Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Monday was P-Day woohooo! We went thift store shopping I got two dresses for less than $5, Holy Cow how great! And they were the right length and all!! Its not every day you find a dress that covers your knee.

We spent our time after dinner with the Meadows and read scriptures. I love them. They make me sure happy.

Tuesday we visited with a member (she has a huge house) and we read from the Book Of Mormon with her and it went really well. She told us she'd have us over some time soon for some Moose. (Never had it but it sounds good.) We also met with a member who a year ago was having some health issues and was in the hospital because of it. She told us her story and dang I mean I already loved her but she is sooo sooo soooo strong!!! I loved hearing her story and her testimony of the Atonement. I was grateful to have heard it. If anything, I learned that when I'm going through trails, health ones or whatever, I need to focus on the Atonement and everything Christ did for us. She is a great example to me.

Wednesday we started the day painting! That was loads of fun! Then for lunch we ate in a grave yard. It was different but it was fun. We also taught one of our investigators and tried again to invite her for baptism and she wasn't against it but she wasn't jumping for joy either. She answered 'maybe' It just seems shes not willing to put forth the effort to find out if what we are teaching is true. -which can be frustrating.

Thursday we had district meeting and we might have spent a little time predicting what would happen with transfers... We also did service at Habitat Restore and that was fun. We invited one of the Part Member Families we teach to be baptized they are trying to figure out when the grandpa can come to baptize them....how exciting then.

Friday we had lunch with some amazing people at Panera. We also did weekly planning. and had dinner with one of our investigators who will be baptized March 14...as well as her son!!! 

Saturday its transfer doctrine day....I knew I was leaving from the moment I rolled out of bed. But we didn't get the call until 9:30pm....ugh we got the call and my gut was right. I'm headed to Greeley East. (Downtown Greeley) We did lunch with our STL. How fun!

Sunday was crazy busy trying to say goodbye as well as trying to get some packing done after we got home last night. But I got 6 visits in....there is never enough time. That's what tonight is for...tomorrow I'll be in a new area.

Sister Burden

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