Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Staying in Greeley!

Monday: We had dinner with the Hulls. They just got called as ward missionaries they are both amazing. Cute family. We ate some great Mac & Cheese. ( I decided to tell the ward after transfers I can't have dairy, each time it gets a little worse.) I love Mac & Cheese...and ice cream! I wish we had a Rita's! Or even something close to it.

Tuesday: We have been praying to get a referral these last couple weeks. Well, we finally got one. Things were really weird. We visited this referral and had the impression we needed to make it quick and get out. It was very strange. So we left very quickly. After having just gotten there. We all had a strange feeling for a bit after that. We sat at the church parking lot for like 2 1/2 hours and then my companions called our district leader for counsel on the matter. Yes, I was bothered by the visit but not enough to call the Elders. But we did all feel better after speaking with them.

One of the families we've been working with the kids haven't been baptized (we were teaching the two girls). Well, when we went by, the youngest son came to the door and said "My mom doesn't want you here, go away." we asked if we could get a picture since it was going to be our last visit. It was very sad. The parents don't even sit in on the lessons and they told us they are just anti-church and don't want to have to deal with all of it. It was a hard night. Needless to say we sat at the church crying and were sad about it. We loved seeing those girls.

Wednesday: We did service for a older lady named Sister Wheeler (not a member) we helped her name layettes for newborn babies. It was nice. We then met with Sister Black (in picture) and she always has us sing a song. This time she recorded us. How sweet. (I know we don't sound sweet.) Rick is one of our investigators who may as well be a member to be honest. He knows so much and remembers so much. He was taught 4 years ago. The other day he was asking about the Plan Of Salvation and baptism. I say "fill the fount" but I don't want to push him that's for sure. But he is very close.

We taught Brother Voorhies how to make Mormon.org cards. Much better day than Tuesday.

Thursday: We taught this older lady who is a member and the whole time she was so happy. She was getting a cat after we left. She is so cute. We also taught our investigator Bob. We taught Word Of Wisdom. For some reason a lot of the lessons we teach everyone gets very spacey. Its very frustrating.

Friday : Finally we taught the last lesson to Greg. Member missionary work! We then met with Amanda. I really wanted a good lesson. She is a less active 14 year old. And at her age, although I went to church I may as have been less active. My testimony struggled the most when I was 14-16. And even after that. But her mom is very rude to her and won't come to church. I wish I knew how to help her!

Saturday: Greg Mark got baptized!!! Holy Cow this day has been on in the making since 2008. And now it has happened. It was a testimony to me of how some of us are to plant seeds and some are to harvest them. Transfer News: I will not be in a trio. I will however keep Sister Carbno. And stay in Greeley for another 6 weeks. Sister Waters is going to Wheatland.

The General Woman's meeting was great! (listen here if you missed it)


Also the church put out this video check it out! (http://www.mormon.org/easter?cid=HP_FR_3-27-2015_dMIS_fMRMN_xLIDyL1-A_) Sunday....Great day!

I'm so happy with everything going on. I'm sorry I complained a little last transfer. I know a lot of it was well it wasn't easier. Part of me wanted it to be. I know I stayed here another transfer for a reason and I know I'm with this Sister for a reason. I know Heavenly Father loves us. I trust him and know it will work out. I know Heavenly Father gives us weakness to help us grow. I'm looking forward to the next week. And this new transfer. Pray for me though. Love you all.

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