Monday, May 4, 2015

Rainbows and Failed Plans

Hard weeks are worth it.....for some reason or another.

Monday : We had dinner at the Hulls (ward missionaries) We also had a new member lesson for Brother Mark there. It was a good night. We found out Jackie is no longer living at the Mark's. All evening we tried calling her and her friends we were teaching . . . no answers.

Tuesday : We went and did service at Thrift Rite. We visited Sister Black and sang her favorite hymn. "Onward Christian Solider". . . expected more "Amen's " from her but that's okay. We also visited Sister Biffle she is super fun to met with . . . she tells us a lot of the things she is learning in her psych class. I love hearing it. We talked with her about family history. She has been on the ball with it. I love seeing progress and with her. There has been a lot. Still not much from Jackie.

Wednesday : All day we kept trying to get a hold of Jackie . . . she would text us but she wouldn't answer our calls. We met with the Martins and had dinner with them that was a good visit. Logan (8) is such a cute kid. We also had Brother Randall's new member lesson.

Thursday : We visited with Rick (Investigator) we read from the Book of Mormon and the Bible with him. He has been having a hard time finding a job. We were able to cheer him up a little. Also we were able to contact new move-ins in the ward. That was exciting. And it had been on and off raining so here is a Colorado rainbow. It helped make the day more at ease. Especially since we found out we have to hand Jackie off to a new set of missionaries.

Friday : Everyone we planned to meet with didn't happen. No one seemed to answer the door. We visited with Amanda (15) . . . literally if there is one thing I desire to see with her it is her back at church. She has hardly even been a member 1 year. She is great, I truly do love her.

Saturday : Breakfast at Bishops house. We were able to met with Sister Randall she is a very strong woman. We made a cake (originally for a baptism) and ate it with Sister Prinlge. She is such a strong woman. I love her. We were able to have Brother Marks new member lesson, which was really fun. We saw the foxes on the way out to our ward mission leaders home. Jackie was not baptized, but things will work out.

Sunday: what a day. We were able to met with two less actives. and a recent convert and we had dinner with the sister we live with. It was a great day.

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