Monday, October 27, 2014

Meeting Many Amazing People!

Another week in the field. How crazy is it that this week I will have been gone for a week? I left Oct 1, and Nov 1 is this week!!!

The missionaries who went to Fort Worth with Jenny
This week we met way more people from the ward. Which is great, having been white washed in we didn't know anyone the week before. So it's improvement.

We had a couple crazy experiences. And ever got a door slammed in our faces. (YES, it does happen to sisters) I guess we are leading the zone with receiving referrals. We received 13 this week! And got a huge text back from the zone leaders. We met with Mary (on date for baptism) twice this week. And guess what...she doesn't have any desire to smoke! She has literally only had 2 puffs and the next time she went to lite one she felt like she was going to have a heart attack so she threw it away! How Crazy! She is golden and so willing to follow the example Jesus Christ set for us. It just amazes me so much every time we meet with her. Great example!

We have another investigator Carly, she is 21, and been looking into the church for herself for the last month or so. Her sister Rachel (16) just joined the church about a month ago. At Rachel's baptism Carly was overcome with the spirit and ever since then she wanted to learn more. Her parents are not religious and don't want anything to do with it, but they are open to letting their children learn and what not. Which I think is way cool!

Melissa is another one of our investigators. She is a single mom who was in the Marines. Heavenly Father is amazing isn't he? I've had some amazing experiences meeting with people in the military throughout my life and know a fair amount about the marines specifically. So how great is our Heavenly Father. Her sons name is Logan and he's a hand full. He's such a sweetheart though.

 The members here are so great. They are so willing to work with the missionaries. We get feed so good. Dinner every night, with active, less actives, and even part member families. I love this area so much and the members as well.

As much as I love Elder Holland I thought I'd share this “Don’t give up, boy. Don’t you quit. You keep walking. You keep trying. There is help and happiness ahead—a lot of it—30 years of it now, and still counting. You keep your chin up. It will be all right in the end. Trust God and believe in good things to come.” No matter, what as long as we keep pressing forward we will find happiness, We believe in enduring to the end. Well, we don't know when the end will be so for now we endure 7 days over and over again. So keep pressing forward. Don't give up no matter how hard things may be.

Love, Sister Burden

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