Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Focus on the Atonement

Monday- We went downtown with a young woman named Emily from the ward. She is super sweet. We went to Inta juice. It was fun walking around and window shopping. We washed the car and cleaned it, like always. Preparation day always seems to be the same old, same old stuff. Never anything too crazy. We had dinner with the Wickmans. Which was exciting because we had scheduled an appointment to meet with her friend. Our 8 pm lesson got called into work so we tried less actives but their hasn't been much luck.. I mean they are less active, most have moved and didn't transfer their records...they don't want to be found....it's hard.

Tuesday - Luckily we got to do one of my favorite things...painting! Woohoo. Sadly we didn't finish...this project was a small bathroom. And this was our second time but it's still not done. I've learned that doing service helps relieve stress. I think a lot of it is seeing that you aren't thinking about yourself. It's easier to not think about yourself . . . I'd love to do service all the time . . . why? Because missionary life is hard, it's not easy. I'd love to forget my short comings and my weakness. I keep studying the Atonement with hope that I'll be able to remember the Savior didn't have it easy . . . the missionary work in this area seems a little dead at times. It's always the same 2-3 members who come to lessons. And investigators have just disappeared. I mean they either drop us or meet us in the park and don't answer their phones. I want Sister Danz to have a great experience as a missionary, I want people to teach who want to learn and are willing to commit, I don't want it to have a baptism, I want it so a year from now I and other missionaries can help them get to the temple.

Elder Fransworth, every time I see him he keeps asking what's wrong. Nothing is wrong, nothing is wrong with the work, or my companionship, or even me. But yet I know I need to focus on the Atonement and I need to rely upon it daily. We could all do better at it. That's for sure. We taught Sister Black, we sang the hymn "Our Savior's Love" and invited her to church, last week I asked why she stopped coming. She told us how she was foolish and had gotten offended. We were recently told some information that could have meant that we had to stop seeing her but when we told our Bishop he didn't seem too alarmed. Overall, we still get to met with her. Yah! There is progression there.

Sister Biffle had a crazy weekend. Her neighbors are crazy. We spoke to her about obedience. My first day in Greeley I invited her to quite smoking. She said no. I re-invited her to quite. She didn't say yes but I didn't get a no. Her reply was, "I'll cut back." And I pray she does. She is a great lady with a strong heart, very willing to follow her dreams.

We had dinner with President Brown our mission president. We got to take 2 brand new missionaries with us for the night. So since our appointment canceled we took them street contacting. It was super fun and it was a great experience for both Sister Danz and I. We went on splits to do this because 4 is a huge group. So I took Sister Mauss and spoke with her about what she learned in the MTC, and her fears. Her greatest fear is street contacting. And guess what, she spoke with 10 people!!! She did great. I used to love taking new sisters out because I could return them at the end of the night. Like babysitting. Training is not like babysitting. It's scary still. I make mistakes way too much. I constantly feel like I have a list that's never ending of things to improve on. And it feels very overwhelming. And I don't know how to change that feeling.

Don't get me wrong I love training. I love sister Danz.

Wednesday - District meeting...with a new district leader....Elder Guy is our district leader. He's very nice. It's always weird as a sister, elders don't really talk to you. And being me, that's hard.

After district meeting we had lunch quickly and went to see Sister Walsh. Whose son Joe got a car, guess what that means . . . she will go to church!!! Wooohooo! After sister Walsh, we pulled weeds at the Bode home. It was super great. After that we drove to the middle of nowhere and had dinner with the Martins. They are a great family. They had some family at their home who we didn't know was members (we assumed ) which was right, but we didn't know she and her two kids aren't active. Over all it was a good lesson. I hope that family comes back. (They don't live in our area)

After we visited Christian, who is a return missionary. He's very nice. He's our age, and hates the singles ward. And doesn't come to come...it saddens me to see or hear about missionaries returning home and going less active.

Rm doesn't mean retired missionary.

I have hope one day Cristian will come back, he just has to decide what's important his beliefs or work on Sunday. Or etc.

Thursday - We did flooring for Habitat. It was super fun. It was nice being around other missionaries and getting the task accomplished. I loved it. After our appointment cancelled and we went to our back up and luckily it all worked out.

Sister Cabanaw is super nice. She won't pray in front of us, but she has a super sweet heart. I wont give up. She can say no all she wants to praying and coming to church. I haven't lost faith in her yet. Jennifer cancelled on us....what I mean by cancelling is she stood us up. So we met with her grandparents. They are super nice. Very worried about her. I wish I knew how to be bold and loving in situations like this. You cant not do something and expect someone else to do it.

After our dinner forgot about us, so when we came over she gave us money and told us to go out. So we had Chiptole. It was a good dinner. By the way their tofu is so good!!! After we met with the Randall's and talking about enduring to the end. We invited them to remember the Saviors love and strive to come to know his love through prayer...which is something each of us can do. So I am as well.

We went home at 9 and dehydrated apples for Elder Sell and Elder Board.

Friday -We went to GRC and gave food to Refugees. Its always a nice experience. We then went and had lunch at home, and off to do service again for Sister Wheeler, baby layettes. It was super fun. After we went home and started weekly planning. A never ending thing on Fridays...we always seem to be so busy. It was then time to go see Amanda. Guess what everyone...Amanda is going to girls camp! And to church, her mom said yes! Its a miracle. Keep her
in your prayers!

Debbie made us dinner Sunday night. It was so nice to be out their with her and enjoy dinner. She is a great cook. After our appointment fell through, they decided to drink and told us we would met another night. We then went home and did our 12 hour training because we have been so busy in the morning. We had to pick up some things for the Spanish Elders and some how I got roped into sweeing two pairs of pants he ripped. Good thing my Grandma Peggie taught me how to.

Saturday- We returned their pants on our run to the park and back...they live kind of close. We had breakfast with Bishop it was super good. We then went home to finish weekly planning and finished personal study. Our lunch appointment cancelled on us. We then went to see Jolie a (PI) and she is super sweet. We were able to teach the Restoration and she even told us we can come back. Our dinner fell through so we went to Panda Express. It was good.

After we visited with Ben, it was a good visit and we even got samples of Mary Kay stuff from Susan. We ended the night meeting with Renee. She was a referral from a member and was so happy to met with us. She has the light of Christ and is very in tune with the spirit. Sunday- We had church...and Sister Walsh came, and her son Joe. Amanda came and so did her mom. And Sister Miller. It was so nice. After church we went to the Bradstreets and taught the 10 commandments. After we crashed a 1 year old's birthday party. We got lunch. Moral Of the story, crash parties. haha. We were able to met with the Chavez family, and teach them about how we should have prayer daily and scripture study. And just of how we can receive answers through them. After we had dinner and were able to give a member two Book of Mormons to give away. woohooo!

After we met with the Marsh's and invited hem to come to church next week.

We ended the night by going home to finish updating the rest of the records.

This week has been super long, and hard and looking back now I couldn't pin point why. But I feel everything is fine I mean no one died but this week has been hard to stay focus. And I could hardly sleep. I can't seem to clear my mind. So much is going on here in Greeley. I want to help everyone but feel so inadequate. I know I need to take things one step at a time. I know the only thing I can do is turn things over to Heavenly Father. I know the gospel is real. And the Christ can take everything we are carrying.

I hope each of you has a great 4th of July!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Can't We Get a Win-Win?

Monday- We emailed our families and cleaned....same old same old. And we even went grocery shopping. We were planning on playing soccer with the Elders but the elders wouldn't tell us if President Brown approved this or not. So the only option was to call President Brown ourselves. By this point the Elders had told us a time and everything. Presidents reply was " No, we have been asked not to mix actives." Needless to say we did nothing active. We sat around. Looking back, I wish I would have taken a nap. Next pday maybe. 

We had dinner with the Coleman's it was a good visit, we invited them to be mindful of how the Atonement blesses everyone. They are a lovely family. 

Tuesday - We did some service for a family in the ward. It like the millionth time missionaries have painted inside their home. We ended up being their for 2 hours and had to run home to grab our clothes to change. We hadn't planned on being there so long. My only complaint is when someone knows you are coming to do service and when you show up they are not ready . . . so you stand and wait for like 30mins . . . ugh. But I enjoyed doing service. 

After service we visited sister Black and sang to her. We taught about the sabbath day. I felt impressed to ask why she stopped going to church, she told us it was out of foolishness on her part, and that she had gotten offended. I asked if she would ever come back, she told us maybe one day. Maybe is enough for me to not give up. One thing I firmly believe with missionary work, you  NEVER give up when there is the smallest spark of interest. It's something I learned even as a 16yr old going to lessons with the sisters. And I still stand by that. Firmly. 

Sister Biffle was next, and we taught her as about the sabbath day and invited her to keep it holy, and still invited her to church. She is such a kind lady. Love her. 

After that we visited David. And as much as I love people. I can't stand drunks! I hate drinking, and I'm grateful for the word of wisdom. While we met with David, all he did was complain of how he was kicked out of AA and how he's been binge drinking and needs help....well, for starters put down the beer bottle. I felt very prompted to tell him nothing in his life would change if he continued drinking, and not coming to church. The spirit can't deal in an unholy temple. 

I was very annoyed when we got out of the car. I wanted to help him, but he isn't ready to give up alcohol.

We had dinner with the Bode family, we taught about scripture study and invited them to do their personal study. They are a great family. And we agreed to come and do service this coming week for them. It will be super good. 
We met with the Nortons, and shared the Plan of Salvation. They were very excited about that. Especially since Sister Norton is pregnant. They are a lovely family. I'd love to see them get to the temple. 

Wednesday -We went to meet with a less active and spoke with her about the Atonement and how we need to forgive and rely upon the atonement always. She fed us lunch. It's hard when people are having trouble, and there doesn't feel like there is much we can do. We found out her and her husband aren't speaking. They just got married not to long ago. And they are already talking about separation....what!!! 

I feel like things are falling apart, and yet how other things are falling together.  Not a win win though...but is life ever Win -win?

We did service, and as much as I wanted to focus on what we were doing all I could do was focus on the thoughts in my head about the visit we just came from and how hot it was outside. I want to help them...if anything, I'd say I've learned on my mission, it's that my spirit desires to help people. I guess I've never thought about it. 

We visited the Wasdens for dinner, the kids wanted to watch a church movie...too bad it wasn't pday...might have taken them up on it. Inside we invited them to practice role plays so they could  simply bear testimony to someone in a casual conversation. One of the boys had given away a Book of Mormon, we invited him to the last time we went over. 

After that, we met with the Randall's and taught their last new member lesson. We taught about temples and eternal marriage. We invited them to prepare for the temple. And to read the Proclamation to the Family. It was a great lesson. 

Brother Hinshaw was the last stop before going home. We taught the Plan of Salvation and invited him to church, we addressed his concerns and gave him scriptures to study. I'd love for him to get baptized. Not to have a baptism but because he is so close. 

Thursday - Service for Habitat for humanity, and then we went to make layettes ....busy morning. After, we went and visited the Marion's while trying to contact some less actives. Even though they are active. It was a good place to fill my water bottle. And she feed us lunch.

After lunch we went to see sister Cabanaw and shared a message about the sabbath day. She told us she'd come to church. We had dinner. It was my biggest worry all day....I didn't know how the silent treatment would go at the dinner table. Well luckily we didn't have to deal with it. The husband had a interview and the wife stayed and made us dinner and so forth. It's hard to not tell her what I'm really thinking. Because I want to so bad. 

Friday - we had zone meeting....this fitness goal is such a joke. We are not out here to become body builders, or to lose half our weight....this isn't a goal they should have invited the sisters to be part of. Anyway, they want everyone to send in their numbers concerning body fat, water weight...etc. heck no.

After, our investigator Mike stood us up so we went home to weekly plan. We had a lesson with Amanda and it was an alright visit. She says she won't come to church without her mom....we are praying about not going back...there doesn't seem to be any progression...but it's been going good with her...I mean can you drop a less active? 
I've never had to drop anyone...

Our dinner cancelled, so we went to our bishops house and made a sandwich and ate quickly so we could get going.

 Sadly our next investigator Alfredo stood us up. So our ward mission leader took us out to dinner. Haha and we ran into Mike...he was drunk in the park. 
After dinner we visited with Eli, a less active. It was a good visit. She even told us she'd come to church.

Saturday - we had breakfast with our bishop and taught the plan of salvation, it was a great lesson. Then we went home and had studies. Then we went to Sister Millers and did service, and shared the video Because He Lives. She taught us how we would tell someone about the video in Spanish. 
It was great, I'm aweful at Spanish but I am trying. I want to learn. 

We ended up going to the park and we ran into Marie and we were able to teach her the restoration. It was a great lesson. Marie told us she wants to go to church. We had been street contacting. And found many positive experience...only one negative and that was feisty...we don't know his name. He wasn't too kind. 

After we went to the Randall's for dinner and found out Owen is sick....bronchitis. Poor kid. One thing after another. 

We went to the Marks and taught about the priesthood and etc. he has been pretty down and we aren't to sure how to help. 

Sunday - we went to church, and ended up teaching last minute in Sunday school. After church we got a lot of left over cookies from Father's Day. They had milk and cookies for the men. It was good. Well the cookies were...no milk for me. 

After we saw the Bradstreet's and shared about prayer and scripture study. They are doing so well. After we went to Bryan and Shannon who lived in Ohio, and we taught the restoration. It was the first time they had ever heard it. They've met with missionaries the last 5years and never heard it...my goodness. They did tell us we could come back. Yah! 

After we went to the Vigil's and they made us dinner to go, and we shared a message with them, after was the Campbell's and I finally got to meet Brother Campbell and it was great, he's so kind. After we met with the Chavez family they are super kind, they didn't come to church but next week. After that we picked up dinner we went to the Kingsford's so we could eat (no plates or forks with dinner) we went and it was great. We shared the plan of salvation and it was a great video. And message. 
After we met with Sister Gibson (la) and asked her if her daughter wanted to learn more. And if so if we could have her permission to teach her. She said if she wants to its fine. Pray Nicole wants to. 

Each day was really long this week and with all our efforts we taught 30lessons (la,I,pi, and a) total. 4 less actives came to church....and this week was really great. It's been a great week. Now if our investigators don't keep dropping us. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Finding Through Service

Monday - Our bishop took us to The Egg and it was really good. We spent most of the day at home, though napping, cleaning, and for me to write letters. We even waxed the car for zone conference! It was really good. Sister Danz had never waxed a car, she said "my parents would be so proud of me!" I hope they are. She is a great missionary. We had dinner at the Hulls. They are super great. They had family that lives in Windsor which was really nice. After, we went to see Rachel who hasn't been to church the last 6-7 weeks. It was a good lesson. She told us she would come to church on Sunday. 

Tuesday- Because we had zone conference we had to cancel two of our lessons. ): But we were able to attend our dinner appointment and it was a wonderful experience. We taught what we had learned in this conference. It was on the Atonement and the sacrament and how we can have a more uplifting experience. We were able to met with the Norton family and share the restoration, and invite them to church. Only sister Norton was there, it was good to get to know her. We tried more less-actives only to find no one was interested.

Wednesday- We visited with Ebrina a potential investigator, we shared the restoration, and she was very willing to learn more. She told us she would even be baptized when she came to know these things for herself. She was very excited about reading the Book of Mormon. Sister Black was next and we sang "follow the prophet," the primary hymn. We spoke about how the Lord has called a current prophet and how he has given us them all throughout scriptures. Sister Thomas was next, we spoke with her about keeping the commandments and invited her church, and to read the Book of Mormon. Sister Walsh was next, since she has a hard time reading the scriptures we decided we'd help, so we read 1 Nephi 1, we invited her to church and to read chapter 2 so we could go over it together next week. Also, she made us cookies and they actually weren't so hard we couldn't eat them!!! It was a miracle.

Sister Marsh was next we shared the restoration with her and invited her to come to church, read the scriptures as a family, and to work on improving family prayer. It was a great lesson. I know Heavenly Father helped me to have even a small glimmer of hope for her coming to church on Sunday. We had dinner with a new family in the ward, the Mortonson family, who isn't related to the ones in my last ward . . . but they do know them. Dinner was great, at the end I got to hold a bunny they found in the yard during dinner. We invited them to pray for missionary experiences. Also in the middle of the closing prayer I had the prompting to ask if brother Mortonson would be willing to come with us to a lesson that night at 8pm. Especially since half the ward is out of town, and it was youth conference week. So the bishopric was gone as well. Luckily he said he'd love to.

Then we had to go to our next lesson, we met with the Randall's and since we had to make it quick we only taught about family history. They seemed very willing to do so. After, we met with the Hinshaw's and brother Mortonson came! Crazy thing though is brother Mortonson knew the family from work, (I hadn't even made the connection of work with the families.) they spoke for a while and it was truly amazing. We invited him to be baptized he didn't say yes, but he didn't say no. It's the first time I've ever had someone not say yes. When we invited him to church he told us he didn't want to lead on his wife (She is a less-active). It would be great if he could receive an answer for himself.

Thursday- Service at Habitat Build. It was super fun. I enjoy doing service....but this is the first transfer I've had where we've done some much service with Elders. Nothing against them, it's just weird doing so many things with them in a sense. I like only seeing them one, maybe two days a week.

We met with Jennifer and invited her to church. Now she is talking about moving in with her boyfriend. A lot of the things she says reminds me of some people I know. I wish I knew how to help her but as I'm typing this I've had some thoughts. So we'll see what happens next week.

We went to meet with another less active but she was asleep but her less-active 30 year old daughter let us in, so we sat down, and I flat out said "I don't really know much about you, could you tell us about you." And she did. Our mission was fulfilled, we got her last name (it's different that her families) and now we can have her records put in the ward. We shared the restoration with her and invited her to church. She sounded like she wanted to come. After, we tried some less actives. Only 300 more to go!

We found one had moved, but someone else was living in his home, and was painting, so we volunteered to help. He told us to come back the next day. We had dinner with the Pfau family. They are super cute. We invited them to improve their personal prayers and as a family. They agreed. Next, we met with Ben and Susan. We discussed prayer and scripture study. At the end, we invited them to have meaningful scripture study, and to make their studies more regular. They both agreed.

Friday - Always a busy day, and somehow never enough time. We did service in the morning and then because we finished early we started weekly planning at a donut place. It was pretty distracting so we sat outside Starbucks. And that wasn't too bad. We only wrote in our scheduled events for the week. Our 1:30 cancelled but it worked out, because it gave us time to go back to Eric and Jessica's and paint. We are the first set of missionaries they have ever met before. We had enough time to paint 2 walls with 2 coats. They were very grateful, and very surprised when we showed up to help. It's amazing how in today's world when people keep their word it's surprising. After, we met with Amanda and it wasn't our best appointment, her mom was in the room, Amanda is very quick to snap harsh things at her mom. She is going to be a sophomore in the fall, and she wants to go to DUKE when she graduates, her mom wants her to go to BYU. So they snapped at each other for a while about it. Ugh.

We had dinner with Sister Macfarlane. She's a lovely lady. We spoke with her about enduring to the end. And what we could do to make it a more pleasant journey. And had her list off ways we endure. And invited her to improve one of them in her life.

We finished the evening weekly planning.

Saturday - We had studies. And went and did service. I've learned how much jobs and being on a mission have helped me even more to speak with people. After, we tried meeting with less actives. We found a drunk man in his yard with his friends we were able to get them pass along cards, he's very passionate about the Savior. After, we met with the Sweiglards and shared the restoration with two lovely ladies. Then we went to a nursing home to meet sister Heiman. She has dementia so she doesn't remember a lot and she has never truly been all there. We were able to speak with her and her roommate Andrea about the atonement. They asked for study material so we told him we would bring them some things to study. We ended up meeting with sister Miller and spoke with her about enduring to the end and invited her to come to church and do what heavenly father has asked her to do. We had dinner with the Carrillos, and invited them to do missionary work and look for people they know who could benefit from this message. They invited us to go and visit Sylvia. We received a referral!

We ended the night meeting with Brother Mark. Since no one was home but him we had to meet outside and it was raining. It was a quick lesson but we spoke about missionary work and service. We invited him to come to church and to encourage those around him to follow the Savior and for him to focus on helping them. We then came home to finish updating records.

Sunday - We went to church and it was a great experience especially since our Zone Conference about sacrament. It was a lot easier to think of the Savior. We had missionary correlation after church, it was very quick. Which was good, because after church was a very packed day. We had 2 dinners and we had other things we needed to get done. We had dinner with the Checketts who are new in our ward, we invited them to do missionary work. We also had dinner with Sister Meik, who we live with. We spoke with her about the Atonement and invited her to rely more upon it. We also meet with the Bradstreet's and reminded them of the promises we make at baptism. After, we met with brother Mark, he wasn't at church and we shared my favorite scripture: Doctrine and covenants 84:88

"And whoso receiveth you, there I will be also, for I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up."

We aren't sure what's going on, but I haven't felt as impressed as I did at that time to share that scripture.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Tornato and Endurance

Monday - Sister Danz and I had a very enjoyable p-day. We went shopping since I hit an anniversary point in my mission. So I used the money Grandma Peggie sent me to buy a new skirt.

Tuesday - We had studies. Like always, I learned A LOT about enduring to the end. And what that really requires us to do. Here is what I learned:

  • You can learn to endure to the end in many ways. 
  • You can learn to endure as you repent and, with faith in Christ, strive to overcome the things of the world. 
  • You learn to endure when you bridle your passions and put the things of God first in your lives. 
  • You learn to endure when you keep your covenants.
  • Enduring means to remember that you have taken the name of Christ upon you and that you will always remember Him and keep His commandments.
  • Enduring means to serve God, to bless others temporally and spiritually. You are aware of other people, see their needs, and respond immediately to alleviate their burdens and serve them in the way the Savior would. 
  • Enduring means learning how to preach the gospel always, “to stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all things, and in all places that [you] may be in” until the end of your lives.Enduring means to stand in holy places, come what may, so that you will always have the Spirit to be with you wherever you are.
  • Enduring means to be valiant in the testimony of Jesus Christ, to follow the Savior and keep His commandments, to give everything to build the Church, including making necessary sacrifices to strengthen your family, to attend the temple, to do family history and missionary work, and to reach out to those who are struggling.
  • Enduring means to sanctify yourselves, to “come unto Christ, and be perfected in him, and deny yourselves of all ungodliness” (Moroni 10:32).

I'm so grateful for this gospel and the joy it brings to each of us.

After studies, we did service at Sister Kingsford's. Her garden was covered in weeds so we got them out. Then we had lunch with them. And had just enough time to go see Sister Black, we invited her to read the general conference talks, she was pretty happy about it, we even gave her a copy of the Ensign with them in it. She won't come to church but we won't stop inviting. We miss her. And we love her. And so do many others. After that, we visited Sister Biffle where we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and invited her to improve on one of those principles. She won't be able to come to church because of her husbands health. But I truly believe she would come if he was healthy. She has such a strong testimony.

We had dinner with Sister Pringles and spoke her about repentance. It's amazing to hear her testimony. She is such a strong beautiful woman. After, we met with two potential investors at Starbucks. Antonio and Michael were very nice. We had a lot of difference in religion, but in the end it was all enjoyable visit. One huge prayer of mine was answered, no Bible bashing happened! Woo! We never had a chance to do Mormon.org so it didn't happen this week.

Wednesday - we had a lovely morning, district meeting was very enjoyable. We learned how to use "how to begin teaching" and learned just how much better we need to be at it, all of us. It made me grateful.

After district meeting, we had lunch and our sister training leaders called us to check on us. I guess we will have a weekly phone call like that. It's kind of nice but I'd rather be out working than doing a private phone call. Oh well. After it was over, we visited Sister Walsh and spoke with her about faith. In this lesson, she told us how she can't go to church because of all the pain she is in. I felt very prompted to tell her if she would come to church the pain would go away (she didn't come) but I know the spirit told me to tell her! I hope one day she will come.

We visited with Sister Cabanaw and taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ and invited her to church, and as much as she keeps saying she wants to come . . . actions speak a lot louder than words. Dinner, well, they cancelled on us, so I called around and eventually the Hulls answered and said they would feed us, they were very nice and we spoke with them about Obedience.

After, we had a new member lesson with the Randall's a member came with us, and the member who came had a very strong testimony about missionary work, and service, and how we are able to teach each other at church. One thing I'm a firm believer in: there is always someone who needs to hear something you have to say and flip-flopped. We all need each other.

Thursday - Now, because district meeting is on Wednesday, we can do service Thursday morning at Habitat for Humanity, I love it! It's one of my favorite service projects. After service we got to try finding a few less-actives and try to figure out who lives where. And who is even interested. We even tried a little tracting. I love tracting but I feel there is a better use of our time. But, in order to develop referrals you must do it some way (if members aren't giving them to you). That is what President Hinkley said in 1999. So after tracting, we went to Sister Millers, she is teaching us Spanish. She is a Spanish teacher. It is kind of fun. I've picked up a bit. Although when we share a message it's in Spanish. I can teach God is our loving Heavenly Father in Spanish  . . . roughly. I still need some practice.

We met with Jennifer, who did want to go on a mission at one point and now has no desire to even come to church because of all these different things. One of which being her boyfriend. She is a very nice young lady. We taught her the plan of salvation. And invited her to come to church and to be mindful of how the atonement can change her and her family as she does what Heavenly Father needs her to do. We then tracked for about 30 mins, with not much luck. But we had dinner with the Weavers. It was a great dinner. No dairy. Thank goodness. We taught on missionary work and invited them to do it and pray for opportunities to do so. That night, the weather was really bad, but we were trying to contact some less actives who told us to come back ,but when we came back they didn't answer. But one did. Sadly we were under a tornado watch so needless to say, after about 5-10 mins inside they asked us to go home for our safety. (It was 8:30ish) and we went home. Better be safe than sorry. We planned for the next day, and went to bed.

Friday - The house didn't get thrown somewhere else like in the Wizard of Oz. We had a lovely time going for a run the next morning. The sister in Berthoud sent us a video of the tornado that they saw. But sadly/luckily we never saw one. We got a different car because our car had plastic hanging down from it. So we are back to having a red car: better than bikes. We also got a referral and we were able to contact her. Courtney was super nice, we shared the restoration with her and even had a return appointment. We had time to come home, weekly plan and then we had to go to see Amanda and Emily came with us. After, we had a short lunch break 15 mins at Inta Juice. They are really good. Lots of dairy free options. After Amanda we had dinner with the Richardson family, pizza. And we taught the kids about exercising faith in Jesus Christ. After, we met with Ben and shared the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is very nice. He has been to church the last few weeks. Which is great!

Saturday- We were able to do service for Judy Brown. She has the horse rescue. It's so fun. She still has the four horses. I love horses. Then we walked back to our ward mission leader's house, and had lunch. It was super nice. Debbie (his wife) made us ribs, and lots of other great foods. I told Debbie if she keeps cooking good foods every time I come, I'll end up living there. After, we had time to drive back to town and tract for about 30 mins or so until we had dinner. While tracting we found a man named David. He was very nice. We were able to set up a return appointment. We were so excited. On the way to dinner Courtney sent us a message and told us she is a satanist and isn't interested. saddest part of my day. The Vigils feed us dinner, and we were able to share the Restoration, sister Vigil asked if we could ever come and met with just her. Of course! After dinner we went to the Marks. And the Weavers came. (Our lesson helped, they did missionary work) the Marks were so happy that they came with us. After the Marks we tried to visit lots of different people but no luck.

Sunday - Fast Sunday, and ward counsel, church and missionaries correlation. 5 hours of church all together. When we got to church our ward mission leader asked us to teach gospel principles. With no preparation. We pulled it off. Not sure how. After church we didn't take a lunch hour but I wish we had for a nap but we didn't have time. It's a miracle we fit studies in on Sunday. After studies we visited the Bradstreet's and it was a great visit. I love them. After we had dinner with sister Pringle, we taught on Obedience, and how great it is that we are given commandments to help us grow, and reasons why we should be obedient. After we got into the Chavez families home, and were able to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. And invite them to come next week.

We spent some time contacting less actives and found the Gibson family, they are super sweet, but not very engaged. But they told us we can come back. Great things are happening even if it doesn't look that way. I mean we taught 24 total lessons this week only 6 of those were active people and that was at dinner, and our gospel principles class. 16 less active lesson. And even if the referral didn't work out, a seed was planted.

If any of you are interested go read the talk "Find the lambs, Feed my sheep " by President Hinkley

Monday, June 1, 2015

Cookies For Being Late!

Monday: We went on an adventure. We had to e-mail on our iPads. Which was fun. I mean  . . . personally I didn't love it. I'd much rather go to the library and email weekly. Which I guess defeats the purpose of having these! After, we cleaned and did laundry. We then wanted to go on a adventure walk but decided at the last minute to go on walk in downtown Greeley. Which was fun. After, we had dinner at CafĂ© Mexacali with the Hulls. We then went to see Sister Hatch, the relief society president and share with her any information we had on sisters in the ward and so forth. We then tried to contact a family on the roster and found out that they had moved 2 years before, and the address we had was out dated. So we volunteered to do service since the brother we met was moving out this week. We then set up a time to come back. We tried another less-active, only to find out we can't see very well in the dark. But we met Antonio and he told us he'd love to met with us, he's very religious and loves studying the gospel.

 Tuesday: We started off our day with studies and did family history for a hour. We visited sister black and sang Let the Holy Spirit guide. We shared a scripture from Doctrine and Covenants Section 11:12-14. We keep inviting her to church . . . maybe one day she'll come. We then visited another sister and spoke with her about the Plan of Salvation. She is smart and knows the whole thing. We keep inviting her to church but she still can't come, but she will one day. We had dinner with the Bode family. Those kids are super sweet and are a really just a great family. After dinner we spent The rest of our evening contacting less actives.

Wednesday: We did service for Sister Wheeler making baby layettes. We then helped her deliver them and had lunch downtown in Greeley at an American Grill it was super fun and it was really good to get to know Sister Wheeler better. We then went and did service for a less-active that's moving, we helped paint the house so he could put it on the market this month. And we were able to get an address to move his sister's records to her new area so the missionaries can meet with her there. We then tried to contact another family but they weren't home so we talked to their neighbors, Lydia and Victoria. We shared the message of the restoration they told us to come that we were able to give them a book of Mormon and a Bible. In the closing prayer Lydia prayed saying, "thank you for sending me these girls I know it must be a sign."

We had dinner with the Kingsford's and shared with them a message about temples and family history and invited them to do family history as a family. They are such a sweet family. And their daughter Emily wants to serve a mission really bad. She is 16 now. But already she has the desire to go for the right reasons. After, we visited the Randall's and sadly we were late. So we had to make the new member lesson short. Because we had another appointment. We felt so bad . . . and we should have been on time. I hate being late! Then, our 8 o'clock appointment forgot we were coming! And we even had a member coming to this lesson. So instead of us each going our own ways we decided to go visit a struggling family. And met with them. It was nice to hear them open up. You can't help someone if they don't tell you their problems.

Thursday: we were on exchanges. I was with Sister T. We were biking, and Heavenly Father answered a lot of prayers, I was so nervous. I might have a phobia of bikes -just a tiny fear. So since we were biking I didn't make any plans since it's a 30 minute bike ride just into our area. And I thought it might take a little longer. And it was so hot. So the first place we stopped was at Sister Walsh's and luckily she got back 10 mins before we showed up, what a miracle. We spoke with her about the Plan of Salvation. And it was interesting, she didn't bring up ISIS. First time that's not happened! But she asked a interesting question....do people in heaven (pre-earth life) mourn when we leave to come to Earth? It was the first time she's ever asked a question like that. I'm really not sure on the answer but personally I think they are happy. They want us to succeed. But I'm not sure the church has a stand point on this. After, we visited the Marsh family and shared a message on the Atonement. They are having a tough time. And some days I wish people could see just how much the gospel can bless us, and our families. They are a great family. then we biked over to the Thomas's. That was interesting. Brother Thomas (non-member) was very engaged. They are a "wiser" couple (probably in their late 80's). We spoke with him about family history. I can't express to anyone how much doing family history before my mission has blessed me now. Then we biked to McDonalds and met Jennifer there. We invited her to met with us weekly since she's told us she can't come to church because of work. Jennifer reminds me a lot of myself at 16. But she agreed to meet with us. We had dinner with the Bagley family. And I guess I learned a important lesson: they love family history and when people can talk more me, don't bring up topics they feel so passionate about! Also, don't tell people you don't have a appointment right after dinner or they make it harder to get out. But they picked us up, and drove us to their home for dinner, then talked a long time. We shared a message, and they drove us back to our bikes. We then went to CeCee's house and she allowed us to share a quick plan of salvation lesson. It was so nice. She wasn't home when we first got their but her son was, he was really nice. He got us cold water and a Cliff protein bar. It defiantly made it better. So her son left to get his sister from practice so we could sit inside the home, and waited for them to get back. It was very nice. Then Sister Pringles picked us up, and gave us a ride home. It was a good end to a day.

Friday: we had district meeting, which we were late to....(by like 5 mins) but we were late because we were doing service. And we couldn't do service earlier because we had our extra hour of studies. So after district meeting we went to Sonic because Sister Danz has never been, and it was her 1 month mark! Emily came with us, and then went to see Amanda. It was fun. After, we had dinner, and the GPS got us lost. So we were late. On the bright side, we only had weekly planning after. So luckily, our dinner appointment wasn't angry and we were able to spent the rest of the day doing weekly planning.

Saturday: is a special day, it's the day we get ready for Sunday . . . And as missionaries we keep working. We started our morning with breakfast with our bishop's family. After, we tried to contact some less actives members, and with no luck. We came home to finish our studies and have lunch. Then we visited Julie and invited her to church, we also brought cookies because we were late days before. And an apology note. Luckily, all was well. And we then tried to contact more less actives. Only to find most have all moved. After, we visited the Vigil's and got in to see her, which never happens. I mean we see the dad but never her. Before dinner we tried more less actives, and we were near the home of a potential so we stopped by. They happened to be home and invited us in since it was raining. Then we had dinner with the Driscolls, who forgot they were feeding us, but it all worked out. That night, we met with the Marks and had a lesson on the word of wisdom and 10 commandments. It was the best lesson we've had in a couple weeks. We met with Ben after and it was good. By the end of the day we delivered cookies to every person we were late to or we felt we needed to drop some off to.

Sunday: Well, what a day! One of the less-actives who came to church, whose ex-wife is in the ward (recent move in), well, his first Sunday back, she and her new husband were speaking in sacrament! We felt bad. But at the same time, it could be worse. I remember one time I was walking in Walmart with Lauren and she asked me why I hated a movie, and I told her because on of my ex's loved it . . . she told me that's not a way to live. And I totally agree. And the reason I bring this up is because you can't allow someone else to stop you from living, enjoying certain activities, and etc. After church we came home to have studies, and lunch, and it was nice. I feel their is much I've been able to get out of my studies this week. We met with the Bradstreet's and shared a message about the gospel of Jesus Christ. They loved it. The Marion's fed us dinner. But I loved getting to know them better. After, we had a lesson with the Chavez family, second time we've ever gotten in. Hopefully things get better.

Llet me tell you quickly, I hate bugs!!!! Luckily we have 2 cans of Off spray. Sadly, we didn't have them in the car. So we knocked on a less actives door, and we had to share a message on the porch . . . it was so bad! The bugs were eating us alive. On the bright side, we learned to use the stinky spray. 

This week I was studying about John the Baptist and some things I really like are that he was dedicated, lived differently then the world, taught simply, and knew what his mission was. I love that I have been out 9 months to the day (June 1st)! I am thankful it has been so easy to have this focus so later when I'm home I can even better!