Friday, October 3, 2014

First Days at the MTC

First day Crazy! I was lost walking around the MTC but luckily kind Elders and Sisters who have been here longer were able to point the right directions.. I'm in branch 31...I know a branch in Utah! pretty sure its only because its easier at the MTC. Also, important fact, my branch is the ONLY English branch with ASL combined into our district. There isn't any others I've seen. The district is super close, we do everything together. The Elders even empty our trays and hold open doors, even better, our Branch President told them last night to protect us. So no worries everyone, I'm being taken care of.

 I love love love the MTC. Its like the happiest place on Earth besides the temple. Next Friday is my next p-day. I'll try and have pictures by then. Sorry the last two days have been super busy. Funny fact, many sisters in the MTC call p-day (preparation day) Pants Day. Its not encouraged. I could see why. My companion is Sister Wooten she is 19, from Georgia., and is also a middle child. She has one sister one brother. She was going to school to be a nurse and has one semester left after her mission. She is super kind hearted and compassionate. And she says I'm just a hair taller she is (more like 2 inches!).  The MTC is different and yesterday was my first experience being late to class (hardly 1 min) but I figured we'd just get chastised but our teacher asked why we were late and was super loving. I felt super bad about being late. (I like 5 mins early, not a second late for that matter. Things are good though. The food is interesting. I've mostly been eating healthy. Another tip for sisters at the MTC, The BYU ice cream in the vending machines on your floor of the residence hall (not a dorm) . . . doesn't come with a spoon. Be prepared or at very least creative.

 The MTC has been a crazy testimony building experience. We have one investigator (role play) and his name is Zachary, we get to teach him this afternoon More to come on that later...I'm sure. I love you all. Life at the MTC is crazy busy but great! I want to encourage everyone to go read Reflections of a consecrated heart. Its an amazing talk, You will love it.

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