Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Companions and Friends

I wish I had time to say all the things I needed to, or even that the Internet worked...ugh!! This week has been exciting though. Monday night we found a new investor. Woohoo!! We were tracking and we found Lilie. She is a super sweet lady in her early 50's. Last night we found a man named Zach. He asked if we were Christians we said yes, then he was like good, because those Mormons are weird....we then had to wait for him to stop talking so we could tell him we are Mormons but how it's a nick name the world has given to us. Awkward. 😉 but he told us he'd love to have us come back and met with his family.

District meeting was really good this week. This picture was taken at district meeting. Saturday we didn't have a dinner, so we ate at home and then quickly went to the lake in hopes of skipping some rocks....no rocks on the shore where we were but it was beautiful...

My hazel eyes were having a great day. My companion and I. I haven't figured out why we are companions but I know it was inspired. We have just picked up on being friends as if we've known each other our whole lives...well that's how I feel. I know we must have been friends in the pre earth life. She is just so great! I have so much fun with her. She is a great example to me. And a great leader, to it just me but everyone around us. I'm blessed to be companions with her.

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