Tuesday, April 12, 2016

One Week Left!

What happened this last week, well Monday we started with going to the Zoo in Scottsbluff. In which I realized how much I love Tigers. (Second favorite animal) I even got a selfie with the Tiger. And we went to Chimney Rock and the wind was crazy so I had to send the photo anyways so you can all understand Nebraska wind. Guess that's what I get for taking my hair down. Oh well.

We had Zone Meeting in Cheyenne so traveling was fun. We took a picture of the sisters and a zone one but I love our Sisters. I have missed not being an STL, I always loved being with the other Sisters and getting to know them. They are each so wonderful for many different reasons! I learned so much from each sister. I have gained so many friendships over the last 18months serving and loving those around me.

We had the opportunity to paint at the Cardio. It was so fun! Painting is my favorite service project. I love giving service, it gives me time to think of others but also to think through my own thoughts...sometimes as a missionary I feel all my others are about helping others, I even feel selfish at times thinking about myself. But at this point in my mission its hard to not think about everything and everyone and home. It still doesn't feel real.

This last week we met with Gabby (one of the 9 year old investigators) and we asked her why she wanted to be baptized she told us, "Because I want to live with God again" it was the cutest thing ever. Gabby is a very shy kid and thinks very long when asked questions but she says the most profound things.

We also met with Little this week and taught him about Sabbath day, scripture study, prayer, and obedience. It was cute....Little said "I don't think I should play video games on Sunday..Do you have a piece of paper?" Me "I have a sticky note" He then took it and wrote on it 'I will not play video games on Sunday' he ran out of the room and came back, and said "I had to put it on my xbox so I can keep the Sabbath day holy, that's what I need to do!"

It was so cute!! I love kids so much! They are so close to Heaven, I truly believe it!

I love being a missionary. I'm so very grateful for this amazing opportunity I've been blessed with. Yesterday I had the opportunity to fast and we had our Fast & Testimony meeting, and I bore my testimony, it was amazing to think of where I was 18 months ago to now. And even to where I was in 2014.

I've loved accomplishing goals and expanding my goals and view of life. I know I have a purpose. I am on this Earth for a reason and plan to do something incredible. And now is my time, each and every day to do something to make that plan come to pass. I feel as I've come to know the gospel better for myself I've started to see the world as if its a whole new world. I love it!!

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