Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Jenny is an STL in Her New Area! (Sister Training Leader)

This is Lauren: Jenny sends her blog updates to me and I post them but for some reason this weeks was chopped off. What I did get was her pictures and a few descriptions. The gist is that Jenny has been transferred to her third area.

Jenny has been a missionary for ten months, spent the first 4 in Loveland, the next 6 in Greeley and now Greely is being closed to sisters and Elders are moving in. Jenny is getting sent to Wellington where she will be a Sister Training Leader. An SLT is something like a Zone Leader or a District Leader. She and her companion will have leadership over the sisters in her zone and will frequently go on exchanges with them for training purposes. She will also be attending leadership meetings with the other leaders in her mission.

I, like all of you, have been impressed to watch jenny blossom on her mission! She is diligent, and obedient, and knows the power of the Atonement.

Keep her in your prayers!

Love, Lauren

Notes about the pics: 

This guy is way funny. And has been such a strength to me this
transfer. I'm grateful for him and his desire to serve those around

Last district meeting photo. #curlyhairdontcare

This family is from my last area...they just moved near Greeley back
in May. When I found this out I couldn't help but visit. Love them so
much. #permissiongranted2visit

Last Photo from Habitat. "We built this 'house' on rock n roll"
(redo...we ain't building a city...not yet)
Birthday celebration with some Elders in the area. Super nice. And
it's Olive Garden 😀

Saying 'see ya laters'

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