Monday, June 1, 2015

Cookies For Being Late!

Monday: We went on an adventure. We had to e-mail on our iPads. Which was fun. I mean  . . . personally I didn't love it. I'd much rather go to the library and email weekly. Which I guess defeats the purpose of having these! After, we cleaned and did laundry. We then wanted to go on a adventure walk but decided at the last minute to go on walk in downtown Greeley. Which was fun. After, we had dinner at Café Mexacali with the Hulls. We then went to see Sister Hatch, the relief society president and share with her any information we had on sisters in the ward and so forth. We then tried to contact a family on the roster and found out that they had moved 2 years before, and the address we had was out dated. So we volunteered to do service since the brother we met was moving out this week. We then set up a time to come back. We tried another less-active, only to find out we can't see very well in the dark. But we met Antonio and he told us he'd love to met with us, he's very religious and loves studying the gospel.

 Tuesday: We started off our day with studies and did family history for a hour. We visited sister black and sang Let the Holy Spirit guide. We shared a scripture from Doctrine and Covenants Section 11:12-14. We keep inviting her to church . . . maybe one day she'll come. We then visited another sister and spoke with her about the Plan of Salvation. She is smart and knows the whole thing. We keep inviting her to church but she still can't come, but she will one day. We had dinner with the Bode family. Those kids are super sweet and are a really just a great family. After dinner we spent The rest of our evening contacting less actives.

Wednesday: We did service for Sister Wheeler making baby layettes. We then helped her deliver them and had lunch downtown in Greeley at an American Grill it was super fun and it was really good to get to know Sister Wheeler better. We then went and did service for a less-active that's moving, we helped paint the house so he could put it on the market this month. And we were able to get an address to move his sister's records to her new area so the missionaries can meet with her there. We then tried to contact another family but they weren't home so we talked to their neighbors, Lydia and Victoria. We shared the message of the restoration they told us to come that we were able to give them a book of Mormon and a Bible. In the closing prayer Lydia prayed saying, "thank you for sending me these girls I know it must be a sign."

We had dinner with the Kingsford's and shared with them a message about temples and family history and invited them to do family history as a family. They are such a sweet family. And their daughter Emily wants to serve a mission really bad. She is 16 now. But already she has the desire to go for the right reasons. After, we visited the Randall's and sadly we were late. So we had to make the new member lesson short. Because we had another appointment. We felt so bad . . . and we should have been on time. I hate being late! Then, our 8 o'clock appointment forgot we were coming! And we even had a member coming to this lesson. So instead of us each going our own ways we decided to go visit a struggling family. And met with them. It was nice to hear them open up. You can't help someone if they don't tell you their problems.

Thursday: we were on exchanges. I was with Sister T. We were biking, and Heavenly Father answered a lot of prayers, I was so nervous. I might have a phobia of bikes -just a tiny fear. So since we were biking I didn't make any plans since it's a 30 minute bike ride just into our area. And I thought it might take a little longer. And it was so hot. So the first place we stopped was at Sister Walsh's and luckily she got back 10 mins before we showed up, what a miracle. We spoke with her about the Plan of Salvation. And it was interesting, she didn't bring up ISIS. First time that's not happened! But she asked a interesting people in heaven (pre-earth life) mourn when we leave to come to Earth? It was the first time she's ever asked a question like that. I'm really not sure on the answer but personally I think they are happy. They want us to succeed. But I'm not sure the church has a stand point on this. After, we visited the Marsh family and shared a message on the Atonement. They are having a tough time. And some days I wish people could see just how much the gospel can bless us, and our families. They are a great family. then we biked over to the Thomas's. That was interesting. Brother Thomas (non-member) was very engaged. They are a "wiser" couple (probably in their late 80's). We spoke with him about family history. I can't express to anyone how much doing family history before my mission has blessed me now. Then we biked to McDonalds and met Jennifer there. We invited her to met with us weekly since she's told us she can't come to church because of work. Jennifer reminds me a lot of myself at 16. But she agreed to meet with us. We had dinner with the Bagley family. And I guess I learned a important lesson: they love family history and when people can talk more me, don't bring up topics they feel so passionate about! Also, don't tell people you don't have a appointment right after dinner or they make it harder to get out. But they picked us up, and drove us to their home for dinner, then talked a long time. We shared a message, and they drove us back to our bikes. We then went to CeCee's house and she allowed us to share a quick plan of salvation lesson. It was so nice. She wasn't home when we first got their but her son was, he was really nice. He got us cold water and a Cliff protein bar. It defiantly made it better. So her son left to get his sister from practice so we could sit inside the home, and waited for them to get back. It was very nice. Then Sister Pringles picked us up, and gave us a ride home. It was a good end to a day.

Friday: we had district meeting, which we were late to....(by like 5 mins) but we were late because we were doing service. And we couldn't do service earlier because we had our extra hour of studies. So after district meeting we went to Sonic because Sister Danz has never been, and it was her 1 month mark! Emily came with us, and then went to see Amanda. It was fun. After, we had dinner, and the GPS got us lost. So we were late. On the bright side, we only had weekly planning after. So luckily, our dinner appointment wasn't angry and we were able to spent the rest of the day doing weekly planning.

Saturday: is a special day, it's the day we get ready for Sunday . . . And as missionaries we keep working. We started our morning with breakfast with our bishop's family. After, we tried to contact some less actives members, and with no luck. We came home to finish our studies and have lunch. Then we visited Julie and invited her to church, we also brought cookies because we were late days before. And an apology note. Luckily, all was well. And we then tried to contact more less actives. Only to find most have all moved. After, we visited the Vigil's and got in to see her, which never happens. I mean we see the dad but never her. Before dinner we tried more less actives, and we were near the home of a potential so we stopped by. They happened to be home and invited us in since it was raining. Then we had dinner with the Driscolls, who forgot they were feeding us, but it all worked out. That night, we met with the Marks and had a lesson on the word of wisdom and 10 commandments. It was the best lesson we've had in a couple weeks. We met with Ben after and it was good. By the end of the day we delivered cookies to every person we were late to or we felt we needed to drop some off to.

Sunday: Well, what a day! One of the less-actives who came to church, whose ex-wife is in the ward (recent move in), well, his first Sunday back, she and her new husband were speaking in sacrament! We felt bad. But at the same time, it could be worse. I remember one time I was walking in Walmart with Lauren and she asked me why I hated a movie, and I told her because on of my ex's loved it . . . she told me that's not a way to live. And I totally agree. And the reason I bring this up is because you can't allow someone else to stop you from living, enjoying certain activities, and etc. After church we came home to have studies, and lunch, and it was nice. I feel their is much I've been able to get out of my studies this week. We met with the Bradstreet's and shared a message about the gospel of Jesus Christ. They loved it. The Marion's fed us dinner. But I loved getting to know them better. After, we had a lesson with the Chavez family, second time we've ever gotten in. Hopefully things get better.

Llet me tell you quickly, I hate bugs!!!! Luckily we have 2 cans of Off spray. Sadly, we didn't have them in the car. So we knocked on a less actives door, and we had to share a message on the porch . . . it was so bad! The bugs were eating us alive. On the bright side, we learned to use the stinky spray. 

This week I was studying about John the Baptist and some things I really like are that he was dedicated, lived differently then the world, taught simply, and knew what his mission was. I love that I have been out 9 months to the day (June 1st)! I am thankful it has been so easy to have this focus so later when I'm home I can even better!

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