Tuesday, December 16, 2014

It Is Better To Be Obedient!

Another crazy week....

I went on Exchanges again...this time I hated it. I know no one is perfect, but I really wanted the opportunity to learn different ways of teaching, sadly rules were broken by this missionary I served with and no lessons were taught. It's sad to be around missionaries and see disobedient behavior. I was disappointed and the whole time wished I could be back in my own area. But lesson learned was YOU CAN HAVE FUN AND BE OBEDIENT vs having fun and being disobedient.

I had the opportunity to go caroling twice this week. It was lots of fun. Out of all the people we sang to, only 2 DIDN'T cry...so for those who cried, not sure if it was because they were in pain from hearing us singing or because they loved it...probably both lol.

We had our Christmas Zone Conference this last week, pretty sure I've never seen so many missionaries crying. It was a wonderful day filled with beautiful musical numbers and testimonies. The day was really centered around Christ and we have started a new Book of Mormon reading where we are going through and highlighting all things about Him. So we highlight His names, His words, His doctrine, and His attributes. I have really loved it so far and gotten so much out of reading the Book of Mormon in this way. This is something they asked us to start doing....guess I've gotten a little carried away because its something I've been doing for weeks! I'm in the book of Jacob already. So I'm a tad bit ahead, but have loved doing it, you just get sucked in and it's hard to stop reading.

We were able to give one of our potential investigators, George, a Book of Mormon which was so great. We were able to talk about the restoration. It was great! So we will see what is to come with him. We decorated the gym for the Christmas party and it was pretty great. 6 hours of service! I'm pretty excited about that. Sadly my battery on my camera was dead that day so I don't have any pictures. But I'll ask and see if anyone else got any it was so beautiful. Thank you everyone for all your letters, emails, and packages! I love you all.


Love, Sister Burden

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