Monday, September 28, 2015

The Field is White

What happened this week..

Basically we did a lot of driving...all over kingdom come.

Monday our dinner couldn't feed us so we moved some things around and Earl feed us! We went to the T-Bar. There half salad is HUGE! We had a very good time. And The Meadows from my first area their son and his family just moved here to Wellington and I got to see them there.

we found a new investigator Daniel while tracking. We knocked the whole street before we found him, but this photo of me in the purple cardigan was taken that day. We saw Sister Harmor and she was doing fine. I'd love to see her at church and I have faith one day she will come. I think a problem is she loves us as friends and its hard for her to let us get a lesson started. But hey if anything some one loves me...

...we got our cleaning at the Dentist done. All seems to be well. We had interviews with our Mission president. It was really good. There was a lot of things he said I needed to hear. I decided a couple transfers ago that around my year mark I was going to ask him "How have you seen me change in the last year?" I've worked really close to him my whole mission really, and its been a blessing. But in the interview I gained the courage to ask him and felt guided by the spirit in asking. his reply was very helpful he told me "You are more diligent then ever, and your desire to serve has increased even though you have fears and struggles you push through are strong and beautiful and your draw to do this work is incredible." Those words have helped a lot this week.

This week we had to go to Windsor for some stuff, and I got to meet my "granddaughter" but sadly we didn't get a photo. But another highlight is we ate dinner at subway with the Allreds and Kade took a picture with us. Isn't he a doll.

The picture of me and the in missionary life we often hear it talked about "the field is white already to harvest" so last transfer I made a joke "Wellington field harvest..." so here is me being happy about that. haha.

Earl came with us to a appointment but it didn't work out so we took a photo with the sunflower fields.

Carol is Earl's best friend or at least one of his many best friends, he is so nice and friendly. She took a photo with us and we decided that even when Earl moves this next week that we will still get together. She even gave us her address so we could! How exciting!

Saddest part of my week was Sister Downing one of the loveliest ladies I know passed away, from cancer. WE found out Sunday before church. Saturday we found out she was in the hospital so we went to see her but she wasn't awake. I almost wish I hadn't had seen her like that. She had cancer and everyone kept saying she'd make in 6 months...not less than 1. She just finished radiation last week.

Yesterday I felt my hair looked so great. So on the way to church in the car I took a photo. Enjoy.

Today Sister Steven's took us and got our nails done! So thats why this is late and semi rushed. I need to make list to remember all the things to tell you.

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