Monday, March 23, 2015

An Investigator Baptism Miracle

Monday - Our recent convert moved to Estes. Hopefully things are going good for her. She got a job at the Stanley Hotel. Which is exciting. But sad that she is no longer in our area. Monday was a very long day. We only taught one lesson....not my favorite day..

Tuesday we had service at Thrift Rite which is fun. We sort clothes and steam them. So its alright. I just like service where we get dirty the best. But we had a lesson with Sister Black. She's not active at all. But she loves missionaries. She is a older lady and she is a little crazy (in a good way). She loves a song, scripture, and prayer and then you leave. That is her structure. She is very much so southern woman. But apparently since I've been in the area she allows us to talk more about the scripture. Its been nice to see at the end of every lesson just how much has changed since my first visit. Heavenly Father is working some miracles. Also in my last area we had someone who would try to talk over us when we taught I learned very quickly that sometimes its okay to talk over someone. (In a loving way, that's respectful)

Also Tuesday, Greg got married to Rachel! They have been together 9 years . . . so its exciting. WE didn't even have to teach the law of chasity. (miracle!) Greg is getting baptized this Saturday!

Wednesday we did service for a lady who isn't a member but she makes things for new born babies. We helped her sort the baby things. Fun! Baby things are cute. We also had district meeting which was okay. Pretty sure all of us have ADHD in those meetings. We are everywhere and it takes forever to get on task. We had a lesson with a recent convert and found out his wife and he are planning on getting a divorce which makes me super sad. We went home and I cleaned before bed while my comps had ice cream (each of us crying) there is nothing we can do. But love them. And be there for them. Its just always sad to see people throw in the towel.

Thursday morning was a struggle and we didn't get up on time. UGH. I did studies by myself. And ate breakfast by myself. It was a rough morning. I just wanted to crawl into bed and forget the night before. WE agreed to go over and sort through their 3 year old's  toys. It was good to be there for them. But she told us the story behind it all. I know you can't help someone unless they need help but divorce isn't always the answer. I can't really say. It just hurts.

Friday we went to the food bank and bagged potatoes . . . fun . . . maybe. I love doing service but some of these activities are not very fun. We visited Vona who is a very interesting old lady. She met her now boyfriend at a truck stop. He was homeless and 20 years younger. She's maybe in her 60's.  Its weird if you ask me, but oh well. We met with a couple others people on Friday. Weekly planning is my favorite thing to do. I love having a plan of action and updating records. I know most missionaries hate it but I love it.

Saturday the Bustos boys were baptized in Loveland! Since its not my area anymore,  we had to ask permission to go. And Sister Carbno was the first set of missionaries to find them with Sister Molly Johnson (home now) in Park wood, Fort Collins. My companions refused to text President Brown because they were afraid of him. Luckily, serving so close to him, I'm not nearly as fearful as I might have been. So I asked if we could go and he gave us two conditions, 1) get a ride,  and 2) take a investigator. I was a little sad, finding an investigator on such short notice is hard! I prayed so much because I wanted to go. At Greg's lesson he told us he didn't work that night . . . yaahooo! So I asked. Very happily, He said he wanted to go! He looked over at his wife and her reply was they don't have gas money. I felt my stomach drop. I then knew I had some cash in my bag. I reached down to grab it and asked if it would be enough. They said, "yes!". Then they asked what time we needed to leave at. I was so happy. I know Heavenly Father answers prayers. He knows the desire of our hearts.

Sunday church. Greg had his interview and all is well.

We had a great day.

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