Friday, August 28, 2015

Satan will torment you, don't let him!

This week was crazy and  long. 

So for starters...exchanges:
First I stayed in Wellington and Sister Jenson came here. It was a good exchange. we contacted 10 people. Only three lessons but overall it was still a good exchange. Being a STL isn't to bad...I mean you get to know the Sisters pretty good. I learned to turn to the Lord and how important it is to give that accounting to him and allow him to let you know if you are giving your best. 

Second Exchange:

I went to Longmont and was with Sister Guymon. She came out with my group of missionaries. It was such a great exchange. The spirit was so present and it was nice to talk about things now in life vs the MTC. We have both grown so much. It was nice to hear someone tell me things I've improved on, and to just be able to tell them likewise. Its hard to believe who we were 10 1/2 months ago. 

This week was hard...Saturday we had a member tell us to give a letter to the bishop telling him she doesn't want to be a member anymore...a referral tell us not to come back and literally we only taught one lesson. It was hard.

 My sweet companion left me a sweet sticky note that said "You are beautiful Sister Burden. Your Heavenly Father loves you because you are his daughter. Turn to him in prayer- He is listening, stay strong, remember to smile. " Those were inspired words and what I needed to hear.  I love how much Heavenly Father is aware of us...I didn't need to say anything to my companion but the spirit told her what to say. I love her. 

Satan will torment you, don't let him! 

 Enjoy the photos 

Next week I will tell you about some more exchanges, mission tour with Elder Jorge F. Zeballos that happened Monday, and hopefully some other exciting things to come.

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  1. Great work Sister Burden!
    I pray for the spirit to guide you.