Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Rough Week But We Get Through

So the first two are pictures from us hitting spoiled eggs with a baseball bate. So fun!

This week was rough if you want the truth..

but if you want to know how we dealt with it...

we looked for miracles!

It tried snowing this week . . .

This week we ended up back at the dentist. which wasn't too bad. I got a tooth refilled. We also went and got flu shots. The Mission Department asked that we each do so we obeyed. I still hate shots!! My arm was sore for days. This week we got rebuked by our investigators dad, for trying to teach the Law of Chasity . . . needless to say we didn't get to teach that lesson . . . he also wasn't happy about us teaching the 10 commandments . . . well not all of them only adultery . . . he was fine with the other ones.

Our recent convert dropped us, aka so we got dumped...it was a rough week.

Some look for rainbows others look for miracles.... None of the snow stuck on the ground.

This week we did service for the Brandts, we painted in there home. Super fun! Good way to clear your mind. We finally met with the Cannons and we set her two boys with a baptismal date. Woohoo! Dec 5. I'm excited! Blessing!

We had dinner with Nicole (niki) and Rob it was so fun, even if they did ask us not to share a message it was good to get to know them. And see there views on things. They are so very sweet. And they signed up to feed us again. Another miracle.

I'm so grateful for the atonement, I know I wouldn't have made it through this week without it. I'm grateful for the spirit. I'm grateful for those who follow the spirit. Saturday night we met with our (wml) Brother Goins, and he made a comment during the meeting I know was inspired he looked over and said "You know none of this reflects you as missionaries. this isn't your fault." I know this is the restore gospel and I know we have a father in Heaven who loves us. I know our Savior never leaves us. He loves us and wants us to be happy. I know Christ was right there with me this week keeping me going. I know he is with each of you. Don't give up. I love each of you.

Watch this video . . .

this song got me through this week.


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