Monday, March 28, 2016

It is Hard to Teach a Drunk Person

This week has been crazy, I'm not sure anyone would believe me if I even told them all that's happened....well maybe you would, you all should know by now how crazy missionary life can be...or is. Right?

 Our pday last week was the start of everything crazy...we went shopping and did our laundry all before 10:30am, so we could spend our pday giving service. Talk about a day of rest. I know most of you must think we were crazy to give up our pday but I knew we needed to be serving others...If Christ was here he would have done the same...remember when He was tired and they brought the children for him to bless and one of the apostles told the people he was tired and Christ said "Bring them hither!" Well even though it wasn't a restful day I know we were blessed.

We got to met with Gabby and Bryce twice this week. They are such sweet kids.I love these kids with all my heart. They have such a light within them. And they are so happy with what little they have. Its really sweet. It truly helps you see that you don't need everything to be happy.

We also met with Lewis this week, he is a less active who a lot of people have judged which has kept him from the church. We spoke with him on the importance of him baptizing his kids, and how hard it is when the kids look back and barely remember the name of some random guy who baptized you. Their is some resentment as a kid in that situation. So we spoke about that. And how fathers need to set an example for the family. Sunday his wife came over to us and told us He got up and helped get the kids ready told his wife speaking with us the other night sparked something within him. He didn't come but his 9 yr old son Little came and how grateful I am for that. So did the older brother Manny!! Now for the dad to come back.

We had a no drive day this week, even thought we had no snow, and the storm skipped us. Well at 6pm we decided we'd drive anyway and go for dinner and then to the church to met with our branch president to discuss the missionary work ...when we got into the car our Tiwi told us the car battery was low, but the light wasn't on. So we drove anyways....doesn't driving charge the battery? Well I tell you this because the next morning we got into the car drove to a car repair guy and had him check our battery -it was fine. When we left all these lights came up on the dash board...and as we drove our car wouldnt tell us the speed we were about scarry...well luckily my Gps tells the speed limit and the speed of the driving car. So we made it the hour drive to our meeting then called the Tiwi people. They fixed it!!

District meeting was so good. I love our meetings. Thats one thing I miss about not being an STL -all the meetings.

Woohoo so far I've not told you why this week was the strong begins...

So a couple weeks we tracted into a house that told us we could come back...we fianlly had the chance to try them again. A lady named Pearl answered the door, I had a very uneasy feeling but felt I should follow the spirit and focus on other...a man was standing next to the porch and was drinking...he walked over and let us into the home. Found his mom and Pearl invited us into another room to talk but when we came is all she did was cry..(she was drunk) she said she just wanted to hit something, and asked it she could. I told her if she wanted to...she began punching and throwing things close to her. The man invited us back into the living room where the explosion happened. Pearl called us fake and many other words...she was swearing at the man's mom and hitting The man. The mom called the cops...the whole time I had to pee. I had been drinking so much water all day...we were there from 6-8:50. When Pearl left we finally got to share a message but The man was so drunk as well....its hard to teach drunks.

Easter was so good. We had dinner with the Weaver family and I got to play and hug some farm animals. I loved it!!!

And I love Green smoothies.

This week had some high and low points, some mild and spicy points but I wouldnt take it back for the world. I learned so much.

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