Monday, February 1, 2016

A Low Week With A Love for Missionary Work!

Well I'd just like to say the last week has been a roller coaster, filled with many different emotions. At some point in my mission, a good friend wrote me an email and told me mission are just that way...but this has taken a whole new extreme. I know what you may be thinking, but let the no longer teenager me say..."you just don't understand."

Worst moment - A family took us for dinner Monday....for pizza...I was not well for days. Worst its ever been!!

Funniest, weirdest moment this week...brought me to tears even though it probably shouldn't have....oh well. We were eating dinner with a family and the oldest son (he has special needs.) He's 17 or 18. Anyways so we are at a buffet so we all go up to get our food, and he asks the question " which one of you has brown hair?" Well obliviously not we say "sister Henrie does!" He smiles. We are then going up for seconds ( it's a buffet, don't judge) and he's watching us but no biggie. While sitting there we are talking to Cat, she's like 15. Pretty funny, she reminds me of Kim. :) So the mom has to make a phone call, during this time the oldest son says to Sister Henrie "Can I tell you something?" She's silent. He then says "you are the miracle I've been dreaming of!" He then blows her a kiss!!! I lost it. I was laughing so hard. Yes, to the point of tears. I wish each of you could have been there it was too funny!

This week I got a phone call, asking what airport I'll be flying into. And so forth....I wish I could say this was my lowest moment. Sadly it wasn't. I know some people are happy and look forward to going home, but I've said it before and I'll say it again...I'd extend for 18 more months if I could. A mission has been the best thing ever for me! I couldnt even tell you how much of a blessing its been for me. Every day has been a new adventure.

If you look at numbers...which don't account for many efforts invested...they are so even accounting active people we taught 12 total lessons. Its a good thing I'm not number happy person.

Yesterday, I gave a talk in sacrament. It was probably one of the worse talks I've even given. It was on "my purpose in God's plan"

Alliance is the best thing that has happened to me. I know that sounds crazy! But I love the town and the people here.

My companion is amazing, I know Heavenly Father put us here for a reason! I love this sister with every fiber of my being. I truly just want her to be happy.

I'm so grateful for all that has been going on. Trials are tough. But they allow us to grow. That I am thankful for.

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