Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Chick-Fil A day

Well we finally made it inside the Da la Cruz's home. Talk about a miracle. Only took basically 6 months of knocking on the door almost weekly to get inside. It was hard to get a lesson in but I've learned that as you let the spirit guide, things will always tie back to the gospel, and the spirit will testify to you what to say. So things will be brought to your remembrance and typically for me it's scriptures...which is great leeway into a lesson. It worked. The joy of applying principles from chapter 2 of preach my gospel.

This week we taught two lessons in Spanish...and by we I mean my companion...because well guess who dropped out of Spanish class...oh yup me! But it's amazing how much I understood..oh and he wasn't just a Hispanic man, but a drunk Hispanic man...which is harder to understand. We did set up a return appointment so we could introduce him to the Spanish elders...he ended up dropping us but it was interesting because even they (Spanish elders) said they had a hard time understanding him...and those elders go home pretty soon. I was grateful the spirit helped me know what was going on even if I can't speak it hardly at all. I do however have a desire to speak it. We have a app we are allowed to use and I've been practicing Spanish on it. I use to have a terrible job at remembering things but I believe working in a food place where order is so important that it helped me but coming on mission helped way more. It crazy how we are prepared to serve a mission each of us, all so different and each prepared so differently. Being a manager at work has helped me so much while training. I have been worried every day the last 10weeks about every Little thing, hoping I don't mess up to bad. And living up to the trust Heavenly Father has in me. I haven't figured out why he wanted me to train but I do know he has loved me enough to help me progress. And I think that's a huge part of it. It's amazing as we study the nature of Heavenly Father we truly see ourselves as he sees us. I know he loves us. He wants what's best for us. And he wants us to have joy in this life. And we can only have true joy that is eternal within the gospel. I know Christ paid the price so that we can come unto him and continually change to become better. I love the Savior, and I'd give up anything for him, every weakness and shortcoming to stay by his side. "If life doesn't suit you, try and have a change of sene. " -Newsies. Christ doesn't just change us he changes how we see things, how we see ourselves and others. We can be free from it all as we turn to the Savior. I know this to be true. Don't believe kneel down and ask him yourself. we went to dinner and she told us about how you get a free meal when you dress up like a cow...so after dinner we dressed up like a cow, and got two free meals. Yum! Made great lunches for later in the week. And our appointment fell through so it was good. We even gave out some pass along cards. Never let a opportunity pass you by!! (Photo credit to Sister Danz...she's a creepy stalker)

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