Monday, February 23, 2015

Like Everywhere, Bad Weather

Sorry Pictures Next Week!

Monday....well its always hard to say goodbye....luckily I prepared myself all week just in case. so for those of you who didn't read last week, I got transferred. I'm in Greeley in the Centennial ward. Sorry People from Bison Ridge who I didn't get to say goodbye to. I will for sure come back and visit.

Tuesday....first day in another new area. Not only with one new companion but two. Needless to say life was a little crazy. But no worries, I love them both! Sister Carbno has been out a while. She has 2 transfers after this. And Sister Waters came out with me. They are both incredible and I love them! We went straight to work as soon as we got to our area. We had some amazing lessons. One was with Marjorie. We sang a song even though none of us are singers. It went well. (: Then we taught enduring to the end. That went well too. She talks a lot and is older. She is less active and spent the lesson trying to teach us. She is a very nice lady. I'd love to see her come back to church.

Wednesday.....we had district meeting we played the "guess what's in my head game." A game Elder Bednar told us not to play....ugh Elders!!! Our district includes us (3) and our district leader and his comp (2) =5....needless to say, it's small. We also played hot seat, something else they tell us not to do. We need to get rid of the mild disobedience here.

Our service activity got cancelled (we didn't call so we didn't know...) ugh!!! -We should be more prepared and call the day before not the day of (or not at all). Drives me insane!! It will change especially since I have phone duty now in our companionship.

Thursday .....Well Happy Chinese New Year! Despite the weather, we did have 3 really good lessons with a less active, active, active. I've hardly met anyone who is active in this ward yet so Sunday I'm planning on not knowing anyone. That will change with time.

Friday we started our day at the food bank and packed potatoes into bags it was kind of nice. We were going to take a picture but all three of our cameras were dead. We still don't have a picture from our companionship. Next week. I finally got to met the bishop and we spoke with him about what he expects of us.I got to introduce "Check it Out" to him. Way fun I really hope that gets going here. I'd love that! I loved helping the youth in Loveland with theirs!

Saturday was a no driving day....ugh! another reason I hate snow! Since we don't live in our area, we couldn't walk to anyone's homes. It would have been an hour walk just to get into our area let alone to anyone's house. But a family did feed us dinner. How great!

Sunday we had a meeting at 7am. Church starts at 9am and at 9:45am we received a text telling us it was a no drive day again. Too bad, we already drove to church. The lady we live with fed us dinner. People are so sweet. My last companion taught me to always say yes to food. So guess what, someone offers me food, I say yes. I let others serve me so they can receive blessing. (:

Love, Sister Burden

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