Friday, October 10, 2014

Packed Days at the MTC

Life at the MTC. Crazy as it sounds at times, I love the MTC! I Love it with all my heart. I've had some crazy experiences. And I'd be lost without PMG (Preach My Gospel) and my planner. Luckily I spent enough times with sisters before my mission to understand planners and how to use them. I love feeling like I know what I'm doing.

 A typically day at the MTC looks like this...

6:30 wake up
7:10 breakfast
7:40 Class
10:40 personal study
12:10 lunch
12:55 gym
 1:45 prepare for class
2:15 class
5:15 dinner
6:00 daily planning
6:30 doctrine study
7:30 zone teaching
8:30 learning assessments
 9:30 prepare for bed
10:30 lights out

Every minute or every day is planned. I love it. I loved using goggle calendar and now its easier basically having a planner with me at all times. Conference was this last weekend and I loved it. It did however complicate our schedules and we never saw our teachers, sad stuff right? I thought so. My teachers are Sister Lyon, Brother Kendall, Brother Winters, and Brother Lee. I really enjoy them all. In one of the pictures of the district we had a sub Brother Rockwood (who used to be Lauren's team teacher *inserted by Lauren). He was great. Sadly he doesn't get to teach in the classroom often at all. But he was great. He taught us about ...Have you found Christ today? It was a very power house lesson. Its a question I think everyone should be asking themselves..have I?

 Good news about this Tuesday, I fly to Denver at 7:30am. Bad news is yesterday I had to get the rest of my shots...ugh Also the day before I was going down the stairs and missed the last four steps. I fell in front of elders and that wasn't the only bad thing that day...literally all I wanted was cinnamon rolls and a hug... Luckily I did get a hug. And last night I found out I have two packages! Thank you who ever sent them. Love you already.

We had a devotional the other night and learned about pruning rose bushes. And how Christ is the stem and we are the branches and how only through him can we grow. And if you don't prune the roses they can't grow, The Savior sees and knows you, He will help you with anything. He is there with arms wide up waiting for us to come unto him.

Love, Jenny

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