Tuesday, July 26, 2016

"Therefore they hushed their fears..."

As many of you may know, I overthink, stress over everything and worry about everything. Before I came home from the mission, in my departing interview my  mission President directed me to Mosiah chapter 23. We read it together and talked briefly about it. 
Now I've been home 3 months...2 transfers. And I often find a few of the verses from this chapter coming to mind. 
"Nevertheless the Lord seeth fit to chasten his people; yea he trieth their patience and their faith. 
Nevertheless whosoever putteth his trust in him the same shall be lifted up at the last day. Yea and thus it was with this people." Verses 21-22
I know this may sound crazy but I'm grateful for the hard times I've experienced. Maybe like most not in the moment. Even just lately reflecting on the past lately it's nice to think of just how great it is that the Lord trust each of us. I've never met someone who didn't experience a trial. 
So times are hard and sometimes we have to think about Peter and his experience walking on water and it wasn't easy when he lost his focus he slipped. I think its fair to say we EACH often lose our focus. We often forget what maters most. There is a quote that says "Diligently doing what matters most will lead us to the Savior of the World." 
We have so many distractions in our life and we spend a lot of time wasting time. I know I do. I also know at time its "easier" to stress about something  than it is to remember in the moment to take it to the Lord.
"For behold I will show unto you that they were brought into bondage and none could deliver them but the Lord their God, yea, even the god of Abraham and Isaac and of Jacob." Verse 23
Later Alma goes forth and reminds them to turn to the Lord. The next scripture is one of my many favorites..
"Therefore they hushed their fears and began to cry unto the Lord that he would soften the hearts of the Lamanites, that they spare them, and their wives and their children." Verse 28
They asked to not have them or their families killed and yet they were praying the people who brought them into bondage would  have their hearts softened. Not sure I'm good at that myself I think bondage for us today might be different then people in the scriptures. Example: Do we allow the natural man to control us? 
I love that they hushed their fears because of the faith they had in the Lord. How great is it that our  faith can not  only heal us but protect and save us. 
"And it came to  pass that the Lord did soften the hearts of the Lamanites....."Verse 29
"And the Lamanites had compassion on Amulon and his brethren and did not destroy them because of their wives." Verse 34
Heavenly Father is there for us, He loves us and truly does want us to be happy. And I know he doesn't want us to live in fear, and although we will have our moments, he is there for us and has given of the gift of the Holy Ghost. Our will may not and often isn't the same will the Lord has for us. But we can "...submit cheerfully and with patience  to all the will of the Lord." Mosiah 24:15
"Be of good comfort, for on the morrow I will  deliver you out of bondage." Mosiah 24:16
But if we stay with Christ at the center of our lives and shape our lives around Him within our, others will see him within us. Often times life won't be easy some  curve balls get thrown our way and sometimes we have to make tough decisions but I know we are not in this life alone. That in and of itself gives me so much comfort. We may make many mistakes but when we fall we should even then know the Lord will help us just as he did with Peter.  
"But when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink, he cried saying, Lord save me. And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand and caught him...." Matthew 14:30-31
We can do it, everything we have the power to do it with our Heavenly Father. And oh how true I know that to be. But we truly can't do everything, not without him. I need Him, we all do. 

I thought I'd share a couple of my thoughts, feel free to  add your thoughts in the comment section. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

When The Best 18 Months Are Over....

And you know there isn't any going back...
 What Happens Next......
I still think constantly about the people from my mission...its always going through my head, the events and lessons taught and so on.
What The Hardest Parts
 Its weird being alone often. That was hard for me coming home and sleeping in a room alone, not reading text messages aloud, or talking on speaker on the phone with every call...Most of my mission I was waiting for the moment I could be alone and not have someone breathing over my shoulder...I used to  love being alone. But now when I was alone I realized how alone I really feel sometimes...needless to say I don't like waiting around doing nothing alone all day.
Everything felt so different when I got home-Still does. When I first got home I  was in Kentucky I didn't unpack and had no desire to, I lived out of my suitcases for 5 days...Then I left to South Carolina. When we got in it was late at night...I felt I should unpack...everyone was asleep. The whole time unpacking I cried wishing I could go back to the mission. I knew I couldn't go back. My time being a full time missionary was over. It was that night I realized while praying that my mission wasn't over, it wasn't over when the stake president extended the official release. On the mission I had read somewhere from about how the mission is to prepare us for our eternal one. So here I was at 12 am being reminded of a lesson I learned months earlier. It was a powerful moment of being reminded by the spirit. I love how the Holy Ghost brings stuff to our remembrance.

What Have I Been Up Too
As most of you know I got sealed to my mom and dad in the Louisville, Kentucky temple. It was a lovely day. And I couldn't be more grateful for that experience. Since I've been off the mission I've been trying my best to find ways to stay connected with them and building and strengthening relationships with them. I literally just want nothing more than to love, trust, and to be able to see them as Christ sees them. I'm grateful for the journey it’s taken to get us to where we are now. It’s time to work together for this eternal family. If we want this to work that is.

The 8 yr old &  I
  Why was I in South Carolina you ask...well I was there to nanny while Lauren did her internship. I can't post the kids names online anywhere or pictures where you can see their faces...but they are 4,6,8 yrs old. And I love these 3 kids with all my heart. On days where it was a struggle to get out of bed, and on days I wanted nothing to do with anyone, these kids would say or do something that would just soften my heart. I know now why I was in South Carolina and it wasn't just to watch these kids or to cook  them lunch it was so they could heal my heart. And to help me see first hand what it means to love someone fully. Kids do it so perfectly. And yes none of us are perfect and even these kids have battles they are fighting but I know the battles I was facing internally they helped me overcome. 

Last Night In SC

While in Clemson I met some really great YSA's and the sister missionaries were amazing. And although I didn't get close to all of the YSA's. I couldn't be more grateful for the ones I did get to know. I know some of them are miles away from me right now but they have said some amazing things to me, reminding me of who I am and just supporting me so much. Girls and guys,I met a lot of great  people there. I loved South Carolina -it was the hardest thing  having to  leave there. 

At A Visitor Center
 The road trip was great. I couldn't have been more grateful for it.  Or for the Hardy's bringing me out to Utah. They have been so good to me. It was nice to be able to stop at a couple church historical sites and even to be able to have so many spiritual witnesses that this next step is one I am to take. I was taught so much on this trip. And spending time in the car gives you a lot of time to think. And it was nice to  be able to just relax. 
I know my mission is over, and so is my short chapter of my life in SC, I just hope it's not one that is blinked and missed in 20 yrs. Life may never be easy for me but I've decided it's better that way. If it was easy  it wouldn't be worth it. Adjusting has become my middle name.  Not one I love. But I know just as well as the next person that Christ suffered for each  and  everyone of us. And He will never forget us. What a very special thing to remember. We are loved. Known by name, The whole road trip I was sick, and crying over things didn't help. But the point is, even though I felt alone....I knew I wasn't and I could still feel God's love. When I got to  Utah I got a job right away...which I'm trying to figure out. I'm still interviewing places. I know  things will work out. Just like they always have. Just think who would have thought I'd be where I am now? I surely didn't especially at 16. The gospel of Jesus Christ is all about becoming better. And following Christ example. Plus so much more. But I just know we are special. And even if some days suck we can overcome those days. Look at me, I mean I made it.
Back In Utah

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Week 81..But whose counting?

Last Week on The Mission

So The Post many have been waiting, over a month for. 
If you've read many of my adventures over the course of these 18 months you'd know by now its been really hard and filled with many tears, smiles, and so much more that I could never have the time to tell you everything. And you'd only want to hear the positive anyways. But truth is I would never have become who I am currently without EVERYTHING. I couldn't be more grateful for ALL those tears. The tears taught me to love those happy moments. If you thought my first transfer was hard or me leaving in the first place imagine when I left to come home...

 My last full week...it never felt real. Like I had these moments where I would be in the car telling myself that I needed to prepare myself for saying good bye -lets face it I suck at it still. And its like my heart would all of a sudden just not feel. Luckily this time I can be in control of when I see everyone again. 

Jody, Sis Guy, and I 
Smith's & Missionaries

Monday started out as a normal pday. We did spend some of our pday making my favorite treat- homemade cinnamon rolls! They were so great! I couldn't have been happier and Jody is such an amazing lady. Shes not a member but she has a light that's shines and her desire to serve, and her love for others is so evident. 
We had dinner with the Smiths. It was so nice. I really love them. We spoke with them about enduring to the end. It was nice to speak with the RM who had served here before and get to hear some of his advice about going home. It was helpful. It wasn't anything new. But think of the Book Of Mormon, did it ever hurt anyone to read all those times where the prophet asked and told them to "Remember."  I don't think it hurt.  


So the Gaylen's are another amazing family here in Alliance. While here we have developed a strong relationship with them, we give a lesson and play Yahtzee. A goal I have in life is to beat Brother Gaylen at Yahtzee - I'm always so close!! They have such great faith in Christ. 
Hermana Areno, Ben & I

Tuesday was a normal day full of missionary
 work. We gave service and taught some lessons. 
In our lesson with Ben  we set a return appointment for Thursday. 
Tuesday was not planned to be a goodbye day.
But at the end of our lesson with Ben I felt we should get a picture. 
Our lesson with Ben was amazing! It was on The Gospel Of Jesus Christ. I know Ben has been a miracle for me while I've been here in Alliance. He's been so prepared. His heart is so soft and he just sponges up everything we share. 

    Our lesson with Gabby and Bryce was so so good! Those kids have such an amazing understanding of the gospel and they desire to learn. I've met a lot of kids on the mission,
Bryce, Gabby & I
very few have I seen so well behaved and willing to do the reading without mommy and daddy making them or doing it with them. These two kids inspire me to be better. 

Wednesday was a rough day filled with many tears. During studies we got a call asking us to pack our bags! Talk about a freak out  moment, I mean I wasn't aware I was leaving Alliance before Monday...
Our whole day was thrown in the air and it felt like nothing was going to work out now...so we tried to stay claim...(not my middle name that's for sure! )We were able to get the word out that we were leaving, BOTH of us. And Elders were coming in. ( That part Didn't bother me ) It was hard saying goodbye to the people in Alliance and not having much a clue as to what was to come. We had lunch with some of the people who helped me over come so much while in Alliance. (I wish I had taken a photo.) 
The most tender moment was when the O'Learys asked us to come over and say goodbye. We had just barely met them the week before but it felt as though we had known them for ever. That's how I felt anyways. The spirit is so strong in there home. I am grateful I was there for the beginning of this journey. They helped me to see that my testimony of the Savior and his Atonement has grown. I felt the Saviors love for them so strong that night. I know things happened the way they did for a reason that day. 
My comp, Sister Weaver & I

Somehow we made it through the day and were packed and ready to leave Thursday morning. Our last goodbye -well they are always the hardest! This one was incredibly hard. It finally felt real! -At least that I was leaving Alliance- I grew to love this town.  I made it through leaving Alliance. 
I went to Johnstown,Co and spent my last 5 days there. 

Elianna, Sis T, Sis M & I

I was companions with Sister T and Sister Malekamu -(Again!) Good thing we are friends. 
I had my departing interview with President Brown. It was an amazing experience. At the beginning of my mission I was nearly terrified to breath being in the same room as him, now 
I'm sitting in a rocking chair feeling relaxed and laughing with President Brown. Crazy what 18 months can do to you! I've come to love President Brown and truly see just how inspired He is.
Departing Missionaries 

He is an amazing man. I wouldn't be who I am now without My Mission President & His wife, you aren't assigned to an area but to them. I know they helped me so much the last year and a half. I'm so grateful for President & Sister Brown, they never gave up on me and they kept having faith that somehow through all my struggles I'd become something better. They taught me to love
Denver Temple 
everyone and stay focused on the Savior. In my departing interview I had things I wanted to say and ask but didn't. And somehow the things I didn't say, He said, and the questions I didn't ask were answered and I can't explain it. But I know Heavenly Father guided that interview. I was asked to do some things when I had gotten home. And since this post is long over due I can say I've done those things...(I'll write another post about that.) 

My last Friday in the mission, we went to the temple. It was such a lovely experience. Especially since each of us was searching for peace and answers and council from above. 
Temple Pic

My last Monday we had a normal pday I guess you could say. Trying to get everything together and ready and then helping Sister T get done what she needed to for her pday since she wasn't coming home. She was very good at keeping us on schedule. I was grateful in the end I'd already left Alliance, and was done with goodbyes.  

I want everyone to know I know Christ lives. I know Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers. I know He loves us so so much. I know the Book Of  Mormon is such a powerful book. I know that through that very book we can grow closer to our Savior and Father in Heaven. I know that the Gospel Of Jesus Christ is a cycle to continually be in, its not a matter of gaining faith and repenting once and moving on. Its a daily and even moment by moment cycle to be in. I know that Christ is our perfect example to look to. I know we have a Father in Heaven who loves us and truly sees our divine potential and will do anything to help us reach it. We are truly his children, friends. Even though we make mistakes we can change, we can over come the past. 
"Keep trying, keep believing..." 
We can do this, we truly can return back to live with our Father in Heaven. So lets help each other to keep progressing. WE are all in this to together. I love you each. I'm grateful for your love, encouragement and support. 

Yours truly, 
Sister Burden

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

One Week Left!

What happened this last week, well Monday we started with going to the Zoo in Scottsbluff. In which I realized how much I love Tigers. (Second favorite animal) I even got a selfie with the Tiger. And we went to Chimney Rock and the wind was crazy so I had to send the photo anyways so you can all understand Nebraska wind. Guess that's what I get for taking my hair down. Oh well.

We had Zone Meeting in Cheyenne so traveling was fun. We took a picture of the sisters and a zone one but I love our Sisters. I have missed not being an STL, I always loved being with the other Sisters and getting to know them. They are each so wonderful for many different reasons! I learned so much from each sister. I have gained so many friendships over the last 18months serving and loving those around me.

We had the opportunity to paint at the Cardio. It was so fun! Painting is my favorite service project. I love giving service, it gives me time to think of others but also to think through my own thoughts...sometimes as a missionary I feel all my others are about helping others, I even feel selfish at times thinking about myself. But at this point in my mission its hard to not think about everything and everyone and home. It still doesn't feel real.

This last week we met with Gabby (one of the 9 year old investigators) and we asked her why she wanted to be baptized she told us, "Because I want to live with God again" it was the cutest thing ever. Gabby is a very shy kid and thinks very long when asked questions but she says the most profound things.

We also met with Little this week and taught him about Sabbath day, scripture study, prayer, and obedience. It was cute....Little said "I don't think I should play video games on Sunday..Do you have a piece of paper?" Me "I have a sticky note" He then took it and wrote on it 'I will not play video games on Sunday' he ran out of the room and came back, and said "I had to put it on my xbox so I can keep the Sabbath day holy, that's what I need to do!"

It was so cute!! I love kids so much! They are so close to Heaven, I truly believe it!

I love being a missionary. I'm so very grateful for this amazing opportunity I've been blessed with. Yesterday I had the opportunity to fast and we had our Fast & Testimony meeting, and I bore my testimony, it was amazing to think of where I was 18 months ago to now. And even to where I was in 2014.

I've loved accomplishing goals and expanding my goals and view of life. I know I have a purpose. I am on this Earth for a reason and plan to do something incredible. And now is my time, each and every day to do something to make that plan come to pass. I feel as I've come to know the gospel better for myself I've started to see the world as if its a whole new world. I love it!!

Friday, April 8, 2016

To Love as Christ Loves

This week has been well one of a kind.

Monday's are the typical...same old same ole' funny how we get into those kind of patterns with our lives... Laundry, shopping, emailing, that's about all we ever do.

Tuesday, we spent most of our day helping get things together for new beginnings.

I have learned a lot this transfer from being with my companion. Honestly I'm not sure how Christ or Heavenly Father love all of us to be honest, sometimes loving myself is hard enough....loving my companion is sometimes even harder. But yet Christ is the perfect leader and he loves us all collectively but individually as well, and perfectly at that. Some days I truly wish I could see things His way, maybe then I could understand. It's crazy because I can love a stranger but sometimes those closest to me I struggle with. The mission has taught me that it's okay to be independent but that we will all be dependent to some degree-hopefully always with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ....and how even with those around us we need them as much as they need us. I remember once when I was about 16, one of the sister missionaries and I were talking as we drove down the street she was saying "everyone desires to be loved and to love" I remember telling her I didn't need anyone to love me-stubborn 16yr old self...lol...I look at my short life up to this point and I know I wouldn't be here if others hadn't loved me helped me have a glimpse of my potential. I know now that it is true.

We had a snow day. So new beginnings got cancelled. We cleaned and began painting at the Cardio (town gym) it was also Abby Henries bday!! So happy late bday!

District meeting was so good. After we had lunch at Wendy's with the Sidney sisters! Our dinner was stuck in there home so we crashed someone else's dinner and ate with them. I truly love that family! We spent an hour waiting in the waiting room at the hospital. So my companion could met with a doctor, do a blood test and everything to only be told she's dying or cancer.....jk sorry I know that's not funny but she was told she has allergies. -her symptoms just don't match up all the way.

Friday we drove to Scottsbluff because my companion wanted a blessing.

Saturday and Sunday was general conference. We spent Saturday morning trying to set up to watch it, listen to it on the iPad, to bad the wifi sucks so we missed the first hour. We were late to every session of conference. But my testimony was strengthened. I'm now trying to figure out what I need to do for the next 6 months of my life, goals, and etc. I had a lot of favorite things about conference....

Elder Holland

"Keep trying. Keep trusting. Keep believing. Keep growing. Heaven is cheering you on today, tomorrow, and forever."

President Monson

"As we contemplate the decisions we make in our lives each day—whether to make this choice or that—if we choose Christ, we will have made the correct choice."

President Uchtorf

"If you cannot say you know God is there, you can hope that He is. You can desire to believe. That is enough to start."

I just want to end by saying I love this area. I love the people, I love this gospel. And most of all I love the Lord. I spent much time reflecting on my why I'm on a mission. I know this gospel is true. I know Joseph Smith saw God the father and Jesus Christ. I know the gospel does bring us peace and happiness, amongst all the things we go through in this life. I know God loves us!! That gives me hope every day to keep going. Christ is the Savior of each of us!! How great is that!! He knows us and loves us. I hope each of you never forget that.

Monday, March 28, 2016

It is Hard to Teach a Drunk Person

This week has been crazy, I'm not sure anyone would believe me if I even told them all that's happened....well maybe you would, you all should know by now how crazy missionary life can be...or is. Right?

 Our pday last week was the start of everything crazy...we went shopping and did our laundry all before 10:30am, so we could spend our pday giving service. Talk about a day of rest. I know most of you must think we were crazy to give up our pday but I knew we needed to be serving others...If Christ was here he would have done the same...remember when He was tired and they brought the children for him to bless and one of the apostles told the people he was tired and Christ said "Bring them hither!" Well even though it wasn't a restful day I know we were blessed.

We got to met with Gabby and Bryce twice this week. They are such sweet kids.I love these kids with all my heart. They have such a light within them. And they are so happy with what little they have. Its really sweet. It truly helps you see that you don't need everything to be happy.

We also met with Lewis this week, he is a less active who a lot of people have judged which has kept him from the church. We spoke with him on the importance of him baptizing his kids, and how hard it is when the kids look back and barely remember the name of some random guy who baptized you. Their is some resentment as a kid in that situation. So we spoke about that. And how fathers need to set an example for the family. Sunday his wife came over to us and told us He got up and helped get the kids ready told his wife speaking with us the other night sparked something within him. He didn't come but his 9 yr old son Little came and how grateful I am for that. So did the older brother Manny!! Now for the dad to come back.

We had a no drive day this week, even thought we had no snow, and the storm skipped us. Well at 6pm we decided we'd drive anyway and go for dinner and then to the church to met with our branch president to discuss the missionary work ...when we got into the car our Tiwi told us the car battery was low, but the light wasn't on. So we drove anyways....doesn't driving charge the battery? Well I tell you this because the next morning we got into the car drove to a car repair guy and had him check our battery -it was fine. When we left all these lights came up on the dash board...and as we drove our car wouldnt tell us the speed we were driving....talk about scarry...well luckily my Gps tells the speed limit and the speed of the driving car. So we made it the hour drive to our meeting then called the Tiwi people. They fixed it!!

District meeting was so good. I love our meetings. Thats one thing I miss about not being an STL -all the meetings.

Woohoo so far I've not told you why this week was crazy...so the strong begins...

So a couple weeks we tracted into a house that told us we could come back...we fianlly had the chance to try them again. A lady named Pearl answered the door, I had a very uneasy feeling but felt I should follow the spirit and focus on other...a man was standing next to the porch and was drinking...he walked over and let us into the home. Found his mom and Pearl invited us into another room to talk but when we came is all she did was cry..(she was drunk) she said she just wanted to hit something, and asked it she could. I told her if she wanted to...she began punching and throwing things close to her. The man invited us back into the living room where the explosion happened. Pearl called us fake and many other words...she was swearing at the man's mom and hitting The man. The mom called the cops...the whole time I had to pee. I had been drinking so much water all day...we were there from 6-8:50. When Pearl left we finally got to share a message but The man was so drunk as well....its hard to teach drunks.

Easter was so good. We had dinner with the Weaver family and I got to play and hug some farm animals. I loved it!!!

And I love Green smoothies.

This week had some high and low points, some mild and spicy points but I wouldnt take it back for the world. I learned so much.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Too Many "Lasts" at the End of a Mission!

This week has been a week that's for sure. But in the end it's been a good week.

Monday was good I guess, nothing to eventful. We had to cancel our dinner so we could get to our investigators house, problem was our investigator cancelled and we ended up at Sister Bairs house(relief society president) to talk about the funeral and how we could best help. It was Pi day as well, and I didn't even eat any pie, but I did admire the sign at the store. (:

Tuesday our alarm didn't go off, I laid in bed looking at the ceiling for a while, (not sleeping anyway, time change threw me off) so by the time I even dared to look at the clock it was 7:30, talk about a moment of panic, and sudden hatred for myself....Studies were really good. Been studying in Doctrine & Covenants and many other places but section 100 is one we often hear as missionaries, that first verse. Which is :

"1 Verily, thus saith the Lord unto you, my friends Sidney and Joseph, your families are well; they are in mine hands, and I will do with them as seemeth me good; for in me there is all power."

It brought me comfort being reminded of this. And thinking of how we are each Christ friends. How great is that, WE are HIS friends!

We have two new investigators and have them on date for baptism, Gabby, and Bryce. They are both 9, and they are cousins. They are so smart. I truly can't help but love them. ( They weren't able to make it to church Sunday but that's okay. ) I'm looking forward to our next visit. (:

Wednesday, Zone Conference....a day all missionaries look forward to before they go home....NOT! It was my last zone conference, and I had to give my departing testimony in front of a lot of missionaries I hardly know, and I cried...I NEVER cry when bearing testimony....it was a tender moment. Not sure what I even said but I know the Spirit took over and spoke through me. We didn't win the clean car contest but no sister did at my zone conference. All Elders! we got back to Alliance at 7:20pm. We left at 5am. Woke up at 4am....boy it was a long day but I learned so much. And I couldn't be more grateful! Got to eat lunch with our mission president -President Brown. He's so funny, and sweet. And it was probably my last time seeing Sister Hooper and Sister Ligon -I love them, it was fun being an STL and getting to know them both. So we said our goodbyes and took a picture.

Thursday...my last exchanges as a missionary. It was pretty fun, I got to be with Sister Jenks. I love her so much. It's interesting because the night before when planning, nothing really felt right. So Thursday we rolled with the punches, and see what felt right as went through the day. We started with our scheduled service for the Ramsey's. Then helped wash potatoes for service for Sister Bair for the Relief Society dinner. We met with a less active, part member family who I've been trying to connect to. My companion speak Spanish and so does connect really well with the member and nonmember in this family. Well in my attempt to connect with them, I think was a fail. If anything it was a good lesson.

Our lesson with Ben was so good. He is one of my favorite less active. He has been so prepared to come back. His desire to learn just amazing to me. I want to be better. We shouldn't have to go less active to then come back and then desire to learn more. We should always be seeking more knowledge.

Sometimes I see others with so much on their plate, and I just want to help lighten their load. And sometimes I then get my head in to deep. But I love serving others. That has brought me so much strength. Especially with everything going on.

Friday...we exchanged back. Which was nice. We had so much traveling to do this last week. My companion keeps wanting to do her calling (teaching Spanish speaking people) Problem is now we have one-not the problem- the problem is when we teach them its not "we" its just her. I don't know how to help I don't speak Spanish. And she wont translate for me so I pick up only on the words I know. I am trying to support her, but its hard. Sometimes I wish I knew Spanish, other times I could care less. This time I care...

Saturday not much happened. It feels like a blur. When we got to our car in the morning someone had left a note on our window searing at us...that was not a good way to start the day...I have some guesses as to who, but I'd rather sing a hymn then get us kicked out....The whole day I thought it was the 17th, (just a couple days off) We were at dinner and I got asked what day I go home, I answered, then she went to tell me I had one month...I could have cried...It was a rough moment, especially since I hadn't even put two and two together all day. It was a hard moment. Especially since I'm departing I already gave my departing testimony Wednesday at Zone Conference. It felt very real in that moment. Once the topic changed I was more at ease. It took a lot to change the topic.

Sunday...was a rough day. We were so tired. And for a while it seemed like the more people we tried the darker it got, and more people didn't answer. Church was good. One lady was ready to attack and put down anyone's comment when they had spoken, it was really sad. She seemed like she was out to kill. I was worried if I should talk or not....So I barely spoke. But oh well.

I have seen the Lord's hand in my life so many times here in Alliance. I don't know how many times we prayed and he led us EXACTLY where we needed to go or with what to do.I know that this gospel is true, and I love that we have a restored gospel that was created by the most loving being in the universe, our Heavenly Father. I am grateful to know him, and to know that he knows each of us perfectly. That love NEVER changes, how grateful I am for that knowledge.I am so thankful for the opportunity that I have to be a missionary. I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of the world. I love Him and I love sharing His gospel.

I love you all, Thank you all for loving me and supporting me.