Monday, April 20, 2015

YAY for Investigators at Church!

This last week was crazy . . . shall we get started!

Monday: We had dinner with the Wickman family. They live right next to the church farms. They made us what felt like a huge feast. The food was so good. After, we met with Jackie who is set with a date to be baptized. We then met with her friend Shannon. Shannon has told us many times she wants to build her relationship with Heavenly Father. Monday night she told us she wants to be baptized. Shannon invited her boyfriend Chris to sit in on her lesson that night. Although Chis didn't want to be taught he was still fine with Shannon being taught. He was very respectful of it. He told us if he didn't have to give up his smoking he would listen to the lessons.

Tuesday: We had exchanges. I wasn't too excited about it. I hate leaving my area. I feel when I come back I have no clue what's going on, or my companion and the sister she was with didn't get any work done . . . they play. In this case I was right. I knew the sister she was with would do this, she once served here in this ward. They went to the appointments they had scheduled but mostly just visited people without sharing any messages with any of those people . . . not even a prayer. Oh, my side of things, they weren't that bad. We sat at home most of the day and made cookies. Then we shared scriptures with the people we visited and all the lessons were very side tracked. Which is how it was last exchange. (duck picture from Tuesday)

Wednesday : we exchanged back. We had dinner with one of my favorite people from the ward the Richardson family. (When I was sick the week prior they gave me NyQuil and Day Quil. They are a super sweet family. Love them. And she is a super good cook! We also got to teach JAckie and Shannon again. and the Randall's. Their are so many great people here.

Thursday : District Meeting - Elder Stock gave his first training as a district leader. He also brought me cough drops. How nice. The night before he called to remind us what to study and the whole time I couldn't stop coughing . . . ugh! District meeting was good. We were taught a magic trick . . . that requires no magic. The lesson you learn is "you get out of it what you put into it" talking about studies, meeting and etc. It was pretty nifty. My companion hates role plays and and so for the most part unless the role play involves another missionary we just sit and talk. She says role plays all you do is practice teaching alone. She is great, so please no one take this the wrong way. I use to hate role pays, my trainer just taught me to love them. Thursday Sister Carbno felt sick so we stayed in for a little bit, then we did serve for a member and went to the Relief Society activity. They did a service auction. Needless to say because we had some many points we binned on a lot. Cinnamon rolls, a cross stitch, bread sticks, and a couple other items. It was so nice!

Friday : we weekly planning and had service. We visited with Amanda...I really wish she was active. Also she is a lot nicer when her mom isn't there. We had dinner with the Marks. Brother Mark is looking for a job. We read from the scriptures with them. To help them get started on their companion study. We also met with Jackie. She told us she hasn't even desired a cup of coffee since her blessing Wednesday. How exciting!

Saturday : We had breakfast with our bishops family so we could talk with him about the work here. It was super nice. We showed the kids the pepper and soap trick. And talked about the atonement. We then went to a baptism the Johnstown sisters had going on. JAckie was goign to come but couldn't... We then spent the rest of our day contacting referrals. And even visiting less actives, recent converts, and investigators. You name it we were there. Jackie and Johnny told us they would be at church and that Shannon and Chris would as well. Holy Cow, 4 investigators at church. We were very hopefully they would come.

Sunday : All four of them came to church! After church I threw up (feeling way better now). But my lunch hour was spent showering and sleeping for 20 mins. Luckily my companion was nice enough to clean up the mess inside the car. I didn't want to stay in after church I wanted to go and visit with Jackie, Johnny and Shannon. So we went. Johnny told us of how that was his best experience ever at a church, and how welcomed he felt. Next Shannon told us how much she loved it, and how glad she was that they stayed all three hours. We had dinner with the Herrick family (primary president) and taught on how we need to be building our foundation daily. This week was the most lessons we've taught in this ward . . . 28! I know if we do what is told to use to do . . . and we keep an eye single to his glory and focus on him great things can happen even if your sick. Sometimes we must carry our burdens and push forward with them. The church put out this cool video. Check it out.

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