Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Lots of Investigators!

Monday we had the chance to met with a less active and speak with her about prayer and the Book Of Mormon. She had told us how she had never read the Book cover to cover and how she'd love to start, she told us of her desire to have more heart felt prayers. She is amazing.

 Tuesday we did service and a member got us Cafe Rio for lunch! (: We were able to met with a new family who moved into the ward. The dad is not a member and the son and brother are baptismal age. So we are teaching them. It is always super fun....also they always give us ice cream. Gotta love it!! I sure do.

Wednesday always seems so long...then all of a sudden its gone. We started out the day meeting with a lady named Lori who is reading the Book Of Mormon cover to cover (shes a member but less active) but she is amazing. I love her so much. She wants to have more meaningful prayers and all these things. She is on fire. We also had our interviews with our mission president which was very good. I love President Brown. He is great.

Thursday we had district meeting and did service at Habitat Restore then went to do more visits. We even had dinner at Panera - I love that place.

 Friday we had weekly planning. I love Fridays! "Friday, Friday,...." Anyways we had family home evening with a part member family and had the chance to get to know them better. They are a great family and they've been through so much. I am excited to be here and just having the opportunity to teach so many. Friday we hit our goal of 20 lessons. :)

Saturday we did more service helping make t-shirt bags for the Women's Safe House In Fort Collins. It was loads of fun. We also started helping Madi and Julie make their mormon.org videos. Which is super fun. Those two girls are so talented. We met with the Rovabado family and we got Chinese Food...Heavenly Father knows how to keep us happy....Food. We get fed really good. And luckily my stomach is able to handle food again.

Sunday we had church which was super good. We came home and ate left-overs. yum! (no really yum. it was pizza) one of our appointments canceled on us...bummer. But we were able to meet more with Madi and look at what we were able to get the day before and see what more we need to do this week. We met with a family who has a son who doesn't know if he wants to serve a mission or not but during our lessons it was good to see him open up and talk about how he knew it all to be true. We ended the week with 28 lessons. Not that numbers are important. It was really nice that's for sure.


Just hiding yourself from your fears doesn't always cut it. You need to have faith in the Lord and confidence in yourself that you can do hard things. When you learn to face your fears with faith in Jesus Christ, anything can become possible.

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