Monday, September 28, 2015

The Field is White

What happened this week..

Basically we did a lot of driving...all over kingdom come.

Monday our dinner couldn't feed us so we moved some things around and Earl feed us! We went to the T-Bar. There half salad is HUGE! We had a very good time. And The Meadows from my first area their son and his family just moved here to Wellington and I got to see them there.

we found a new investigator Daniel while tracking. We knocked the whole street before we found him, but this photo of me in the purple cardigan was taken that day. We saw Sister Harmor and she was doing fine. I'd love to see her at church and I have faith one day she will come. I think a problem is she loves us as friends and its hard for her to let us get a lesson started. But hey if anything some one loves me...

...we got our cleaning at the Dentist done. All seems to be well. We had interviews with our Mission president. It was really good. There was a lot of things he said I needed to hear. I decided a couple transfers ago that around my year mark I was going to ask him "How have you seen me change in the last year?" I've worked really close to him my whole mission really, and its been a blessing. But in the interview I gained the courage to ask him and felt guided by the spirit in asking. his reply was very helpful he told me "You are more diligent then ever, and your desire to serve has increased even though you have fears and struggles you push through are strong and beautiful and your draw to do this work is incredible." Those words have helped a lot this week.

This week we had to go to Windsor for some stuff, and I got to meet my "granddaughter" but sadly we didn't get a photo. But another highlight is we ate dinner at subway with the Allreds and Kade took a picture with us. Isn't he a doll.

The picture of me and the in missionary life we often hear it talked about "the field is white already to harvest" so last transfer I made a joke "Wellington field harvest..." so here is me being happy about that. haha.

Earl came with us to a appointment but it didn't work out so we took a photo with the sunflower fields.

Carol is Earl's best friend or at least one of his many best friends, he is so nice and friendly. She took a photo with us and we decided that even when Earl moves this next week that we will still get together. She even gave us her address so we could! How exciting!

Saddest part of my week was Sister Downing one of the loveliest ladies I know passed away, from cancer. WE found out Sunday before church. Saturday we found out she was in the hospital so we went to see her but she wasn't awake. I almost wish I hadn't had seen her like that. She had cancer and everyone kept saying she'd make in 6 months...not less than 1. She just finished radiation last week.

Yesterday I felt my hair looked so great. So on the way to church in the car I took a photo. Enjoy.

Today Sister Steven's took us and got our nails done! So thats why this is late and semi rushed. I need to make list to remember all the things to tell you.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

First Week With Sister Jenson

This week...week 1 transfer 9 of 13 Crazy looking at it like that!

Monday was my last full day with Sister Helsing...I adopted her as my lil sister...seeing how I don't have a lil sister but I know we are going to be friends forever. Its still hard being the one left behind. I will never be able to explain why or how we got so close in just 6 weeks. But I know we truly must have knew each other in the Pre-Earth life. She has been so good to me.

Transfer companion day. Picture below. Sister Jenson is her name. And she is great. She is a hard worker and I know we are together for a reason. The phrase "Forget yourself and go to work " comes to mind when I think of our companionship. I am learning to love her more and more everyday. Well I never got us lost on Tuesday so that was a plus...but it has been interesting. I still feel so lost myself. I'm happy I bought a gps(Gloria) last Christmas.Or I'd be lost. And well sometimes Gloria is good at getting us lost...story of my life. We visited sister Harmor she kept our appointment! woohoo! However when I asked her why she doesn't come she said "I don't know" then I asked well why not come this Sunday and she told she probably wouldn't come ever. It was really sad to hear. But she is so sweet. I really hope she changes her mind with us visiting her. I love this ward and the things that are happening. We were able to see Sister Cummings who lives down the street from us, it wasn't as formal of a lesson but its was the best we could get. We met with Sister Woo and got to know her better. She is so sweet and I just love her and how strong she really is. She is a great example to so many. We did service at the Tippets and then saw Sister Knotts and talked about visiting teaching. They have such a cute family. We went to the mother daughter dinner the ward had...with no mothers with us it was nice to see all the sisters in the ward who came, the food was great. I love this ward and all those within it. Funny story thought so in the morning we were trying to call the Tippets but I was calling the wrong number, but on the bright side me calling the wrong number got me a hold of a member who lives in a nother ward who was like come to my office and I'll get you sister a FREE teeth cleaning! Holy smokes how great!!! Talk about a blessing. This week was a really hard for me. But of course we stayed busy and in the morning finished weekly planning and then went out and taught 5 lessons it was so nice. I mean yes, four of those five were active people but still. We were busy. And it was a "Forget yourself and go to work day" Next Funny Story!

I met Scott. He's divorced and often drunk. That's about all I know about him. But we met with him...let me tell you some questions I was asked while speaking with Scott

1.) How much do you weight? 2.) your 25 right? 3.) You have a boyfriend right? because your attractive. 4.) what are your hobbies? 5.) (we are sitting in the garage ) will you come to my back yard I want to show you my skis?

We are about to leave its about 8:20pm and he's like how do you know I'm not crazy? You girls need to be careful. I almost was funny but not so funny. Oh and his dog sammy tried to bite me! Good thing he didn't.

Best part of the lesson we shared the because of him video and after invited him to commit to take the lessons, and to be serious about it. He said yes! So I invited him to start with pouring out his beer and not opening another one. (He was pretty drunk) but he was like are you serious..? I said yes. He gets up walks out of the garage and pours his beer on his flowers. Best moment ever! We will be meeting with him on Saturday.

Also since Earl is moving he got us a transfer bear. And since I told him my favorite lesson is the Law of Chasity my bears shirt said "Hugs and Kisses Wellington, Co" Heck yeah!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Companion I Love You

What to talk about...

Well I guess I should tell everyone I'm staying a STL in Wellington. My new companion will be Sister Jenson.

Events from this week...

Well, Breanna (aka Sister Carbno) came to visit and say, "hi." We had lunch as she traveled her way through Colorado. It was so nice! It was nice to see her taking these steps in her life. I love this girl so much! We had a lot of good times together so it was fun to catch up with her.

 My Bishop fed my companion dinner for the first time her whole six months here, and he has these super cute puppies. I got a photo holding one. Tender!!

We made cookies to deliver to people. Sister Matlock let us make them at her home, that was so nice of her. We still have more to deliver...we might have made to many. We saw Sister Downing, her health isn't doing very well and shes doing radiation but they aren't giving her more than six months. Its really sad. I love her. And love going to sing to her and read to her. She is just amazing!

Lillie and Ssiter Helsing and I got a photo. Lillie is amazing, I love her desire to learn...sadly, she will be out of town for the next two months, so hopefully we can skype her or something and keep in contact. Crazy photos in the car. (= And photos with bright yellow trucks! I want you all to to know I know Heavenly Father loves each of us, he is aware of us. And knows us by name. I might not understand his love, or how or why he loves each of us but I know he does.

This transfer that has been very evident to me. I was given not just a companion but a sister...a younger sister. I lover her. She has been there for me through thick and thin. And time and time again she has loved me. And most importantly she has shown me the Saviors love for me. Which I needed, and so did she. We always need to feel of the Saviors love. I love her. and I'm sad we won't be together but I know Heavenly Father knows what hes doing even if I don't understand. I know Heavenly knows each of you and is aware of you just as much as he is me.

 We did a parody to 'Mother I love you" instead its "Companion I love you"
Here goes...

Verse 1
Companion, I love you,
Companion I do.
 Father in Heaven in Heaven has sent me to you.
 When I am with you I love to smile,
 Hugging and laughing cause you love me to.
 Companion I love you; I love you, I do.

 verse 2
 Companion I love you;
companion I do.
 I want to serve you because I love you.
 I want to find you
happy and smiling because I love you.
Companion I love you; I love you I do.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

How Will You Be Remembered?

This week has been very challenging but I got to see the temple which made it very much so better. We finished exchanges. Sister Mauss is great. I love her so much. I'm grateful I got to send the day with her. She's a great example of a Christlike missionary.

Sometimes even as a missionary it's hard to keep your head above water for so many different reasons. Sometimes that's all you can do day by day. I literally have the thought almost daily "what if I get emergency transferred? Will I have done what Heavenly Father needs me to do here? " I've found giving him an account on the day, and counseling with him on what I could be doing better...always room for improvement...doesn't mean it's always easy but you just never know if this moment is your last or what and how do you want people to remember you. My trainer was a great missionary, she was only here in Wellington for 12 weeks and than was a year ago...people still talk about the difference she made in their life...I want that...but I have so much to improve on. Things have been good, I have my trials and being an STL a lot of sisters lean on you for support but I've seen how important it is to immediately help others just like when Peter started to sink the Savior immediately reached out....he does that for each of us. We have to ask of course but I love knowing he's there always. Crazy though.

Less than a month till I've been out a year...crazy right?