Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Teaching In Front of the Mission President . . . Not so bad!

This is my district! The Elder on the far right might be going home this week...He fell off his bike
and did some pretty bad stuff to his arm and the recovery time is looking to be 8-12 weeks. (with physical therapy) It's super sad. He wants to stay, but no one is sure what will happen.

Update on Mary...Well she is amazing! I never thought I'd love my investigators so much! She had been smoke free for FOUR weeks! This week she will give up coffee! She is so willing to follow and obey its truly amazing teaching her. She is so willing to follow the word of wisdom. This Saturday we are taking her to a baptism so she will understand what hers will be like. Her baptism is on the 15! Its getting so close!

Update on Carly...we had to pass Carly off to different missionaries....after we started teaching her. The Stake President decided it was okay for her to be taught in the ward all her friends are in. (not the ward she lives in). We taught her one lesson and it was at President Brown's home. (my mission president). That wasn't as scary as you might think. As long as you focus on the investigator and their needs and you focus on the spirit you don't think so much about your mission president being in the room. It was a powerful lesson. So even though we had to give her to other missionaries, I was grateful for the opportunity to teach her that one lesson and I know Heavenly Father needed us to do so.

 Kenta is our new investigator. She is a 14 year old Indian (from India). Her parents are Hindu. We had the opportunity to meet her and her amazing member missionary friends who are 15 at the ward Fall Harvest. During which she wanted a picture of the temple being built. We have pass along cards with that on there how cool! Well we had the opportunity to talk with her about Jesus Christ, who she knew nothing about! It was nice to be able to talk about him and share our testimonies about Christ and show pictures of his life. Its nice to remember our message is all about Christ, Christ is our Hope.
1 Timothy 1:1 
"Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ by the commandment of God our Savior, and Lord Jesus Christ, which is our hope"

I love this scripture because I love that Christ is our hope. Through the Atonement, we can return back to our Heavenly Father, it is through the grace of God we can return. Christ died for us because he loves us, he did this so we don't have to suffer like he did. None of us are perfect, We all make mistakes big and small, each and every day. Because Christ knew us all perfectly he understands us all perfectly and was willing to atone for us, He is willing to forgive us when we repent for our sins and change our thoughts and actions. It is thought Jesus Christ that we can talk with our Father in Heaven he is our advocate. That is why the Atonement was necessary and very important. We don't have to carry our burdens and feel worthless or alone, or forgotten. Because of the Atonement we can move forward and be better each day.


  1. You are an amazing missionary.It sounds like you are doing some awesome tthere in Collerado. I'm glad you are being feed some good meals. I was worried about that. Things are good back here in Key. It's starting to get cold here. Tell your companion hi from me. I will be praying for you both. Good luck and God bless you.

  2. I meant awesome work there in Colorado. I also meant key. For Kentucky. Sorry about my misspelled words.