Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Why I'm Still Here . . .

This week I had a pretty great experience. I've been praying to know why I'm still here in this area (August makes 6 months), we were at the Deb's (name changed) and sister Deb had been planning on leaving her new husband for another man. She recently had to fly our of state and be a friend for this man but she had to drive back to Colorado. (Kansas is boring if you didn't know) 

Thursday night we met with sister Deb and she told us she no longer plans on leaving her husband and because we haven't seen her since the 4th (stopped to get water) last lesson appointment 3rd. So the 3rd was when this all went down.

By the 9th she was happier and has a desire to come to church. And she told us, "Sister Burden all I could see was the look of disappointment that was on your face last time" (3rd) and how wrong this plan was that she had. While sitting there I received an answer to why I am still here in this area. And I'm so grateful for the spirit and for the answers we can receive through prayer.

Also this week we had 5 less actives at church, and 1 investigator!!!! Marie came to church! And she rode her bike about 5ish miles to get there. In a skirt! Woohoo,

 Photos from exchanges.
Photo 1 Sister Young , sister Helsing me and sister Danz

Photo 2 Brother Wright (wml) sister Helsing and me)

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