Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy New Year in Wyoming and Nebraska!

So Monday we had dinner with a family who thinks sisters are really "girly" so needless to say when they told us they hit a deer, and were skinning it, etc . . . I had a crazy thought go through my head. when they told us it was hanging down stairs (as you can see from the picture), my thought was "lets ask to take a picture with it..." the things I do to help people believe I'm not girly . . . p.s. I did hold the deer head.

Tuesday, I went up to Sidney, Nebraska to Kimball and it was fun . . . very flat. But I got to be with Sister Helsing, my old companion. I love this sister with all my heart and I learned so much being with her! She has a light that radiates within her. I wish the whole world knew how amazing she truly is. Her testimony of Christ amazes me. We had some good experiences on this exchange, like meeting Jennifer. Or the active lady we met at the end of the day. I know that lesson was inspired. It wasn't planned very well but I know the spirit guided it. And I'm grateful for that, oh so much!

The next day I was with Sister Jenks, this sister is so great! I got sick when I was with her...just a bad migraine, I felt so bad but she was just so kind to me. I am grateful for her love and support. I'm so grateful for this sister and her great example to me of Christ like love. She is amazing!

Both of these sisters are amazing!

New Years was amazing! We went to the Daknis's and were able to share a message with 3 non members. It was really cool. I was grateful they had us in their home.

Friday we had Missionary Leadership Council aka MLC's it was really good. It was also my 15th month mark! I was able to get permission to attend the temple January 15th for my first sealing ever! Ben and Susan from Greeley are getting married! Now I just have to find a ride...to Denver. I'm excited to be able to attend. Which also means if I get a ride then I won't email next Monday. I will be emailing on Friday. Saturday was my best day this week, we did a lot of finding and although we didn't find anyone interested that's okay. Things have been really good.

I've been thinking a lot about my testimony in Christ. I want each of you to know I know he loves us, knows us perfectly and is always there for us. This gospel is a gospel of peace and happiness and I know that living the gospel brings just that to us. I'm grateful I'm not a lone in this life. That's so comforting to me. We are never a lone.

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