Monday, April 27, 2015

Free Slurpees for Sisters!

Monday : P-day is a happy day typically but this one shaped our whole week. It was a rough week. But Monday was nice because we emailed, we went shopping, and we cleaned the car. After being sick last week, I really wanted to clean our living quarters. One thing I'm positive I learned from work is to love cleaning. Monday night we had dinner with a family from the ward, and then went to see Jackie, Johnny, and Shannon. They are all three on different lessons so its tough but they are almost all caught up.

Tuesday: We had time and I got to see the really cute new mormon message. We had lunch and shared a message with Sister Mark. Overall it was really a great lesson. We saw Sister Black nothing new there...well she didn't record us this time. (we sing to here) We had dinner with the Randall's, Owen turned 3 this week. He is super cute. And he's totally a miracle baby. His mom had him at 24 weeks and even with all his health problems he is a survivor. Love that kid. Also we had to go get gas for the car. While at 7-11 I wanted a Slurpee so we went inside When I went to check out, the cashier told us it was on him! Free Slurpee . . . so nice!

Wednesday : District meeting, Sister Carbno gave the training and all was well. The tv wouldn't work for the video and it felt like every single thing I said that day was wrong. and I wasn't sure why. I decided just to back off and not speak unless I had to. We taught Johnny and Jackie and had dinner with the Coleman family. We then visited with the Randall's for brother Randall's new member lessons. Over all, the day really wasn't that bad.

Thursday : Service Special Olympics yah! We did track and field with children. Pretty sure this service project was against mission rules. It was hosted at a school field. We got a little sun burned which was fine becase I needed some color! Hahha! My companion wasn't happy she got burned (we were in the sun 5 hours). Anyway, after service we went home to put on some aloe. Additionally, we taught 5 lessons. Needless to say it was a busy day. We had dinner at Village Inn with a member. It was so good! Key Lime pie!

Friday : We did service for the Global Refugee Center where we hand out food to refugees. It is a very quick but busy service project. We also weekly planned which was the one thing I looked forward to all week because of how things were going. But even then I felt like I was being a bad companion. Things aren't perfect in my companionship but I knew enough to know I needed to reflect and read my Patriarchal blessing more. Which I did it was great to see I needed to stretch myself.

Saturday : We learned how to make cinnamon rolls, super fun! Our ward mission leader had us all out for dinner so we helped them get things together. We got to feed chickens and I caught one . . . it is not as easy as you might think!

Sunday : Church, craziest day of the week. I wanted to be happy, instead I was so caught up in all these different things. We went to visit some members to return things to them after dinner and our member let us play with fire in their house. Fun! Well, we watched for one of the lessons. He caught his hands on fire. Crazy . . . he had alcohol on them. Anyway, hope everyone has a great week!

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