Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Work Hard, Be Obedient

Holy smokes this week was crazy but so many good things happened. I'm not so sure where to start.

So Monday and Tuesday were miracle days where none of our appointments fell through. It was great!

Monday we had p-day which makes me happy but it's snowed the last 3 weeks so we haven't cleaned

the car. the inside is gross and sadly its been with sisters for a while . . .ugh. It has hair everywhere. It's sick. I hate sitting in it . . . but we obviously have to. (Today we are cleaning it because we have zone conference tomorrow and because I can't live this way)

We met with a recent convert but I'm pretty worried about her. She is great but struggling. Her boyfriend is on a mission and they broke up which makes him her ex but I'm not so sure whats going on. She is good friends with a less active. But has only been to church once in the last 4 weeks. ): WHAT TO DO!?

Tuesday, we met with a referral named Rick. He is in his late 20's early 30's. He smokes and says he's addicted to Pespi. I can think of worse things . . . nothing says we can't have Pespi. It's just a little funny. He wants to read from the Bible and Book of Mormon which is way fun. He's taken the lessons we teach but mostly just wants to read since he hasn't been reading since his dad passed away in September.

We met with a less active family. They were really nice. The dad is always gone so we didn't see him but the kids are great. 3 little boys. They are everywhere! They did good at listening to the message though.

Wednesday we had a crazy day . . . it started with service for a member. Which was fine. We helped her clean her house. We then had lunch and then had district meeting. District meeting was a joke. Its only us (3 sisters) and the Elders (2) so 5 total. we were all a little spacey. And district meeting went way over . . . and we were accused of hanging out with Elders . . . nope. The people who told the AP's didn't know our district was so small . . . what a joke. Ugh.

We had dinner with Mark and Rachel they told us they are getting married and Mark wants to be baptized. Holy Smokes!!! (Well he told us he was 70% sure - Read Sunday)

Thursday we started our day with studies and then service . . . good stuff. we went to Thrift Right. it was good. We then had lunch and went to visit a less active. She recently got into some anti stuff. So it was a good lesson to reaffirm truth. She told us she doesn't know everything but she knows the church is true!We don't need to know everything. I don't know everything, I'm positive of that. But I know the truth of the gospel and the joy and it brings.

Friday service again . . . you'd think its all we do but I love it and we do so much more. We met with sis Miller, she is a less active but she houses four Elders and she's getting sick of it. Its sad. I guess Elders aren't always clean. Ugh! She told us she wished she could house us. We met with another less active and her mom was kind of rude. Not so much to us but her daughter who also had a friend there. Her mom, in the middle of her prayer, told her she was praying wrong and to start over (she's 15 by the way).  I would have been so upset if I was her!

Saturday we skipped the Stake Presidency breakfast. Yes, to go do service! its was a vote and I was out voted. I would have rather gone to the breakfast because I knew we'd mostly be standing around at this service. They volunteered us over a month ago to do this so we couldn't back out but it was a 5k and there was only so much we could do. But it was good I guess. I just don't feel it was a good use of our time. And we had to cancel THREE appointments to go do it. That bothered me. We only taught one lessons and it was to the Bishop's family who had us for dinner.

I only know maybe 4 active families here. We don't see them unless they feed us we don't contact them (hate that!). But the bishop is great, he hasn't been bishop long but he loves missionary work and wants to push it more here.

Sunday we went to church and taught Sunday School (gospel principles) we had some non-members and some less actives and recent converts it went really good! The one non-member hasn't ever met with missionaries but he was totally feeling the spirit and crying during the video we shared with our lesson. It was so good. At the beginning of class Mark told us he wants to be baptized!! Holy Cow!! During the class he picked March 28th! So a baptism right before transfers.

After church a member came up and told me he made a account. And wants to learn how to make the cards so I took the opportunity to set up a time to met with an active member! I'm so excited to get missionary work going here. And having the members be excited about it. (:

Day light saving is a bad who ever came up with it yuck!

We went home after four to do studies and both my comps fell asleep while I studied alone. We went to one last appointment and came home. They both slept and I read more scriptures. We taught 4 lessons, if you count Sunday school. It was a good day if you are dead tired and reading scriptures watching your comps sleep. I wanted to sleep so bad but I'm going to be obedient even if I'm out voted. I'm in Alma right now in my studies and I want to finish the Book of Mormon by the 31st. I just have to read 5 chapters a day (plus it helps to understand it) I've gotten so much out of it. Right now, being tested and reading about people being tested has given me the strength to keep going.

One of my favorite quotes is from Elder Holland “Don’t give up, boy. Don’t you quit. You keep walking. You keep trying. There is help and happiness ahead—a lot of it—30 years of it now, and still counting. You keep your chin up. It will be all right in the end. Trust God and believe in good things to come.”

Also here is a video the church made on the story from the talk: 

Love, Sister Burden

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