Monday, November 24, 2014

Transfers Week: Staying Put

I'm safe this transfer! That's a big deal since there is a new rule that President said came from higher up than him: (mission office -Salt Lake). Sisters and elders are no longer to work in the same wards. So now wards will have only all elders or all sisters. Sister Clark and I get Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years here in our same ward! With Sister Clark as well! This makes me smile so much! 

This week has been crazy! If anything, I had 4 nights I slept the whole night. Warmer weather means the mice don't move as much . . . who would have thought. So that's been a huge blessing. With that being said this week was week 6 which means I got to take lead this whole week in our companionship, holy cow it was scary. Well maybe not, It was mostly me over coming this fear of messing up. Which was hard. But Sister Clark was great at encouraging me to keep going.

Missionary work isn't easy. This week was a difficult one, but I feel like I have really grown so much in the past seven days it's insane (: This week was pretty amazing, yesterday we both had to talk in sacrament. Sister Clark had to give a talk and I had to bear my testimony because the speakers didn't use all the time . . .  then we were in charge of the youth fireside . . . 23 youth showed up. We want to help the youth have personalized cards (yes, you can do that) and also help them make an "I'm a Mormon video" we are pretty excited to do this, and for the opportunity we have to use technology to do this.

This Saturday is Mary's Baptism!! She came to church yesterday and stayed all 3 hours! And she only had one bad spell with her health. So please continue to pray for her. We had an early Thanksgiving dinner yesterday with Mary and Phyllis, it was also Phyllis's birthday she is 73. She reminds me so much of my Grandma Peggie! So of course I love her! How could I not? Things are going very well with Mary so far lets hope Satan doesn't attack her this up coming week. This week we had many crazy experiences, I'll be sure to share next week. I'll be sure to tell everyone all about Chris and his family. And about many others. But that's all for now.

I love each of you.
Sister Burden

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