Monday, November 30, 2015

Never Give Up!

Some times on Monday I forget everything that happened! Like this is the last week of the transfer...where has the time gone! But I guess wee should talk about week 5. I know I had a lot of experiences that helped me grow.

I will say to start off one thing I'm grateful is my parents taught me to "never give up" There were some times this week I just wanted to crawl back into bed and be done with the day even when I just rolled out of bed....but Heavenly Father answers prayers. Yours and mine, all of ours!

This week I got to go to Laramie and do exchanges. I was with Sister Russell. She is a sweet sister. This sister is strong. She is so funny, and I love her laugh! She hasn't been out very long yet but she knows so much. I got to attend their district meeting, and give my 4th training ever. It was a little nerve racking...I know I talk all the time but I don't do well in front of people like groups of people. I know Heavenly Father helped me through that since I only had 1 day to prepare.( Its like getting asked to give a talk the night before. Its kind of nerve racking. -Just saying! )

So funny...but not so funny story a couple people we've met with in the last couple weeks have gotten lice, yuck right! We have been checked and nothing...we are clear! Holy Cow how amazing is that? It was a miracle that's for sure!

Thanksgiving was good, it snowed a lot! You all should know I'm not a fan of snow! But however I am a fan of taking snow pictures.

P.s. I did help clear the car, I just missed a couple spots! (:

We had dinner with the Mortensons it was so fun! We played uno after dinner and it was great...I kind of thought Thanksgiving would suck because I can't eat dairy but this family was so good to me. I even had my own special mashed potatoes. The rolls were so good! They have a daughter on a mission in Mexico whose been out about 7 months. I'm grateful we were able to be there with them.

Embarrassing, funny moment I was kicking snow off the car, and slipped on worries my bag caught me!

Dale came to church on Sunday and we took a picture was the first time he had come in over 4 years!

We got to paper shred our area book yesterday...all gone!

I feel like sometimes I'm trying to juggle everything. I can't believe where the time has went with my mission. I just want to go back to being trained. I don't want to be nearing the end of my mission. I've been blessed with the time I have been out here, I've learned so much about the Savior. I've been reading in the Gospels(Matthew, Mark,Luke, John in New Testament) and in 3 Nephi ( The Book Of Mormon) to prepare for this Christmas season, its been so great. I know he knows each of us, he loves us and understands us always. He repairs of mistakes, and broken wounds. We can choose to follow him, and when we do, and we repent of our sins, weakness, and so forth he's able to heal us. I know this is true. He can fix each of us, and truly heal us. I know my knowledge of the Savior has given me hope to keep going. Even as a missionary I need him, I can't and wont ever be able to do this alone. I'm grateful for this gospel and the knowledge that I have of the Savior. My heart is full of love for the Savior, and my Father who is in Heaven. Keep being great everyone. And remember the reason for the season.

Monday, November 23, 2015

More Exchanges

Sometimes I love being a Sister Training Leader, other times I hate it.

I love getting to know the sisters and serving them, I also really love exchanges. I love hearing about the people in their areas. I love seeing others happy about this great work we are called to do.

I hate it when Sisters complain because they have to miss stuff in their area, or worse when they pull their district leader into this...first off exchanges are inspired you don't like to God.

This week was nice, we had exchanges and I got to try Ketchup chips Sister Maxwell is so fun! For lunch I took her to Chick Fil A she had never been! It was so fun, and she liked it. She is also the first person to tell me she loves McDonald's.

My next exchange was with Sister Jenks. This sister is like my long lost sister. I just love her so much! We got to do my favorite service project- Painting. (:  Then we drove to Cheyenne to take her back...where I got my 1st snow picture of the year. Yah!

This is Dale, he invited us to a singles Thanksgiving dinner for the was a regional thing. It was kind of fun...But kind of made me think of how I don't ever want to go to those kind of dinners if I'm single and 60...especially if all they do it play love songs...Dale is super kind. He is a less active who we now met with twice a week. He is very kind. And can be funny...I guess.

Apparently I don't laugh a lot. Or laugh at the things most people do or say...I'm like a old person with no sense of humor. I just truly don't find most things funny...and I see no reason in faking a laugh.

This picture of the sky is another tender mercy photo. I know I'm not a perfect missionary nor will I ever be. I struggle, stumble, often. I make mistakes and often have no clue what I'm doing even in the field any more but I know the Savior is working through me to accomplish his work. I'm trying and sometimes that's all I can do. Even when its hard.

I read a quote this last week that said "If you forget what you learned on your mission, what was the point? The fact of the matter is that the mission is the MTC for the rest of your life. The mission shouldn't stand out as a unique opportunity. It just prepares you for everything else we have to do." -Steven Peterson So no matter how rough it gets I'm going to keep going.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Choose to be Happy

Nothing easy is worth it...

So this week our zone leaders wanted us to have all the info in our area book entered into the ipad area about rough. so we spent well over 10 hours on it.

This week not to many exciting things happened... but even with that being said I learned so much. Sometimes I really love being in Wellington other times I wonder how long I will be here. Its a great area, the people are great, but I get antsy being somewhere for what feels like so long. Over all I am grateful to be here in Wellington.

This week I found a cute yellow sweater at Goodwill still with the original tag on it. Holy cow how great! I was so happy about that. So one day while going through FoCo we took this funny photo. It was such a good day! I know Heavenly Father helped so much to help me stay focused on the work, because it could have been so easy to get distracted on pointless things.

Friday we got to go to Windsor to pick some stuff up and we were able to go to the Loveland zone and get a picture of the Fort Collins temple. These nice workers took a picture of us, I think his wife taught him well, it turned out to be a nice photo. It was nice to see the temple with all the things going on these last couple weeks, and literally even to just stand on the grounds was so cool, even if its not set apart yet.

There was a time before my mission where my friend Joe and I were coming back from going to the temple and we were driving on University and the sun was setting it was so pretty and I'll never forget that conversation about how calming it is to look at nature. Just like giving a baby a rattle, Heavenly Father gives us adults nature to keep us calm and happy. When I saw this the other day, all I could think about was that conversation with Joe and how aware Heavenly Father is of each of us. I know he knows us, I know he loves us. I know we need to choose to be happy instead of thinking "I'll be happy when___" I know Heavenly Fathers love fixes everything. His love provides strength, instills hope, fill voids and makes enjoying to the end much more enjoyable. We just need to turn to them always instead of trying to do things "our way." I love the scripture in Doctrine & Covenants 84:88 I know the Lord is there, he is aware of each of us. I can't even express how true I know that to be. I'd rather keep my trials any day. They are hard, but they build character.

Monday, the reason this email is late is because...I went to Chuckie Cheese for the first time ever!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Rough Week But We Get Through

So the first two are pictures from us hitting spoiled eggs with a baseball bate. So fun!

This week was rough if you want the truth..

but if you want to know how we dealt with it...

we looked for miracles!

It tried snowing this week . . .

This week we ended up back at the dentist. which wasn't too bad. I got a tooth refilled. We also went and got flu shots. The Mission Department asked that we each do so we obeyed. I still hate shots!! My arm was sore for days. This week we got rebuked by our investigators dad, for trying to teach the Law of Chasity . . . needless to say we didn't get to teach that lesson . . . he also wasn't happy about us teaching the 10 commandments . . . well not all of them only adultery . . . he was fine with the other ones.

Our recent convert dropped us, aka so we got was a rough week.

Some look for rainbows others look for miracles.... None of the snow stuck on the ground.

This week we did service for the Brandts, we painted in there home. Super fun! Good way to clear your mind. We finally met with the Cannons and we set her two boys with a baptismal date. Woohoo! Dec 5. I'm excited! Blessing!

We had dinner with Nicole (niki) and Rob it was so fun, even if they did ask us not to share a message it was good to get to know them. And see there views on things. They are so very sweet. And they signed up to feed us again. Another miracle.

I'm so grateful for the atonement, I know I wouldn't have made it through this week without it. I'm grateful for the spirit. I'm grateful for those who follow the spirit. Saturday night we met with our (wml) Brother Goins, and he made a comment during the meeting I know was inspired he looked over and said "You know none of this reflects you as missionaries. this isn't your fault." I know this is the restore gospel and I know we have a father in Heaven who loves us. I know our Savior never leaves us. He loves us and wants us to be happy. I know Christ was right there with me this week keeping me going. I know he is with each of you. Don't give up. I love each of you.

Watch this video . . .

this song got me through this week.

Monday, November 2, 2015

HALLOWEEN! And Jenny looks Awesome as Usual!

This week we craved pumpkins with the Stevens. It was so fun!

I did the Salt Lake Temple! If anything it was a good try. Its amazing how talented some people are at craving pumpkins..I'm just not that good. But first try wasn't to bad!!

We were in a trio for a night. We had sister Glover...sadly we didn't take a photo. ): But everyone should know we love her, and she is a very sweet sister. She is doing great training. But since we had to pick her up at transfers I got to see my pal, Elder Baylock. He is so funny. I served around him in Greeley. He defiantly made zone meetings way funnier.

We decided to make in a tradition of going to Costco one day a week for lunch. Seeing as we are in Foco all the time anyway. It really fun.I love it!

This little kittens name is Harrison Garfield Burson (burden and Jenson together) We found this little stray with trying to contact a less active. We took him and went to Family Dollar to buy some cat food, got a hold of the ladies mom and she told us it wasn't her cat but maybe it was a neighbors cat. So we went back to the house where we found him. And lights were on! We knocked on there door and found out it wasn't there cat, but they signed up to feed us! It was so great! Harrison got us a dinner. We kept Harrison for the night, and the next day took him to the Human Society in Foco. He will hopefully find a good home.

This week we had MlC (Missionary Leadership Council), I always love seeing all these sisters! They are so great! I was sick Friday but just a cold. I'm starting to feel better. Hard to breath.

Halloween, wow some things are just creepy. We had dinner with the Stake president and our mission president....We then went home and had a silly string fight!! It was great.

We hit bad (spoiled) eggs with a baseball bat. It was so fun!! Pictures to week!

This week I was ponderizing D&C 6:36

"Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not." I just love that as we look to Christ in all things, doubt and fear don't affect us. I love that we have a Savior who loves us. I know we have a Father in Heaven who loves us more than we may ever know. I know as we work continually on coming closer to Christ and helping those around us to do so we will be blessed. No matter how far gone we feel we are always welcome.