Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New Investigators Who Are Listening to the Spirit!

This week, boy where to start! This week was full of miracles!

Last Sunday we met a man named Chops, I felt I should give him a Restoration pamphlet but because of my lack of preparation, I only had one in my bag . . . my one from the MTC that had notes and scripture references in it along the side of the page. But I felt it was best to give it to him. So I wrote our number on the back and we said our goodbyes and walked away. Tuesday, we had a missed call so we listen to the voicemail and was Chops. He told us he wanted to meet. So we met. We shared the Restoration. It was a great lesson. We set up a return appointment, which ended up falling through but Chops called us Saturday and told us he had had a long day and wanted to meet so we met up and shared the next lesson. He told us he'd love to come to church. Sunday he came!!

Last Sunday, a man named Si came to church. Si has a friend who is Mormon. The friend lives in Loveland. Si went to church once with her but wasn't very open. Recently, he felt he should come again. So last week, he found the number online for our Bishop and called to see if it was okay that he come, Of course! At church, we met Si and he stayed the first two hours. And had to leave, but told us he wanted to take the lessons. So we got his number. Tuesday we taught the restoration. It was a great lesson. Although he didn't accept the baptismal invitation when setting him with a date, he did say he would be baptized when he knew. Si is a very nice younger man ( mid 30's).

Saturday, there were at lot of baptisms within the zone so we invited Si to the 3pm one. He told us he really enjoyed it. This week, we met with Susan and her boyfriend. It was a great lesson. So far we've just been going straight through the lessons. It has been wonderful. But for some reason Friday night I felt we should talk about temples and not whatever lesson we had planned. So we shared a Mormon message and some scriptures and talked about Temples.

The next day, we saw Susan at the activity and while her boyfriend was playing with the kids she told us of how they are trying to decide what to do in this relationship and of how Susan felt she shouldn't make any choices until they are in the temple together. And how they had just had this conversation after we left last week. She told me the spirit had to of directed that message. Because after they were
able to have such a great conversation. Things will work out for both of them. I just know it.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Why I'm Still Here . . .

This week I had a pretty great experience. I've been praying to know why I'm still here in this area (August makes 6 months), we were at the Deb's (name changed) and sister Deb had been planning on leaving her new husband for another man. She recently had to fly our of state and be a friend for this man but she had to drive back to Colorado. (Kansas is boring if you didn't know) 

Thursday night we met with sister Deb and she told us she no longer plans on leaving her husband and because we haven't seen her since the 4th (stopped to get water) last lesson appointment 3rd. So the 3rd was when this all went down.

By the 9th she was happier and has a desire to come to church. And she told us, "Sister Burden all I could see was the look of disappointment that was on your face last time" (3rd) and how wrong this plan was that she had. While sitting there I received an answer to why I am still here in this area. And I'm so grateful for the spirit and for the answers we can receive through prayer.

Also this week we had 5 less actives at church, and 1 investigator!!!! Marie came to church! And she rode her bike about 5ish miles to get there. In a skirt! Woohoo,

 Photos from exchanges.
Photo 1 Sister Young , sister Helsing me and sister Danz

Photo 2 Brother Wright (wml) sister Helsing and me)

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Digging Deep To See The Good

Highlights from this week...

I've learned the longer your in a area sometimes you have to dig deeper to see the good. Here there is plenty of good, even if it's all less actives.

Members are investigators . . . just with the Holy Ghost, our job is also to teach them how to listen to the spirit.

We met Jarome this week, he's homeless and a hitch hiker. But he has such a big heart. When we handed him a bible, and Book of Mormon, his face lite up. I wish everyone's faces lit up like that when they saw scriptures. The whole time talking to him I was picturing him as what he could become with the gospel in his life.

We also met Dennis in the park, right now I'd say a lot of our missionary life is just planting seeds. Not a bad thing that's for sure. It's still our calling. Dennis watched the Because He Lives video with us, and we then went into teach the restoration. It was a beautiful lesson. Only problem he lives in Loveland.

We met with Sister Black, funny story. During weekly planning I had a strong impression we should sing "I love to see the temple" So . . . interestingly, she believes she has the priesthood, and doesn't believe Joseph Smith ever did. So I was nervous about how this would go, but putting aside my fear and focusing on her made the biggest difference.

After the song, and scripture, and testimony we were about to give her the invitation (we had handed her the "my family" pamphlet) and she asked us to give her a closing prayer. Since I had to say the closing prayer, I asked Heavenly Father to help her fill out the pamphlet so she could have a fresh start on her genealogy. After the prayer she looked at me with tears in her eyes and said "you answered my prayers . . .this morning I said a prayer to help me get started on my genealogy and you answered my prayers. Hallelujah!!!

We also went to the stampede. Which was loads of fun. We got in for free. Gave out pass along cards, and decided to get a funnel cake. We also rode a ride, it was so much fun. (We prayed about it, and got permission)

We did some sparklers. Called it good. We had two dinners. That's rough stuff.

Last night our dinner was so great, the husband lit his hands on fire. Oops!

Love, Jenny