Monday, December 1, 2014

A Very Happy Thanksgiving

The week was amazing! Thanksgiving was amazing, typically a holiday I hate and would rather sleep through - as a missionary that's not an option. And I truly enjoyed it. It was super nice being somewhere I felt needed and wanted. It was amazing the love I felt for others, and knowing that was how my Heavenly Fathers feels for each of us. It was a pretty great experience to feel of that love.

So, the picture of me holding a worm if because of a deal I made with a child . . . her mom wanted her to get dressed in nice clothes, and she didn't want to . .  so our deal was that if she got dressed in nice clothes, I'd hold some of her worms from her worm farm....yes, a worm farm...yuck! Well since she did her part, I had to do mine. Teach me to make deals with a child.

I got myself into another bad deal as well since one of our members struggles with keeping our commitments. I told him if he wrote his testimony in a B.O.M I'd speak in sacrament . .  so guess who had to speak in sacrament. That's right me. Scary stuff in a family ward. With loads of people.

Next picture is from Sunday 11/30/14 at Mary's baptism! Yah! Best day ever! She was so great and the whole thing was amazing! Biggest turn out I've seen at a baptism (40ish people) The ward was super supportive. Mary was also able to receive the Holy Ghost without having to wait until this following Sunday since she has surgery on Tuesday. It's crazy to think she is now a member and just looking back on that day we met her.

Here is the full story of our meeting Mary:

So, since we were doubled in, the only name we knew was the family we'd be living with and the ward mission leader so when we got the home we'd be staying in, Sister Meadows told us some more people and their callings, sadly the ward list we had was out of date but we decided to call and introduce ourselves to the mission leader. He then told us we had dinner with the Smith family. So that night we went to dinner. We met Phyllis and Mary. We decided to share a lesson. Then later we found out we went to the wrong dinner! But Phyllis and Mary had dinner for us so it all worked out for us in the end. The night we met Mar,y at the end of the lesson she expressed her desire to be baptized. So we began teaching her. One day we were talking about Prayer, Phyllis told us the very first time we ever knocked on the door she had just finished praying that Heavenly Father would send someone to teach her daughter! Holy Cow! How crazy of a story, and to be part of it. Heavenly Father is so great.

The next picture is the West family. I love them. There couch is so comfy you just sink right in! The family is so great. They did so much to make this Thanksgiving a great one. 

D&C 8:10–11

Remember that without faith you can do nothing; therefore ask in faith. Trifle not with these things; do not ask for that which you ought not.

Ask that you may know the mysteries of God, and that you may translate and receive knowledge from all those ancient records which have been hid up, that are sacred; and according to your faith shall it be done unto you. 

Check out this talk, super powerful!
Love, Sister Burden

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