Monday, March 28, 2016

It is Hard to Teach a Drunk Person

This week has been crazy, I'm not sure anyone would believe me if I even told them all that's happened....well maybe you would, you all should know by now how crazy missionary life can be...or is. Right?

 Our pday last week was the start of everything crazy...we went shopping and did our laundry all before 10:30am, so we could spend our pday giving service. Talk about a day of rest. I know most of you must think we were crazy to give up our pday but I knew we needed to be serving others...If Christ was here he would have done the same...remember when He was tired and they brought the children for him to bless and one of the apostles told the people he was tired and Christ said "Bring them hither!" Well even though it wasn't a restful day I know we were blessed.

We got to met with Gabby and Bryce twice this week. They are such sweet kids.I love these kids with all my heart. They have such a light within them. And they are so happy with what little they have. Its really sweet. It truly helps you see that you don't need everything to be happy.

We also met with Lewis this week, he is a less active who a lot of people have judged which has kept him from the church. We spoke with him on the importance of him baptizing his kids, and how hard it is when the kids look back and barely remember the name of some random guy who baptized you. Their is some resentment as a kid in that situation. So we spoke about that. And how fathers need to set an example for the family. Sunday his wife came over to us and told us He got up and helped get the kids ready told his wife speaking with us the other night sparked something within him. He didn't come but his 9 yr old son Little came and how grateful I am for that. So did the older brother Manny!! Now for the dad to come back.

We had a no drive day this week, even thought we had no snow, and the storm skipped us. Well at 6pm we decided we'd drive anyway and go for dinner and then to the church to met with our branch president to discuss the missionary work ...when we got into the car our Tiwi told us the car battery was low, but the light wasn't on. So we drove anyways....doesn't driving charge the battery? Well I tell you this because the next morning we got into the car drove to a car repair guy and had him check our battery -it was fine. When we left all these lights came up on the dash board...and as we drove our car wouldnt tell us the speed we were about scarry...well luckily my Gps tells the speed limit and the speed of the driving car. So we made it the hour drive to our meeting then called the Tiwi people. They fixed it!!

District meeting was so good. I love our meetings. Thats one thing I miss about not being an STL -all the meetings.

Woohoo so far I've not told you why this week was the strong begins...

So a couple weeks we tracted into a house that told us we could come back...we fianlly had the chance to try them again. A lady named Pearl answered the door, I had a very uneasy feeling but felt I should follow the spirit and focus on other...a man was standing next to the porch and was drinking...he walked over and let us into the home. Found his mom and Pearl invited us into another room to talk but when we came is all she did was cry..(she was drunk) she said she just wanted to hit something, and asked it she could. I told her if she wanted to...she began punching and throwing things close to her. The man invited us back into the living room where the explosion happened. Pearl called us fake and many other words...she was swearing at the man's mom and hitting The man. The mom called the cops...the whole time I had to pee. I had been drinking so much water all day...we were there from 6-8:50. When Pearl left we finally got to share a message but The man was so drunk as well....its hard to teach drunks.

Easter was so good. We had dinner with the Weaver family and I got to play and hug some farm animals. I loved it!!!

And I love Green smoothies.

This week had some high and low points, some mild and spicy points but I wouldnt take it back for the world. I learned so much.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Too Many "Lasts" at the End of a Mission!

This week has been a week that's for sure. But in the end it's been a good week.

Monday was good I guess, nothing to eventful. We had to cancel our dinner so we could get to our investigators house, problem was our investigator cancelled and we ended up at Sister Bairs house(relief society president) to talk about the funeral and how we could best help. It was Pi day as well, and I didn't even eat any pie, but I did admire the sign at the store. (:

Tuesday our alarm didn't go off, I laid in bed looking at the ceiling for a while, (not sleeping anyway, time change threw me off) so by the time I even dared to look at the clock it was 7:30, talk about a moment of panic, and sudden hatred for myself....Studies were really good. Been studying in Doctrine & Covenants and many other places but section 100 is one we often hear as missionaries, that first verse. Which is :

"1 Verily, thus saith the Lord unto you, my friends Sidney and Joseph, your families are well; they are in mine hands, and I will do with them as seemeth me good; for in me there is all power."

It brought me comfort being reminded of this. And thinking of how we are each Christ friends. How great is that, WE are HIS friends!

We have two new investigators and have them on date for baptism, Gabby, and Bryce. They are both 9, and they are cousins. They are so smart. I truly can't help but love them. ( They weren't able to make it to church Sunday but that's okay. ) I'm looking forward to our next visit. (:

Wednesday, Zone Conference....a day all missionaries look forward to before they go home....NOT! It was my last zone conference, and I had to give my departing testimony in front of a lot of missionaries I hardly know, and I cried...I NEVER cry when bearing was a tender moment. Not sure what I even said but I know the Spirit took over and spoke through me. We didn't win the clean car contest but no sister did at my zone conference. All Elders! we got back to Alliance at 7:20pm. We left at 5am. Woke up at 4am....boy it was a long day but I learned so much. And I couldn't be more grateful! Got to eat lunch with our mission president -President Brown. He's so funny, and sweet. And it was probably my last time seeing Sister Hooper and Sister Ligon -I love them, it was fun being an STL and getting to know them both. So we said our goodbyes and took a picture. last exchanges as a missionary. It was pretty fun, I got to be with Sister Jenks. I love her so much. It's interesting because the night before when planning, nothing really felt right. So Thursday we rolled with the punches, and see what felt right as went through the day. We started with our scheduled service for the Ramsey's. Then helped wash potatoes for service for Sister Bair for the Relief Society dinner. We met with a less active, part member family who I've been trying to connect to. My companion speak Spanish and so does connect really well with the member and nonmember in this family. Well in my attempt to connect with them, I think was a fail. If anything it was a good lesson.

Our lesson with Ben was so good. He is one of my favorite less active. He has been so prepared to come back. His desire to learn just amazing to me. I want to be better. We shouldn't have to go less active to then come back and then desire to learn more. We should always be seeking more knowledge.

Sometimes I see others with so much on their plate, and I just want to help lighten their load. And sometimes I then get my head in to deep. But I love serving others. That has brought me so much strength. Especially with everything going on.

Friday...we exchanged back. Which was nice. We had so much traveling to do this last week. My companion keeps wanting to do her calling (teaching Spanish speaking people) Problem is now we have one-not the problem- the problem is when we teach them its not "we" its just her. I don't know how to help I don't speak Spanish. And she wont translate for me so I pick up only on the words I know. I am trying to support her, but its hard. Sometimes I wish I knew Spanish, other times I could care less. This time I care...

Saturday not much happened. It feels like a blur. When we got to our car in the morning someone had left a note on our window searing at us...that was not a good way to start the day...I have some guesses as to who, but I'd rather sing a hymn then get us kicked out....The whole day I thought it was the 17th, (just a couple days off) We were at dinner and I got asked what day I go home, I answered, then she went to tell me I had one month...I could have cried...It was a rough moment, especially since I hadn't even put two and two together all day. It was a hard moment. Especially since I'm departing I already gave my departing testimony Wednesday at Zone Conference. It felt very real in that moment. Once the topic changed I was more at ease. It took a lot to change the topic.

Sunday...was a rough day. We were so tired. And for a while it seemed like the more people we tried the darker it got, and more people didn't answer. Church was good. One lady was ready to attack and put down anyone's comment when they had spoken, it was really sad. She seemed like she was out to kill. I was worried if I should talk or not....So I barely spoke. But oh well.

I have seen the Lord's hand in my life so many times here in Alliance. I don't know how many times we prayed and he led us EXACTLY where we needed to go or with what to do.I know that this gospel is true, and I love that we have a restored gospel that was created by the most loving being in the universe, our Heavenly Father. I am grateful to know him, and to know that he knows each of us perfectly. That love NEVER changes, how grateful I am for that knowledge.I am so thankful for the opportunity that I have to be a missionary. I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of the world. I love Him and I love sharing His gospel.

I love you all, Thank you all for loving me and supporting me.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Busy Week . . . Lots of Lessons!

Well let's see this week was super long. Luckily the days were fast, but looking back Monday feels like it was so long ago.

 Monday we had two dinners...what do you do when a less active and active person (celebrating a birthday) want to feed you....well you end up with two dinners because I don't have a heart to say "No".... Yes that's still a downside I have. And with the one dinner, we were eating doesn't even taste good. So the rest of the evening...I didn't feel very well. And dinner number two was a late dinner( I hate eating after 7 pm) but it worked out for the best I guess.

Tuesday....what a day! We did service, had lunch with a member. Had some appointments fall through, typically missionary thing. Visited with an active struggling member, which made her day. Then visited with a less active, Ben. (He even came to church Sunday although he was sick. ) Which was nice, got him introduced to a lot of the people here, he has only came a couple times since he was 14, he's in his late 30's now. Our lesson was super awesome! He knows Heavenly Father has been preparing him to come back, he wants a calling, he wants to have a purpose which the gospel of Jesus Christ gives us. It's neat to see things clicking with him, when we are there. I think we ALL know what it's like to seek to have a purpose in life, to belong someone. It's neat how the true, restored gospel of Jesus Christ gives us just that. So I look forward to out next visit with Ben. He's about half way through the Book Of Mormon (Alma32-3 Nephi 11) he's making so much progress in these short 3 weeks we've know him.

Tuesday night we had two dinners....(birthday dinner for a less active and another active dinner with a family we dearly love) again.. So needless to say by Tuesday night I never wanted to see let alone eat again...(we had eaten 8 meals in 48 hours) and many people think we should eat like Elders do, just saying I'm a sister and I don't have a big apatite but I made the most of it. ;) At the birthday dinner, we got this bubble stuff, it was way harder than it looks, it took me a while to blow some perfect bubbles.

Wednesday we drove to Cheyenne, Wy for Zone Meeting and call pulled the Sidney sisters! So fun!! I love those sisters so much! They are such a joy to be around, they have such a light and desire to serve Heavenly Father so I love them to death! We got permission to celebrate at Olive Garden, me getting into college, and also Sister Wades' birthday!! (22) Over all it was a great day! Lots of traveling. And finally only 1 dinner. Then a lesson with a less active family. It was so fun!

Thursday was pretty uneventful.

Friday, area calls with our stl's and then later Friday night we found out a less active moved, quite her job but still lives in Alliance....we stopped by her place and someone who was smoking outside the apartment complex told us she had moved about a month ago, well we then went to Safeway where she had worked, (we really only shop there in hopes of finding here) well I couldn't just ask if she worked here, so I bought some brownies, and was like " Hey I haven't seen so and so here in a while, is she still working here" the worker "No, she quit, and moved, I love her, glad she's still living in Alliance." Haha we will find you. And on a side note I got yummy brownies out of about miracles.

Saturday, we were able to get an other lesson while having our free lunch (provided by another church) which was nice. The guy who helps out there was talking about Heavenly Father and how we are his children. My thoughts went straight to the video "Earthly Father, Heavenly Father" Mormon message. Which helped us have a great conversation. His church believes Jesus and God are the same person....we didn't dig into that but one day.....right now we aren't sure if He is into our message or us...Of course He liks Jesus, he wears shirts with Him on it, but when I told him I'm almost done with my mission He gave me his number, and told me He wants to stay in touch....he also says other things that make you wonder...oh well.

President Brown told me I'm not to learn Spanish (my comp is a Hermana) I am only to speak my assigned language. Which is rough at times (well really only this time), but then again I can understand what's going on, but not speak it . . . Saturday she taught a Spanish family. Which she was happy about but then I got lost in parts and I couldn't just jump in to rescue . . . so its a good thing the Spirit was there. I know He guided that lesson, and helped both of us, me to understand, and her to speak Spanish.

Sunday church was good, while trying to contact a referral we went down a street and saw two guys wrestling, well I tried not to think much about it, but as we got closer I saw the one man had an ax and some ladies were trying to break it up and get the ax away from them!! holy Flip, craziest thing I've seen since Kentucky. It was kind of scary, luckily the referral wasn't them, but we will probably try those people in a couple weeks, (let everything cool down) from the looks of everything one guys face was bloody but they ladies walked away with one guy...(of course we watched from afar-what if we needed to call 911)

The best moment happened last night...drum roll everyone!!!

We FINALLY taught a total of 20 lesson! I know the mission doesn't count this as a key indicator anymore but I still count it for my myself. It was one of the most joyful moment of my week.

I was reading in my studies this past week an article from the "New Era" and it was about being perfect, it was about a young lady who did many different things and wanted to excel in all of them but had so much piled up on her plate, it made me think to my life before the mission, I wanted to do so many things and be perfect in them all, but you learn quickly you can't do everything, especially all at the same time. I learned really quick in the beginning of my mission, I couldn't serve Heavenly Father perfectly and be focused on things back home, I needed to be perfect in the things I had control over. I can be perfect in trying...even though I may not be perfect in anything else, God doesn't ask us to teach 20 lessons a week, or to have a baptism every month. Yes, those would be nice, but Heavenly Father knows what we are able to do and he is there to help us. He loves us and knows us. Our Savior, died for us, and rose on the third day. I love this new Easter video. The phrase "If we let him" He can help us each to overcome the things we face in this life. We face many different things daily, but we don't have to do it alone. We can be perfect in trying. They can help us. I'd like to invite each of you to find ways you can follow him, and ways you can each share this video with those around you. I hope you each know I love you, but most importantly God loves you.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Service Pays in Blessings

Where did week 1 even go...I don't like how fast time is going.

Monday I applied for school. Which was crazy! Still having a hard time thinking about the fact I go home in now 6 weeks. Pday last week wasn't very interesting...we did laundry. So I decided to take a picture...normal missionaries Pday.

Tuesday while most missionaries got transferred I stayed in my area. Which I have had to adjust to thats for sure. So last week I wrote about how someone got mad at us and yelled at us, well this week I sucked up my pride and we went and did service for they are taking us for pizza to celebrate a birthday....sounds like death. oh well. We also met with some members to talk with them about them helping out with missionary work and getting them to come to lessons.

Wednesday I got probably the best news I could have ever gotten. I got accepted to one of the schools I've applied for! Which honestly my faith in getting into any school was very slim. But I got in!!! The Hancocks' treated us to dinner because I got into school. And I got free muffins from a bakery here.

Thursday we had district meeting which was fun.We met a less active family we've been trying for weeks! Which was way nice.

Friday we did some service. Way fun! I love the thrift store. Its so fun!
We also painted at a members house. Which was a blast. I love painting. Its very relaxing.
Saturday such a busy day. We had free lunch, and met a less active from Cheyenne who served a misison nd everything who has left the church. I'm grateful for my testimony and the knowledge I have of the gospel, and the opportunity to apply it to my life moment by moment. It was a crazy experience.

Sunday, Fasting was a great experience to be able to humble myself and seek to find answers to myself. I am grateful for our Father in Heaven, for His great knowledge in knowing what we always need and what is best for each of us.

As of now, I don't know any set plans for after the mission or for what or who I'll see tomorrow but I know through prayer our Father in Heaven can help.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

We Don't Have to Climb Alone

Yes so today is my last week one pday. Happy leap year!

As you know last Monday we did make overs with Sister Bair. (Refer to previous weeks email). Last Monday I got permission to start applying to school. (Today I finished, thanks to Lauren Hardy).

On Tuesday we did service, I was able to find a bunch on Nebraska shirts in various sizes for different missionaries, mostly some sister missionaries. Since we are the first sisters to be in Nebraska in along time. Sister Hancock gave us some essential oils today to help us sleep, me and my comp have both been struggling. I fall asleep fast, but don't stay asleep very long. However my comp has a hard time falling asleep but is out once she's asleep.

Wednesday was a rough day. We got yelled at by some people and were told that because of us the people here in Alliance have a now different view of the church. (Not a good one). I wish that was all of it, sadly it wasn't.....Wednesday seemed to last forever! At the end of our day Sister Hancock sent us a text, which helped me gain a smile, among many tears from this day....her text said "You ladies have a good night. I just want you to know you are loved and that you are doing an amazing job, love ya!"

Our relief society president even told us "You have done more in your short time here then any missionary has in our 5 years here." Sometimes I wish I could see that myself. I know things have gotten better, especially since my first week. I work best with fast pace work, and right now that's not happening. Which puts me sometimes into a damper.

Thursday we had our district meeting and it was so good. Our district leader quoted Elder Gene R Cook in his teaching by the spirit, which he heard while with Elder Campbell who got the cd from me. I love that talk so much. So hearing him talk about it brighten my day.

Friday, well we finally had a Friday that we finished weekly planning on the same day we started it. Which was way nice.

Saturday we had a less with a less active, which was so good. Brother Fretwell is amazing. It was our first lesson, and although I knew since it was just us and him it needed to be quick, I also knew the spirit was there. We were able to get a return appointment and we were also able to invite him to read Alma 7 to read. (Sunday he came to church, and Sunday night sent us a text saying thank you, and that he was in Alma 18. )

Sunday my comp spoke in church, I got out of it because I've already spoken not to long ago. Sister Banks also spoke in church, I can't remember what she said or anything but I remember the spirit telling me that I can rely on Heavenly Father. Which was very comforting to have that reminder. I don't have to carry all of this alone. I know I'm known by Him. He is there. And just like the photo of the little boy climbing up the rocks to Christ, His hand is out reached to each of us. I don't have to climb alone, he can help lift me, and pull me out...If I only but let him. (John14:18)

Week 1 of my last transfer
Don't have much time...
important news
-I'm staying
-So is my companion
-We have a new investigator (Little, he's 9)
-District meeting are amazing
-Goodbye Sis Helsing -we love popcorn, and Nebraska
-I get to start "My plan" this transfer. It is an online course preparing me for life after the mission.
- saw Carhenge (sounds like Stonehenge . . . and looks like it too . . .) AGAIN!