Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Service and Smoothies

This week went by so fast but felt so long...so lets get started!!

Monday we only taught two lessons...The picture is from Monday night dinner. The family invited three families from Sister Johnson's old ward. It was nice to have so many people. As you may guess we didn't leave within the hour. Dinner appointments shouldn't be over an hour....let alone two hours! I wasn't happy but how do you get out of a house when you haven't even shared a message? Ugh so it went over. We were able to met with a less active and that went really well.

Tuesday we had Mormon.org time. Every week we get 45mins to watch Mormon messages and so forth. I find it pretty fun. I mostly listen to conference talks and such. There are so many good ones!

We had service on Tuesday at Habitat Restore. We go once a week. I love it. This week I decided to get a mini blender so I can make smoothies in the morning. It was only 5$ with our discount Holy Cow how great! Now I can eat better and at least it will be easier. So if anyone wants to mail me some recipes for good cheap smoothies I can make at home I'd love that. Also we had dinner with this really great family they made us ribs. He's from Texas so you know it was good! We finally finished Mary's new member lessons. And it was so good. Mary is amazing. She is such a light and has grown so much this last little bit. Its amazing how she lights up every time we see her. 

Wednesday we went on exchanges -much better than my last one- I was with Sister Waite. I love her so much. I went with her last time. This exchange we both worked in our area -which I was so happy for. Sister Johnson wanted to go to a different area. But all went well. I mean if anything, something got done, we worked and accomplished much.

My companion goes home in April...so shes what they call "trunky". And isn't trying to get to know the people here. She's pretty open with other missionaries about this. So you can imagine how things are going. I love her and shes great at teaching. she is willing to work but I feel like at times I'm pushing or pulling.

Thursday we had district meeting to start our day and it was great! I love our district. 'll send a picture next week. We were able to follow the spirit and were lead to 4 people who needed us. Its so great to be there for others very moment they need you. Love it!!

Friday I had a migraine....ugh...I got sick during studies and felt terrible and Advil did nothing!! So all our morning things were postponed. I hated that the most!! We would have to do weekly planning another time and that killed me. but we got a lot done. Saturday we worked with more young women on there Mormon.org video. How exciting! We did service. Although my head hurt I pushed through.

Sunday, Fast Sunday....when you get a bigger headache from fasting. ugh. bad idea but great spiritual experiences. Total lessons 21 service 7.5 so lots was accomplished!


-- Sister Burden

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