Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Companion and a "blessing" from Elder Bednar ;)

Staying Still...In Loveland With A New Companion..

This week was hard with transfers. I'm still having stomach problems and not able to keep much food down and getting a new companion. Plus, my mom went to the hospital and I had other challenges that came. I know Heavenly Father helped me through that. He gave me strength and a great trainer who taught me how to endure and keep pressing forward.

Monday we went had dinner with the Brandts and sadly as good as the food was I just got sick...ugh! We visited the Andersons, VonKampen, and Leonhardt families and had the opportunity to let Sister Clark say goodbye and share her testimony and talk of how we strengthen our testimony while sharing it (Elder Bednar talk).

Tuesday I got my new companion and we only taught one lesson to the members we live with because I was so sick. Also, because my companion was super late getting to transfers.

Wednesday we did service at Habitat Restore. And we met with Mary and taught about the Atonement and read a conference talk about it. It's amazing to see the changes in Mary from Oct to now.

We met the Allen family. Brother Allen brought his family here because he is a construction manger for the temple. We then met Sister Korman and taught on prayer.

Thursday we helped pack the mission office up for the move. Then we had dinner with a less active and taught on the Book Of Mormon. It is nice hearing people say they want to read more often. We met with our Relief Society President and her family.

Saturday we started meeting with one of the young women to help her make a Mormon.org profile. We are going to help her make a video soon. We also got into the home of a referral given to us back in Oct! (glad we never gave up) she is now taking the lessons.

Sunday was crazy. Between church, studies, and two canceled appointments we only taught two lessons -people don't like drop by on Sunday. Crazy right! But this week even with transfers and being sick and combining with the Elders area book we taught 19 lessons. (goal is 20...so not bad for everything that went on)

So, Elder Bednar came to our mission and he drinks Fiji Water! ​One of the many things that he taught was about conference talks and how the Apostles teach. He said that in every talk they give they will 1. Emphasize a doctrine 2. Give an invitation to act 3. Promise blessings. Elder Bednar said that after every General Conference he takes the 14 other talks of the prophets, seers, and revelators and goes through them and finds those 3 things and then that is what he lives by for the next 6 months. I want to encourage all of you to do the same. I know that it will bless your lives tremendously. When Elder Bednar came he did a Q&A meeting for 3 1/2 hours...cool huh? Well, I got to stand up and speak with him and tell him what the spirit taught me and it was so scary. But his reply when I sat down "Bless you, Bless you, Bless you" HOLY COW HOW GREAT IS THAT! I won't ever forget that!

Love, Sister Burden

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