Tuesday, September 8, 2015

How Will You Be Remembered?

This week has been very challenging but I got to see the temple which made it very much so better. We finished exchanges. Sister Mauss is great. I love her so much. I'm grateful I got to send the day with her. She's a great example of a Christlike missionary.

Sometimes even as a missionary it's hard to keep your head above water for so many different reasons. Sometimes that's all you can do day by day. I literally have the thought almost daily "what if I get emergency transferred? Will I have done what Heavenly Father needs me to do here? " I've found giving him an account on the day, and counseling with him on what I could be doing better...always room for improvement...doesn't mean it's always easy but you just never know if this moment is your last or what and how do you want people to remember you. My trainer was a great missionary, she was only here in Wellington for 12 weeks and than was a year ago...people still talk about the difference she made in their life...I want that...but I have so much to improve on. Things have been good, I have my trials and being an STL a lot of sisters lean on you for support but I've seen how important it is to immediately help others just like when Peter started to sink the Savior immediately reached out....he does that for each of us. We have to ask of course but I love knowing he's there always. Crazy though.

Less than a month till I've been out a year...crazy right?

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