Monday, August 10, 2015

21st Birthday!

This week where to start. Sorry about just sending pictures last week, we had to pack and clean....and get rid of stuff we had acquired. (6 months somewhere can give you so many things you don't need) bad excuses...sorry.

Wednesday I went to my first DLC (District Leadership Counsel) where the district leaders and zone leaders, STL's get together and counsel on the needs and goal setting of the districts. It goes about a hour unless its like the one we just had and it goes to be almost two hours....We had dinner with the Matlock's I don't have a photo but Sister Clark might...anyway Sister Clark (my trainer) told the people here in Wellington my birthday was I had cake at dinner and then we went to the Eldrige and they had cake....oh no, I fear I'll get fat in this ward everyone is such a great cook. And cake is so soo good! And Earl (baptized in Nov/I went to his baptism with Sister Clark) he got me a card for my birthday it was so sweet. I love how in the church you always have a family wherever you go!

My birthday: big old 21 
What did we do:

Studies, driving and we went to zone meeting...gave a training...on my birthday! It was pretty nerve racking because 6 Elders in our zone have been in leadership positions and so forth since I've been out, or 2 of them came out in my group of missionaries. I get nervous speaking in forth of people but I am working more on putting aside fear. After we tried some unknowns in the ward we don't know, we met Galen he polishes rocks, and he gave us some...even a polished rock necklace since it was my birthday. After we had dinner with the Thompsons gave us a apple pie for my birthday and we had dairy free ice cream! woohoo! Also for lunch Sister Helsing took me to Olive Garden, it was so good. I love her! not just because she took me there but because shes so kind!

 Friday we had MLC's which are the first Friday of every month...they start at 9 am and end around 4 long. But there are 31 sisters in the mission, Sister Helsing and I are over 10 (5 companionship's) none of them are in our zone. We are over Longmont, Laramie, Loveland, and Cheyenne so needless to say exchanges will be fun, lots more traveling then I think I expected. But I'm excited. Our Bishop always says "Stuff like that there...." you'd think he was the one from the south not me...Oh well...people get disappointed when I don't sound like I'm from Kentucky...sad days of my life..

Yesterday we were about to drive to our dinner and we were leaving this neighborhood and we say a small, fat dog walking down the street I felt we should pull over to help, so we crossed the street so we could turn around, during that time a truck hit the dog...we parked the car and walked over to help...during this time the owner and her older son came running outside and some elderly ladies riding bikes stopped.At first we stood at a distance..I'm not sure either of us knew what to do. I kept saying a prayer I'd know what to do...I felt prompted to go stand beside this lady scratch her back while she knell above her now dead dog...the dog was so gross, blood was everywhere....but as I looked past that and stood silently beside her I was able to feel a sense of the Saviors love for her. I'm so grateful for the spirit and for the opportunity we have to help one another.

I love being a missionary. Thank you everyone for all you've done to help me learn and grow.

Thank you for having faith in me.

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