Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Companion I Love You

What to talk about...

Well I guess I should tell everyone I'm staying a STL in Wellington. My new companion will be Sister Jenson.

Events from this week...

Well, Breanna (aka Sister Carbno) came to visit and say, "hi." We had lunch as she traveled her way through Colorado. It was so nice! It was nice to see her taking these steps in her life. I love this girl so much! We had a lot of good times together so it was fun to catch up with her.

 My Bishop fed my companion dinner for the first time her whole six months here, and he has these super cute puppies. I got a photo holding one. Tender!!

We made cookies to deliver to people. Sister Matlock let us make them at her home, that was so nice of her. We still have more to deliver...we might have made to many. We saw Sister Downing, her health isn't doing very well and shes doing radiation but they aren't giving her more than six months. Its really sad. I love her. And love going to sing to her and read to her. She is just amazing!

Lillie and Ssiter Helsing and I got a photo. Lillie is amazing, I love her desire to learn...sadly, she will be out of town for the next two months, so hopefully we can skype her or something and keep in contact. Crazy photos in the car. (= And photos with bright yellow trucks! I want you all to to know I know Heavenly Father loves each of us, he is aware of us. And knows us by name. I might not understand his love, or how or why he loves each of us but I know he does.

This transfer that has been very evident to me. I was given not just a companion but a sister...a younger sister. I lover her. She has been there for me through thick and thin. And time and time again she has loved me. And most importantly she has shown me the Saviors love for me. Which I needed, and so did she. We always need to feel of the Saviors love. I love her. and I'm sad we won't be together but I know Heavenly Father knows what hes doing even if I don't understand. I know Heavenly knows each of you and is aware of you just as much as he is me.

 We did a parody to 'Mother I love you" instead its "Companion I love you"
Here goes...

Verse 1
Companion, I love you,
Companion I do.
 Father in Heaven in Heaven has sent me to you.
 When I am with you I love to smile,
 Hugging and laughing cause you love me to.
 Companion I love you; I love you, I do.

 verse 2
 Companion I love you;
companion I do.
 I want to serve you because I love you.
 I want to find you
happy and smiling because I love you.
Companion I love you; I love you I do.

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