Saturday, January 16, 2016

"What do you think I should do?" . . . Pray

Week 6 (This Week)

We met with Rosemary which was a good visit...I tried to invite her to baptism, she didn't say yes but that's still because she wants John the Baptist to do it. (oh boy!)

Ate at Big City Burrito -it was good!

We met with a less active family, there daughter is taking the lessons...the mom is now giving up coffee and if she has some she owes her daughter 50$...her daughter is giving up candy and if she gives in she has to do whatever chores her mom wants her to do for a week. We are praying the mom wins!

We painted at the Daknis's home, so fun! That's my favorite service project. I love painting!

Dale a less active took us to HuHot! It's pretty good!

We had dinner with the Jacksons which was good. They a really funny especially with the Sharps there. Although dinner went over I know Heavenly Father hand was involved in that. On the way home from leaving there house we saw a car with its hazards on...we drove around to the car window and asked if they were okay and if we could help...she asked if we could help get her 15 yr old daughter back into the we pulled over and when getting out of the car the snow on the side of the road went up to my knees...I also wasn't wearing boots...I had flats on-bad idea! We walked with her trying to talk with her but she wasn't budging...(her mom was slowing lighting the way in her truck behind us) my companion finally was said she was going to go talk to the mom....while she left I continued to walk with Lily...I was freezing but all I could think was how can I help her? I starting with asking simple questions like colors, what her family was like etc, if she had a boyfriend, and so forth. Right after my comp left (she rode in the truck) lily opened up so much! She didn't ever tell me why she was walking...after a bit I finally asked if she wanted to ask me any questions....she asked what my family was like growing up, if my hometown was modest, about running from problems, some beliefs in the church and finally she asked how I was able to forgive those who had hurt me, Earlier she had said she didn't believe in God but I had briefly bore testimony of the Savior while walking... At this point I was praying my words would be guided, I talked of how through Christ that's they only way I've been able to and of how it was a process. After 30 plus minutes of walking in snow on the side of the road Lily started slowing her pace and finally asked "What do you think I should do?" I told her it didn't matter what I thought...I told her she should pray about it, and that with whatever her choice was she needed to do it for her, she stopped walking and stated crying, we hugged and she told me she wanted to go we walked back to the truck, and got in. I'm so grateful for this experience. Know we are praying we can met Lily again...we have her last name and the town she lives to find her. My feet were so cold and very red and wet when we got in last night...but I wouldn't take it back for anything.

I'm grateful for the Atonement. I know our Savior knows each of us and loves us. He knows what it's like to argue with our family and to want to run away from our problems...because he knows everything we will ever feel in this life. I know this is true.

Today we went to the temple which was really nice! We went to Ben &Susan Harrison's wedding! It was so good! I love them so much! Before Jenny and us stopped by Krispy Creme. So good! Red light was on!

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