Monday, January 5, 2015

Diligence is Taking Care of Yourself

Well this week was really well.

 Sister Clark has been such an example to me of a diligent missionary. So far my mission seems to be one physical problem after another . . . ugh . . . It started with not being able to sleep. Then being able to sleep but having pains in my left side . . . now I've had a bad stomach pain for well over two weeks. This week we ate out for the first time in a while and I got very sick afterward. Sister Clark told me I had only been getting worse and that I needed to call the mission nurse. So finally I did. I didn't want to because I was worried if I told then I wouldn't get transferred. Sister Clark (the mission nurse) told me to try tums and see if that changes anything. Nothing has changed. Last night was really hard. Its particularly hard because we don't know what is causing the pain. It doesn't matter what I eat, I still get a sharp pain that stays throughout the day. After eating, it increases.

Sister Clark has taught me that I have to take care of myself. I usually just ignore pain and press forward, I thought being diligent was ignoring the pain and not saying anything about it so 1.) others didn't worry 2.) so I didn't hold the work back. Although I now know now being diligent means consistent, valiant effort, especially in serving the Lord and obeying his word. But part of his word is taking care of our temples because our bodies are a temple.

So now I'm trying to figure out all this but I know I know none of these things make me weak. If anything, they've helped me to find Christ in my life each day because it's not easy it never will be. It's helped me trust in him and not be prideful. But I know I'll be okay, I know everything will work out. This whole week I felt like I was getting transferred, well guess not. Sister Clark is getting transferred and my new companion will be Sister Johnson.

 This last week I was able to see a glimpse of how Heavenly Father sees me. With the new year it was a great time to set goals of where I want to be at the end of 2015. Its a blessing to think this is my full year as a missionary. I'm excited!! When I came out I was very scared to open my mouth. And over the last 12 weeks I look back now and can see that I'm not so scared. Unless I'm speaking in front of the mission president.

 Elder Bednar is coming to our mission this Friday! We are all so excited, so hopefully next week I will have some awesome things to tell you about his visit!!!!

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