Monday, December 8, 2014

The Lord Puts Words in Our Mouths

This week was a little crazy.
Every week seems it.

 Mary had her gallbladder removed on Tuesday and is recovering. My companion and I went to Golden Correll and ATE. Its something her family does every Christmas. A member had given us a gift card and we went. It was a hard week but the memories we made that night are ones that will last a life time.

This week we had the opportunity to meet one of our Potential Investigators at the Family History Center. While there, a miracle happened. I was feeling a little homesick for the first time in my life. While at the Family History Center helping our PI, I saw a man with a University of Kentucky cap on. I walked across the room and asked where he was from he told me Kentucky! I asked him where in Kentucky and began to talk with him about people I knew from Lawrence County and Johnson County. He told me of a family I know very well. I then found out he was Wendy's dad. Breanna's Grand dad. I soon felt so happy. From that point on I no longer felt homesick. I was able to increase my testimony about prayer, and how God answers our prayers through others. I'm so grateful for this experience.

One of the families we meet with weekly on Wednesdays, the husband is a member and the wife isn't. Well, I struggle meeting with them because he always ask all these questions and I never seem to know the answers and they are always about what other churches believe and hardly ever about what our church believes. I started doubting the strength of my own testimony and through that I was able to see, I know enough and that it's not important to our Heavenly Father if I know all about other churches. I knew my testimony was true I never doubted that but I realized I didn't need to know all these other things. I no longer felt lost. And I had the courage to open my mouth and share what I truly know. Later we walked out and my companion told me that was one of our most powerful lessons in that home we've had. I then realized my testimony was enough. I wasn't alone like I felt when he was rambling about other religions. Heavenly Father helped me say what he needed me to say.

 A couple weeks ago we did service and I was finally able to get those pictures. We had like 5-6 layers of clothes on so we all look huge but I loved doing the service so here they are.

 I wanted to end with this quote from President Uchtdorf: "If the Savior were among us today; we would find Him where He always was-ministering to the meek, the downcast, the humble, the distressed, and the poor in spirit. During this Christmas season and always, may we give to Him by loving as He loves may we remember the humble dignity of Hi

s birth, gifts, and life. And may we, through simple acts of kindness, charity, and compassion, fill the world with the light of His love and healing power" 

Sister Burden

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