Wednesday, April 8, 2015

When you feel the spirit . . . you know what you need to do!

Monday: Well we had p-day like every other Monday but our Bishop asked us to do service for a woman who isn't a member. (We are not supposed to do service on Monday) but we helped the lady pack her truck. We had dinner with our Bishop and got little Easter baskets How cute! I love the bishop's family. I also got to jump on the trampoline. (5 mins before p-day was over)

Tuesday: Transfer day! We dropped off Sister Waters in Windsor. (She is now in Wheatland, WY) And Sister Carbno and I stayed together. So after we dropped her off we went back to work. We visited Sister Black, that lady is kind of funny . . . crazy but funny. Very sweet. It's interesting meeting with her because she not active but tries to preach at us. We met with Sister Rush (the lady who got the cat). Her son wasn't happy. haha. She loves that cat. It was cute listening to her prayer when she thanked Heavenly Father for the cat. CUTE!

Wednesday: We did service in the morning for Sister Wheeler. We ended up going to Johnstown and Windor . . . (not our area and we didn't have permission...eck!) Well after we finished she took us to Rubbin' Butts BBQ. Haha we all agreed it was a weird name. But its was pretty cool.

Brother Wright, our ward mission leader, took us to dinner Chick-Fil-A. I've decided if members take us out I want to go to the hole in the wall places that are unique to my mission. Don't get me wrong, I love Chick-Fil-A,I just want something new.

Every plan fell through . . . yes those days happen. But we were able to met with Sister Sheet is moving to Riffle. To be closer to her grand baby. We didn't get to met to long with her because she was packing. We did get to met with Sister Nelison and we were able to read the "The Living Christ."

Friday: Weekly planning . . . Need I say more on that matter. I love planning. We did service at the food bank. It was great. Then we visited the Marks and Jackie (side note: in Greeley lots of houses have solar plates on top of there house.) But we were driving down a street, couldn't tell you how many times we've been down this street in the last 6 weeks. But this time I noticed the solar plates. They looked huge! So I pointed to them. Coming out of the drive way was a car (we were on the opposite side of the street) and its a miracle we didn't get hit! my companion started panicking. I died laughing because I wasn't pointing at the car I was pointing at the top to the house. But because I was pointing at the house we noticed the car. Oh the tender mercies you see as a missionary! whoa. We made it to see Jackie and the Marks. It was great! We are hoping to set Jackie with a date for baptism.

Saturday: General Conference. we had dinner with the Martins and colored eggs. FUN! It was a long busy day. I loved conference. It was so powerful. I loved the spirit that was there. It was amazing.

Sunday: General Conference!!! Its always sad when its over We visited so many people Sunday night. We had a lovely Easter dinner. We watched the Sunday Morning session with the Marks and it was great. Jackie told us she wanted to be baptized! It was great! I couldn't have had a happier moment. And I mean Elder Holland spoke Sunday. It was a glorious moment. I love listening to Elder Holland. But this topped everything and anything that could have happened. Jackie felt the spirit and knew what step she needed to take next.

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