Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Exciting Week With a New Sister!

Monday the Goins took us for lunch at one of my favorite places, Red Robin. It was hard leaving Wellington. I love the people there so much! But now after six months they are free of one Burden. -haha

Transfer day Tuesday was fun...

We were told to be there at 9am, well the sisters I was to be with for the night wouldn't even be there till 4pm....so Sister Jenson and Sister Malekamu stayed with me, took me to lunch at Costco! -yum! It was pretty fun. And I got to see my grand daughter...sister Wesley! She's pretty fun- from what I know. I've never got to serve around her. This was only my second time meeting her.

Tuesday night I stayed in Wellington and attended the Relief Society activity, it was nice because the sister being swept in to our area got to met a lot of the sisters in the ward.

Wednesday -get your trainee day!

So we had to met the Assistants at 8, so we had time to take a picture of our one night long trio then we had to be at the meeting at 9, and watch the broadcast at 10. So needless to say it was a crazy morning....we didn't even get them till about 12:30ish...to be honest it's a blur now. We then had to go to the mission office, and wait for them to give us our phone, seeing as how they didn't want to send us without one! After we had to go to the mission home then go get lunch (3:30ish) thanks for the subway gift card! It helped! We then had to stop in Cheyenne to get bedding and some food to eat, then back on the road....we got into Alliance at 8pm, on our good drive up we finally were able to get a hold of the ward clerk whose wife is the relief society president, (the Bairs) they told us to come have dinner and they would help us carry our stuff to the apartment -the elders trashed! (If only I had taken photos. ) needless to say our first night was rough.

Thursday - on the go!!!

We had to end studies abrupt and go to district meeting, the meeting we had just planned for the day fell through and I felt a sense of despair I could only hope with how the day started out that it would get better. But with everything we planned only 2 things went according to plans. We met our ward mission leader, and had dinner again at the Bairs, they are so sweet, and they are good about not feeding me dairy because their son can't have dairy. -how nice!

We got lost, and it was a rough day but I figured with more sleep awaiting us the next day would be better...

Friday- Lets do this day!

Our branch President told us we needed to clean our house before we did anything else...ugh! So we started to clean a little at lunch, we had spent our lunch hour the day before but our apartment needed some major tlc. So we did just what we were asked we spent some time getting settled in. We weekly planned.

The Smith family took us for lunch (Mexican food) -so good! It was nice to get some names of people to go and see! Brother Smith is the High Priest Group Leader. We were trying to visit those in branch council...we didn't get to many but we got a good start.

Saturday - Work, Work, Work

We tried to visit as many people as we could. And success came of that!

We found a new investigator! Her name is Riley, shes 15. We will see whats to come with this. Riley's grandma is a member. Not sure why the Elders dropped her (their area book isn't up to date) but hopefully we can help her find what shes looking for.

We had dinner with our Branch President and his wife (left kids at home) and took us to the Mexican Restaurant-haha.

We met with some less actives and that was so good!

The Dillards are a less active family, the husband wants to come back, but the wife isn't ready. They are such a sweet family! It was nice to be able to share with them the Restoration... it seems that's all we've taught- for the most part this week!

Sunday- should be refreshing.....

Sunday started out good, we went to branch council...and our high council man is from my home stake. (forgot name) That was really cool!

I heard a quote yesterday that brought me lots of relief

"It's not okay because it's not the end, It will be okay in the end."

We got home from church, and Sister Henrie had a melt down, its been rough- My trainer put up with so many melt downs from me....sometimes I wonder how she ever could have loved me! I was a mess, and all I want is to help her and I feel everything I try is failing or we get somewhere and she slips back into despair. Yesterday, she just wanted to call home, and I wanted so bad to tell her to just do it...we instead tried calling Sister Brown, she didn't answer...so I sent a text...sent my trainee to take a nap, and prayed so hard that Sister Brown would call us back and give some Motherly advice....I finally stopped praying and began to read in the scriptures soon enough I looked up, and the phone lite up...It was Sister Brown was calling!!!! I can't express how happy I was in this moment. But even her motherly words didn't seem to help.

Yesterday we had a lesson with Sister Lewis a less active...she has so many health problems, and shes so young. She has 3 kids. During our visit she talked about how she just wanted to feel beautiful in her body, and of how she when she had her walker she was embarrassed to go in public, all I could think of was the Mormon message "My new life." So I asked if she had ever heard of this ladies story, she told me no...I asked if we could watch a video and talk about it after, she agreed...we watched the video after we talked about the atonement and how we can find peace and happiness because of our Savior. Tears were in her eyes and the spirit was so strong.

I can not even express t you how happy I am to be here in Alliance. I'm grateful for my trainee Sister Henrie and for her pushing through this first week. She is who I need at this time to be my companion. I may not know whats to come but I know Heavenly Father has put us both here for a reason. I know our Father in Heaven is aware of us and loves us. I couldn't be more grateful for the members here and for their love.

Monday- Pday

Sister Bair and her 3 little boys came today and helped us wipe down walls and clean....totaled all together we have put in about 5-6 hours...in cleaning, its making progress but little by little.

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