Monday, December 29, 2014

No Room for Growth in the Comfort Zone

There is no room for growth in a comfort zone. 

I like thinking of it in terms of each of us being a goldfish. Goldfish grow based on the size of there surroundings. And I myself I don't want to be in a fish bowl. I want to be in the biggest tank. In that tank there is everything we need and excess room to grow. This last week we were in a lesson and I was taught in terms of this fish tank analogy. In an ideal tank, there is ample food, a filter, and an owner who cleans the tank. The owner is our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. The feeder is the prophet who we do learn from. And the filter is the spirit. If we don't allow our tanks to be clean, we can't have the spirit.  If we don't feast upon the words of Christ how would we grow.

I taught the Restoration all the way through, I even taught the full account of the first vision . . . to President and Sister Brown! I know that even though I was so scared, that Heavenly Father helped me every step of the way. I know he knows each of us by name and loves us. I know that we are made in his image. And we can be perfected through him. I know He is our Father and I know we can talk with him through prayer. I know it's through the scriptures and the conferences talks we can learn of Him and how we are to live our lives. I know He lives. I know that because He lives, we too live. I know that when we learn of Him our desire to follow Him will increase and we will desire to share it with those around us. We will desire to serve him because of our love for him. In time we to will be like him. "When we decide to embark in the service of God, great things begin to happen in our life and the lives of people around us. We learn of Him. We come unto Him.” —Neil F. Marriott of the Young Women general presidency I know this statement is true. What did you do this year?

Love, Sister Burden

P.S. Thanks to everyone for my Christmas gifts and packages, we had a great Christmas!

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