Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Can't We Get a Win-Win?

Monday- We emailed our families and cleaned....same old same old. And we even went grocery shopping. We were planning on playing soccer with the Elders but the elders wouldn't tell us if President Brown approved this or not. So the only option was to call President Brown ourselves. By this point the Elders had told us a time and everything. Presidents reply was " No, we have been asked not to mix actives." Needless to say we did nothing active. We sat around. Looking back, I wish I would have taken a nap. Next pday maybe. 

We had dinner with the Coleman's it was a good visit, we invited them to be mindful of how the Atonement blesses everyone. They are a lovely family. 

Tuesday - We did some service for a family in the ward. It like the millionth time missionaries have painted inside their home. We ended up being their for 2 hours and had to run home to grab our clothes to change. We hadn't planned on being there so long. My only complaint is when someone knows you are coming to do service and when you show up they are not ready . . . so you stand and wait for like 30mins . . . ugh. But I enjoyed doing service. 

After service we visited sister Black and sang to her. We taught about the sabbath day. I felt impressed to ask why she stopped going to church, she told us it was out of foolishness on her part, and that she had gotten offended. I asked if she would ever come back, she told us maybe one day. Maybe is enough for me to not give up. One thing I firmly believe with missionary work, you  NEVER give up when there is the smallest spark of interest. It's something I learned even as a 16yr old going to lessons with the sisters. And I still stand by that. Firmly. 

Sister Biffle was next, and we taught her as about the sabbath day and invited her to keep it holy, and still invited her to church. She is such a kind lady. Love her. 

After that we visited David. And as much as I love people. I can't stand drunks! I hate drinking, and I'm grateful for the word of wisdom. While we met with David, all he did was complain of how he was kicked out of AA and how he's been binge drinking and needs help....well, for starters put down the beer bottle. I felt very prompted to tell him nothing in his life would change if he continued drinking, and not coming to church. The spirit can't deal in an unholy temple. 

I was very annoyed when we got out of the car. I wanted to help him, but he isn't ready to give up alcohol.

We had dinner with the Bode family, we taught about scripture study and invited them to do their personal study. They are a great family. And we agreed to come and do service this coming week for them. It will be super good. 
We met with the Nortons, and shared the Plan of Salvation. They were very excited about that. Especially since Sister Norton is pregnant. They are a lovely family. I'd love to see them get to the temple. 

Wednesday -We went to meet with a less active and spoke with her about the Atonement and how we need to forgive and rely upon the atonement always. She fed us lunch. It's hard when people are having trouble, and there doesn't feel like there is much we can do. We found out her and her husband aren't speaking. They just got married not to long ago. And they are already talking about separation....what!!! 

I feel like things are falling apart, and yet how other things are falling together.  Not a win win though...but is life ever Win -win?

We did service, and as much as I wanted to focus on what we were doing all I could do was focus on the thoughts in my head about the visit we just came from and how hot it was outside. I want to help them...if anything, I'd say I've learned on my mission, it's that my spirit desires to help people. I guess I've never thought about it. 

We visited the Wasdens for dinner, the kids wanted to watch a church movie...too bad it wasn't pday...might have taken them up on it. Inside we invited them to practice role plays so they could  simply bear testimony to someone in a casual conversation. One of the boys had given away a Book of Mormon, we invited him to the last time we went over. 

After that, we met with the Randall's and taught their last new member lesson. We taught about temples and eternal marriage. We invited them to prepare for the temple. And to read the Proclamation to the Family. It was a great lesson. 

Brother Hinshaw was the last stop before going home. We taught the Plan of Salvation and invited him to church, we addressed his concerns and gave him scriptures to study. I'd love for him to get baptized. Not to have a baptism but because he is so close. 

Thursday - Service for Habitat for humanity, and then we went to make layettes ....busy morning. After, we went and visited the Marion's while trying to contact some less actives. Even though they are active. It was a good place to fill my water bottle. And she feed us lunch.

After lunch we went to see sister Cabanaw and shared a message about the sabbath day. She told us she'd come to church. We had dinner. It was my biggest worry all day....I didn't know how the silent treatment would go at the dinner table. Well luckily we didn't have to deal with it. The husband had a interview and the wife stayed and made us dinner and so forth. It's hard to not tell her what I'm really thinking. Because I want to so bad. 

Friday - we had zone meeting....this fitness goal is such a joke. We are not out here to become body builders, or to lose half our weight....this isn't a goal they should have invited the sisters to be part of. Anyway, they want everyone to send in their numbers concerning body fat, water weight...etc. heck no.

After, our investigator Mike stood us up so we went home to weekly plan. We had a lesson with Amanda and it was an alright visit. She says she won't come to church without her mom....we are praying about not going back...there doesn't seem to be any progression...but it's been going good with her...I mean can you drop a less active? 
I've never had to drop anyone...

Our dinner cancelled, so we went to our bishops house and made a sandwich and ate quickly so we could get going.

 Sadly our next investigator Alfredo stood us up. So our ward mission leader took us out to dinner. Haha and we ran into Mike...he was drunk in the park. 
After dinner we visited with Eli, a less active. It was a good visit. She even told us she'd come to church.

Saturday - we had breakfast with our bishop and taught the plan of salvation, it was a great lesson. Then we went home and had studies. Then we went to Sister Millers and did service, and shared the video Because He Lives. She taught us how we would tell someone about the video in Spanish. 
It was great, I'm aweful at Spanish but I am trying. I want to learn. 

We ended up going to the park and we ran into Marie and we were able to teach her the restoration. It was a great lesson. Marie told us she wants to go to church. We had been street contacting. And found many positive experience...only one negative and that was feisty...we don't know his name. He wasn't too kind. 

After we went to the Randall's for dinner and found out Owen is sick....bronchitis. Poor kid. One thing after another. 

We went to the Marks and taught about the priesthood and etc. he has been pretty down and we aren't to sure how to help. 

Sunday - we went to church, and ended up teaching last minute in Sunday school. After church we got a lot of left over cookies from Father's Day. They had milk and cookies for the men. It was good. Well the cookies were...no milk for me. 

After we saw the Bradstreet's and shared about prayer and scripture study. They are doing so well. After we went to Bryan and Shannon who lived in Ohio, and we taught the restoration. It was the first time they had ever heard it. They've met with missionaries the last 5years and never heard it...my goodness. They did tell us we could come back. Yah! 

After we went to the Vigil's and they made us dinner to go, and we shared a message with them, after was the Campbell's and I finally got to meet Brother Campbell and it was great, he's so kind. After we met with the Chavez family they are super kind, they didn't come to church but next week. After that we picked up dinner we went to the Kingsford's so we could eat (no plates or forks with dinner) we went and it was great. We shared the plan of salvation and it was a great video. And message. 
After we met with Sister Gibson (la) and asked her if her daughter wanted to learn more. And if so if we could have her permission to teach her. She said if she wants to its fine. Pray Nicole wants to. 

Each day was really long this week and with all our efforts we taught 30lessons (la,I,pi, and a) total. 4 less actives came to church....and this week was really great. It's been a great week. Now if our investigators don't keep dropping us. 

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