Monday, February 9, 2015

Revelation and Growth

Monday we visited a family. Typically I just want to cry because this family is a great family but they are less active and the mom works with many members from the church and every time we visit with them her and the kids at some point will say "we are bad Mormons" or "they are better than us" thoughts, "we are not to compare so STOP IT!!!!"

Tuesday we had a lesson which Sister Brown (mission president's wife) came to. Then our ward mission leader came with us to another lesson with a less active family. Then we taught a family who moved here recently. The mom is less active and none of the kids are baptized. The the dad isn't a member. The kids are amazing and they have such a desire to learn. The dad doesn't seem to want to learn but he sits in on the lessons and makes comments. They love feeding the missionaries as well, they are a great family. The Fairbanks fed us dinner and they got us Mexican food -Cafe Rio was out of sweet pork ): but the place they got us food from was so good!

Wednesday we got to meet with Jackie and her husband and we taught the Plan Of Salvation. At the end, her husband said "I'll see you at church Sunday" He's not been in over 2 years! He didn't come but the thought was progress! We also met with Amy, a new mom in the ward who got called to young women's. We shared on of my favorite Mormon messages "Your not alone" She had to teach in young women's Sunday so we asked if we could help with the Laurels. She told us yes. So we prepared ourselves for a long day coming up.

Thursday we had district meeting which was amazing then our STL's wanted to go to lunch so we went to a cheap sushi place (gift card) and ate sushi -yummmm! Then we did service at Habitat for Humanity. Carmen is back in town and its so nice doing service there and feeling needed. I love how fast the time goes there. I feel like every second needs to count, there is always so much to do. After, we taught the member we live with (Debbie) she is super funny and with her husband are like another set of parents. They never had daughters so they always say we are there daughters (: -tender! Then we visited another family and had a slice of pizza for dinner. Needless to say we were hungry but we went on with our night and went to the RS meeting and learned how to use natural cleaners and how to organize things. Fun stuff.

Friday we never seem to have enough time to weekly plan ever. There is always a lessons to be taught.  We teach so many lessons. And there were so many good things that happened. One family asked us to teach their son before he gets baptized. His name is James and he is the cutest kid ever. We visited a family that moved into there home not even a month ago and (Tuesday) we are helping them paint. We also met with a member who was baptized about a year ago. They are amazing. They call us their daughters. (: We love them. (They gave us the gift card for sushi-they really do love me and we love them!!!

Saturday:  Okay, so literally I've knocked on the same door trying to find this girl since week 7. Finally, we got out of a lesson and I felt we needed to try this door again . . So we drove over to the house and knocked on the door. I was a little nervous as we waited on the door step. 5 minutes, no answer. Finally we hear people talking and then someone answered the door and it was her! She is a less active who joined the church when she was 12 and then got pregnant and doesn't really go to church at all. Sadly now she is gone to New York until Feb 17 . . . after transfers. Who knows, maybe I'll stay! But we were able to meet with her and get to know her better. I hope she remembers why she joined and continues to strengthen than flame.

Sunday we went to church. We taught gospel principles (Sunday school) and it went really well. A couple weeks ago a less active told us if we taught they'd stay for class. So I volunteered us to teach (by the way I hate teaching in class setting). Then we were joining the 16 -18 girls for young women's and helped with Amy's lesson. It went so good. I was glad I was able to stretch myself to volunteer to teach those lessons because I know before my mission I would have but my first month or two out I wouldn't have. We had dinner with these amazing families (they invited a family in the ward) so two families. it was super fun. We did service for one of them not too long ago and now they want to do something for us. People are so nice! Also best part of my day was in sacrament I decided to focus on the prayers and what I can do better this week .There was a family I felt inspired to talk with them about the temple. So a little after church we went and met with them they told us how he should be getting the Melchizedek priesthood soon! And they want to be sealed not to long after that! Holy Cow how great! This week was great! Also, I cut my hair . . . I'll send a picture next week. But I will say I have bangs again. (: woohooo! Also, this is my favorite talk . . . Take some time and listen or read it this week...even if you heard it before! -- 
Come Join With Us

Sister Burden

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