Monday, November 2, 2015

HALLOWEEN! And Jenny looks Awesome as Usual!

This week we craved pumpkins with the Stevens. It was so fun!

I did the Salt Lake Temple! If anything it was a good try. Its amazing how talented some people are at craving pumpkins..I'm just not that good. But first try wasn't to bad!!

We were in a trio for a night. We had sister Glover...sadly we didn't take a photo. ): But everyone should know we love her, and she is a very sweet sister. She is doing great training. But since we had to pick her up at transfers I got to see my pal, Elder Baylock. He is so funny. I served around him in Greeley. He defiantly made zone meetings way funnier.

We decided to make in a tradition of going to Costco one day a week for lunch. Seeing as we are in Foco all the time anyway. It really fun.I love it!

This little kittens name is Harrison Garfield Burson (burden and Jenson together) We found this little stray with trying to contact a less active. We took him and went to Family Dollar to buy some cat food, got a hold of the ladies mom and she told us it wasn't her cat but maybe it was a neighbors cat. So we went back to the house where we found him. And lights were on! We knocked on there door and found out it wasn't there cat, but they signed up to feed us! It was so great! Harrison got us a dinner. We kept Harrison for the night, and the next day took him to the Human Society in Foco. He will hopefully find a good home.

This week we had MlC (Missionary Leadership Council), I always love seeing all these sisters! They are so great! I was sick Friday but just a cold. I'm starting to feel better. Hard to breath.

Halloween, wow some things are just creepy. We had dinner with the Stake president and our mission president....We then went home and had a silly string fight!! It was great.

We hit bad (spoiled) eggs with a baseball bat. It was so fun!! Pictures to week!

This week I was ponderizing D&C 6:36

"Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not." I just love that as we look to Christ in all things, doubt and fear don't affect us. I love that we have a Savior who loves us. I know we have a Father in Heaven who loves us more than we may ever know. I know as we work continually on coming closer to Christ and helping those around us to do so we will be blessed. No matter how far gone we feel we are always welcome.

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  1. I love the pictures of you and the sisters. Great message also. You are doing great.