new investigator!! Like, our first one all transfer! Her name is Amber. She is super sweet. We taught her the restoration and she told us she believes it's true! Holy Flip! We will met with her on Wednesday.

On exchanges it was good to be able to tell someone my goals for now to the end of my mission, to even some goals for after. It was good to be able to talk about everything so I am accountable to someone else, aside from Heavenly Father. It was nice to talk about fears I have of going home -which is forever from now, let's face it. But still. But it was fun talking about how we'd do companionship study after the mission....let's face it it'd be fun but probably won't happen. Part of me hopes it does happen. She goes home 7 weeks before me.

Friday we got lost on the way to dinner....that was an adventure. Thank goodness for some nice neighbors who could point us in the right direction...but it made me think of how we have guides along the way in life, and how important is it to follow them to a T. If not it will take a bit till we get it right. And how important it is to have a guide you trust. That what I relearned Friday night. Although we were late, we made it safely, and followed our guides directions.

Valentine's Day was not very eventful. And it shouldn't be. Especially as a missionary. We should tell those we love, we love them any day, time, etc. However my dear sister, Sis. Abby Henrie sent me Vday Aloe socks, sweethearts(convo hearts-my favorite) and m&m's. My companion Hermana Areno gave me a package of convo hearts. And Saturday I got some letters and such in the mail. Thank you. I hope -even if I hate Valentines Day- that each of you were able to feel loved by those around you, Heavenly Father or etc. I know Heavenly Father loves each of us, he knows us and wants us to be happy. A dear sister (Sister Helsing) shared this scripture and it has gotten me through this week

"Believe in God; believe that he is, and that he created all things, both in Heaven and in Earth; Believe that he has all wisdom, and all power, both in Heaven and in Earth; believe that man doth not comprehend all things which the Lord can comprehend." - Mosiah 4:9

I know that he knows us, he created us. He knows how we feel. Yesterday at church Sister Hancock made the comment " No one understands OUR suffering like the Savior." I know this to be true. We each may be able to relate to one another. But our Savior has felt what each of us feels when we go through it ourselves. Only he knows. I'm grateful to know I'm never alone with what I'm going through. My testimony has grown so much these last 4 weeks and how grateful I am for that. I wouldn't take back my trials. I know I must keep the faith, and keep going.

So everyone keep the faith, things will work out.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Challenges of Change

This week has been an adventure. Right now I'm trying to keep my head above water.

 For the last few weeks a quote from Frozen has been at the top of my mind. Olfa "True love is putting someone else before yourself" and "your worth melting for" -mostly the first one.

The last couple weeks I've seen so many answers to prayers and the spirit truly at work. I'm so grateful for this. This week has been eventful, needless to say. I'm no longer training and I have a new companion. Yes, three weeks into the transfer. Talk about adjusting.

I feel that's what 2016 has in store for me...lots and lots of adjusting. Well, we will keep this short...lets just say to kill stress, our Branch president's daughter gave us some of her older stuffed animals, and we killed them. Below is the eagle. Piggie died as well, the bears and panda lived.

 Sister Bair took us to see Carthage Jail. I got a new companion this week, Her name is Hermana Areno. She's from Las Vegas. Who knows how long we will be together. But I'm 11 months older. Right now I just want to end my mission strong. I don't care about training, or having a new companion, etc. I just want to take care of the one thing I can control!

Monday, February 1, 2016

A Low Week With A Love for Missionary Work!

Well I'd just like to say the last week has been a roller coaster, filled with many different emotions. At some point in my mission, a good friend wrote me an email and told me mission are just that way...but this has taken a whole new extreme. I know what you may be thinking, but let the no longer teenager me say..."you just don't understand."

Worst moment - A family took us for dinner Monday....for pizza...I was not well for days. Worst its ever been!!

Funniest, weirdest moment this week...brought me to tears even though it probably shouldn't have....oh well. We were eating dinner with a family and the oldest son (he has special needs.) He's 17 or 18. Anyways so we are at a buffet so we all go up to get our food, and he asks the question " which one of you has brown hair?" Well obliviously not we say "sister Henrie does!" He smiles. We are then going up for seconds ( it's a buffet, don't judge) and he's watching us but no biggie. While sitting there we are talking to Cat, she's like 15. Pretty funny, she reminds me of Kim. :) So the mom has to make a phone call, during this time the oldest son says to Sister Henrie "Can I tell you something?" She's silent. He then says "you are the miracle I've been dreaming of!" He then blows her a kiss!!! I lost it. I was laughing so hard. Yes, to the point of tears. I wish each of you could have been there it was too funny!

This week I got a phone call, asking what airport I'll be flying into. And so forth....I wish I could say this was my lowest moment. Sadly it wasn't. I know some people are happy and look forward to going home, but I've said it before and I'll say it again...I'd extend for 18 more months if I could. A mission has been the best thing ever for me! I couldnt even tell you how much of a blessing its been for me. Every day has been a new adventure.

If you look at numbers...which don't account for many efforts invested...they are so even accounting active people we taught 12 total lessons. Its a good thing I'm not number happy person.

Yesterday, I gave a talk in sacrament. It was probably one of the worse talks I've even given. It was on "my purpose in God's plan"

Alliance is the best thing that has happened to me. I know that sounds crazy! But I love the town and the people here.

My companion is amazing, I know Heavenly Father put us here for a reason! I love this sister with every fiber of my being. I truly just want her to be happy.

I'm so grateful for all that has been going on. Trials are tough. But they allow us to grow. That I am thankful for.